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Let me try to explain what the Big Society is all about, what it really means in a nut shell so we all clearly understand what we are fighting against. The Big Society is a dream Cameron has to create a society which will pander to the needs of the rich whilst feeding on the needs of the weakest in society whom he perceives as cattle.

In no particular order, Cameron intends to dismantle the NHS, reform the Benefits system, decimate the public sector and privatise any of the public services he sees fit to do so.

This is just the tip of the ice berg but it serves to demonstrate how the Big Society works.

He knows by reducing the number of people employed in the public sector unemployment will rise. He also knows that the same effect will be the result of his cruel attack on the sick and disabled in society as sick and disabled people are migrated from their rightful Benefits to the suspect ESA.

 Now with millions on the unemployment register and no jobs for them to go to Cameron has to do something to lower the unemployment figures. He can achieve this by creating his army of volunteers. Now we all know there are people amongst us who actually don’t mind volunteering and I take may hat off to them because they provide many valuable services upon which we as disabled people rely on. What Cameron wants to do is to create a sinister version of volunteering.  What the unemployed don’t seem to realise is that they are the army of volunteers, Cameron’s next step is to introduce legislation which will allow JC+ to force unemployed Benefit claimants into voluntary positions with the threat of “sanctions” if they don’t.

Next step is to start privatising public services, waste collection is a likely target and will probably be sold off at a loss to one of the Bullington Boys who will then rely upon Cameron’s Big Society to provide the drones it will need to run at a profit. So you see, the plan is a clever one and unless you read between the lines you will never notice it until you are too late.

Part of his plan is to sell off the NHS, he will do this in small doses to keep it out of the public eye but eventually it will be run by yes, you guessed it, ATOS Healthcare. When this happens unless you are paralysed from the neck down you will be classed as fit for work. This will result in the end of the Sickness Benefit Problem. Thus endeth the lesson dear readers, cynical I may be but if we don’t challenge this lot now, this is the future awaiting us and our children. Do you really want to sit back and let it happen?


  1. J.Berry said:

    I’m a disabled man in my late thirties, who for the last six years has had to make a life on disability benefits due to not being able to work. Thanks to the Torys plans a life of fear and poverty is heading my way. Like so many people have said, “I didn’t ask to be disabled”. Not sure when the Atos ‘axe’ will strike but judging by all the anecdotal and media evidence so far detailing their operating methods, I’ll be f****d.

    Car crash, 20 months in full-time clinical care, physically and mentally disabled for the rest of my life (TBI), NHS spent a large amont of time and money on keeping me alive. I will never get any better. Cameron is pulling the rug from under me and all the poor, unemployed, disabled of this increasingly heartless country. I know I don’t have the strength to fight them. Death and Taxes. (minus the tax if you’re rich enough)
    ATOS + Torys are my enemies.

    Comment by J.Berry — March 6, 2011 @ 3:33 pm

  2. Welcome to our world, yes life for the disabled is going to get tougher and do you know, I cant think of a single reason why. Yes there are people defrauding the system but those are easily weeded out and are in a very small(1%) minority. These attacks on the sick and disabled are being co-ordinated with similar attacks on the unemloyed and are deliberate. You should think of it that way, we do. First you are not alone, thier attack on you is not personal you are a number to them and little more than a statistic. Next we are here to help you. Most of the comments on this blog and our sister forum http://dwpexaminations.blacktrianglecampaign.org/index.php which I hope you will join are from people in a similar situation to yourself. We prefer not to give advice but rather state facts and provide information and intellegence on the war with the DWP and thier enfocement arm ATOS. Stick around and read the blog, visit the forum and comment, you are welcome here and will find nothing but support.

    Comment by dwpexamination — March 7, 2011 @ 10:06 am

  3. ive worked all my life until i fell ill all the tax and national insurance i payed has give me no insurance just a mountain of debt what has happend to this great country im just waiting for them to bring out youfinasior out and kill all the ill not sick because if your sick acording to the prime minister you loot and smash up shops as dell boy says what a wolly

    Comment by Anonymous — August 17, 2011 @ 9:44 pm

  4. i think we can all see cameron is on a egotistical power trip he has probably convinced himself with the help of his lackeys that he is doing the right thing and people like him they do if your rich if you are working class old sick or injured you are fair game to pay for rich and greedies cock ups which amounts to nothing more than bullying those who can’t defend themselves that is the way of cowards who except no blame for there wrong doings and like the spoilt brats they are blame everybody else they are groomed from birth how to hide behind words and smiles sent to private schools to join with other members of that elite band of arseholes silverspooned into politics to keep them away from reality and then cock everything up for us and walk away millionaires and so it starts again but the time is here for change and people do not want to go back to the thirties we are the big society mr cameron britain belongs us not you

    Comment by head56 — April 10, 2012 @ 9:12 am

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