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Tribunal update

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I spoke to a local Authority support group (welfare rights) who put me in touch with one of their reps. He thinks my case has a chance of being upheld at tribunal and has agreed to represent me.

I’ll be back.


So I was forced to appeal and was heard by an appeal tribunal and appeal was allowed, found unfit for work, is entitled to Employment and support allowance…with 18 points.

Went from zero points to eighteen points.

And forcing an appeal is the whole point, the DWP decision makers are deliberately forcing everyone to appeal, it’s all a con folks, so get in there and appeal and win.



  1. Hi, I posted a while back regarding my “Failed” medical, I put in my appeal to DWP for my income support claim for a reconsideration, this too failed. My case has now been passed to the Tribunal Service (Date TBC). Recently, my claim for D.L.A (Lower rate care componant) ran out, it was also refused on renewal, I appealed this with a similar letter I compiled for my income support reconsideration, and they accepted, I am now in receipt of D.L.A again.

    My Question is: If the D.L.A have agreed that my disability is severe enough for me to require care from my wife, then why don’t the D.W.P realise this. Am I wrong in thinking that one rule for one, one rule for another. The evience I submitted to both D.L.A + D.W.P are the same, one says I am fit for work and do not require help, the other says I need help to cook a meal, have a bath, carry cooking utensils.

    Where do I go next, surely this contradiction is good news, who can I call to represent me with the tribunal.

    Kind Regards,

    Comment by mark — March 10, 2010 @ 3:29 pm

  2. Nice work M, well done. I too have grave concerns regarding consistancy, I suppose the Healthcare Professional employed to make a decision on your DLA award is in a different situation to the cardboard cut out employed by ATOS. He / she is probably a “real” Doctor and as a result, has more to lose if they challenge evidence from a G.P. Specialist etc not having had the privilage of examining you and therefore are I am guessing, more likely to come to a better decision as a result of that, rather than face a challenge and have thier decision overturned at a tribunal. ATOS on the other hand are following a strict academic process which is computer based and biased against the claimant, information in response to your answers at the medical is selected from a set of stock replies, from which the cardboard cut out has to select the one which best suits your answer. I believe (and this is only my opinion) they also award the lowest possible suitable points they can and are instructed to do so when trained, I may be wrong and would love to be proved so by ATOS, though that is unlikely as they dont want to be in the spotlight. So where do you go next? I suggest you try your local CAB or Local Authority Welfare Rifghts Officer. Both should provide assistance, though they are not likely to step on each others toes, so choose one, I personally have had better results with my Local Authority Welfare Rights Officer. This is no disrespect to the CAB who are also excellent locally and have helped me on numerous occasions in the past, successfully. You are more likely to get representation from your Local Authority Welfare Rights Officer, it is also wise to start the ball rolling at the earliest possible opportunity as all of these good folks are very busy at the moment and are likely to operate an appointments system. As I said in a previous reply “The DWP are targeting the disabled because the Government has ordered them to do so, you have the power to change this at the next election. Vote with you feet at local and the upcoming General election and vote for the party who puts your rights first. Remember the present Government and the Tories have plans to attack the disabled and force people who are genuinely ill back into the working population, you have the power here, use it”. Spread the word ask you friends and family to support you by doing likewise and just maybe we can teach tese fools a lesson eh? Keep us informed of your progress and again well done. Oh and by the way take a look at the reply to Janet on “hello and welcome to DWP examination”, contact your M.P. by email and ask them to investigate the inconsistancy on your behalf.

    Comment by dwpexamination — March 11, 2010 @ 9:05 am

  3. hi im awaiting tribunal aswell for i am only getting low care but high rate mobility,in the atos report there where a few paragraphs which backed me up..i know omg,,,its true,,but the report was sent back to the doctor from atos who then had to cross them out lmao..i can see this aswell as i have the full report infront of me lol..anyway my tribunal is to be annouced but has any1 got any tips for me as i am cacking it :(

    Comment by alan — September 12, 2012 @ 7:31 pm

  4. Alan…Doesn’t matter if it’s crossed out, you have it. and what is written is written, make sure your representative sees it.

    Comment by dwpexamination — September 12, 2012 @ 7:41 pm

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