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Sole charity representative quits Work Capability Assessment review panel

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Paul Farmer Quits over unfair ATOS assessments



This story was drawn to my attention today by peter and Joe amongst other people so to save those of us who cant I’ve downloaded the story

Sole charity representative quits Work Capability Assessment review panel

Mind chief executive Paul Farmer says ministers did not address concerns over damage to the charity’s clients

Paul Farmer, chief executive of the mental health charity Mind, has resigned as the charity representative on the government review panel for the Work Capability Assessment.

Farmer claimed the programme, which assesses whether incapacity benefit claimants are fit to work, was damaging to the clients Mind exists to serve and that ministers had failed to address concerns.

He said his position was no longer tenable.

The government had employed Farmer as the sole charity representative on a four-member panel that was designed to improve the programme and listen to criticisms.

Writing on his blog, Farmer said: “Ten of thousands of people are being reassessed using a test which is still not fit for purpose.

“The time has come to call a halt in the reassessment process until real changes are made. It’s damaging people’s lives. It’s costing the taxpayer a fortune. And it certainly isn’t fulfilling its purpose of supporting people with mental health problems on their journey back to work.”

He added that more than 50 per cent of people being reassessed were appealing against the decision and half of those appeals were being upheld, which meant “as many as one in four tests are wrong”.

He called on the Department for Work and Pensions to halt the reforms until significant changes have been made.

The employment minister, Chris Grayling, said in a statement: “This is a debate about whether we leave people on benefits for the rest of their lives or find a way to help them back into the workplace.

“I’m really sorry the charities are taking this approach but I’m absolutely of the view we’re doing the right thing.”

A DWP spokesman said it was seeking a replacement for Farmer.


Chris Grayling has been rumoured to say that he asked Falmer to resign? I think he’s trying to undermine the enormity of the situation and the damage his resignation has done the credibility of the ConDem (alleged) Welfare reforms.


  1. After a 2 year battle with DWP and my partial surrender after 3 Appeals, I recently received a random phone call from a D.Maker to say I was being immediately transferred to the Support Group for 2 years – after the shock settled I was obviously awaiting the ‘written word’ and 2 days later it duly arrived! Now, this has been a l o n g hard battle and my MP played a large part on this hollow victory so NEVER give up on your rights, and NEVER take No for an answer. I am still reeling from it all and await the next ‘twist’. Curiously, A4u tried to keep me on their books and I demanded they phoned DWP in front of me and of course I no longer have to attend the WRAG group – another nice try though!

    Comment by Anonymous — June 3, 2012 @ 12:53 pm

  2. A4E tried to keep you on their books ? what a bunch of jokers..!!

    Comment by dwpexamination — June 3, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

  3. Helping people back to work is laudable, forcing them to work is another thing

    Comment by k davies — February 2, 2014 @ 8:58 am

  4. The Nazis used to force folk into work, work till you drop.

    Comment by dwpexamination — February 2, 2014 @ 11:45 am

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