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This page is dedicated to short but sweet ‘pen pictures’ (I learned that term at the Jobcentre) of the operating methods of your local Jobcentre. No names or details of the Jobcentre’s in question will be printed here, to protect the innocent you understand. So lets have your stories, I’ll publish them all, good, bad or otherwise.

This one is from the Black Prince!

” I arrived at the job centre at around 8-50, it was bucketing down. I arrived by car, got out and could not get into the building, a young girl arrived at the same time, I asked her what time they opened, she replied, she was told to come for an interview at 9 and to arrive 10 minutes early, they did not open up until dead on 9-0, she was soaked, this girl could by your’s or my daughter, if you Loook at this site, DWP, have a little compassion”.
I thought because they are trying to help people they open a bit like ASDA stores, they opened 24/7, but obviously not. Now there’s a thought, it might create a couple of openings, you never know.


  1. I had a date for my atos medical examination on 28th February 2011, due to having a hospital outpatients appointment on the same day and near enough the same time i rang atos and asked them if i could change my appointment,? i said to the Lady on the telephone should i cancel my hospital appointment ?she said under no circumstances should i cancel my hospital appointment, changed it to 5th March 2011.
    Over the weekend i took ill with another new health problem,and was rushed into hospital yesterday, they let me home today, but i am waiting for emergency surgery over the next few days to a week, i thought there would be no way i would be able to make the day of the 5th March 2011, i may be in hospital and post procedure,or home with heavy bleeding?, i rang them to cancel and explained the situation, made me another appointment for two weeks later, i was told this would be my last chance,so if i have to go post procedure bleeding it is down to there insistence, i will go but they can face the health and safety issue of this.
    I also forgot to photo copy my questionnaire before sending it,big mistake, i rang and asked them if they would be able to send me a copy back, the gentleman at the other end of the telephone said no, i quoted the data protection act compliance to him,he seemed to be very put out that i had made such a stand, he gave me a telephone number to ring, a very helpful Lady on the end of the telephone said she would send me a data protection request form out so that i could get all my files, that this company hold on me, which will include the questionnaire.

    Comment by alisonsgypt — February 23, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

  2. I attended a work related interview two weeks ago and was told by the adviser there to sign off ESA as i was now a voluntary client, due to them only paying my national insurance stamp, my contribution based esa was stopped on 30th April 2012, as i had been on it for a year, couldn’t get income based esa as my husband is working full time.
    After being put into the WRAG group with 18 points post atos examination in April 2012, i decided to put an appeal in to be placed in the support group for 6 months, i had new medical evidence post surgery to add to a very large bundle, which contained medical evidence from 5 consultants, documentation for the past five years,i didn’t send in any supporting evidence from my GP, but said i would add that at a later stage.
    To by disbelief a brown envelope popped through the letter box this morning, wow i have been put into the support group for six months, and that was after reconsideration, without even going to tribunal .
    The thing is my WRAG adviser said that i would have no chance with being put in the support group, and that group was for individuals that would never ever work again i told her i had no intention with reference to closing my claim down.I HAVE WON AND IT IS DOWN TO ALL THE SUPPORT I HAVE RECEIVED FROM THIS WEBSITE MANY THANKS.
    I must admit that i had put a very impressive court bundle together, but expected to go to tribunal, and would of represented myself LIP, but with the help i have had from you guys i would be very happy to assist others with reference to appeal and putting their documents together, even though i run a national support group with reference to family court injustice, i would still be prepared to advise others, i have had one or two good days as of late, so please feel free to contact me,
    My co workers at Parents Against Injustice are keeping things together there while i am ill, but please please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Comment by alisonsgypt — June 9, 2012 @ 5:58 pm

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