The Brutal Onslaught of BS


by Zen Gardner

The stuff we’re forced to witness and read about is incredible. Literally.

Besides this obviously orchestrated clampdown and ramped up war mongering following the Paris “incident’, front and center is the Syrian turnaround by a bold stepping, clear minded Russia. The media is beside itself furiously trying to bury, minimize, justify and demonize this wise and functional step , the barefaced truth of which is turning this psychopathic move toward western hegemony on its warped head.

The ongoing genocides in Yemen, Ukraine and Palestine continue with nary a flicker of mention in the western press, with the Yemen extermination recently exacerbated no doubt by weaponized storms further jeopardizing the lives of millions in that defenseless country.

If that isn’t dystopian enough, the newly placed head of the Human Rights Commission of the so-called United Nations is none other than a Saudi Arabian, a country deeply tied to all things terrorist who have just announced a mass beheading to take place as part of their public relations inspired move to continue to appear as barbaric as possible.

This kind of clap trap on the whirled stage is beyond comprehension to the awakened viewer, yet it goes on. Therein is the indictment against humanity I might add. We listen, but don’t respond consciously. We watch as observers, without actually participating in this surreal theater of the absurd being thrown at us – much like an industrial manure spreader splattering your windshield, yet we think it’s just the weather.

Why do people tolerate it? Because it’s mainstream – as in streaming from the mainframe, what is commonly referred to as “news”. What will it take for people to wake up?


Osborne slipped social housing’s obituary into the autumn statement


Chancellor claims to be ‘fixing the roof while the sun is shining’. Cuts to housing benefit and forced sales of council homes say otherwise

Watching George Osborne deliver budgets has all the charm and entertainment value of watching a peculiarly inept children’s entertainer attempt to perform magic tricks. “Employment is up!” George cries. “But wages are down,” replies the audience. “Inequality is lower!” “But wealth inequality has risen!”, comes the reply. The chancellor needs a functioning calculator, a crash course in economics, and to learn that the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (ODR) forecasts are notoriously unreliable.

There were some sleights of hand designed to yield positive headlines that mostly faltered. The hypothecated tax on tampons was quickly decried as insulting given the government’s cuts to women’s services; the tax credits U-turn looked politically weak, and also failed to hide the fact the cuts will come in anyway through universal credit.

But the housing announcements were an utter shambles. Peppering his speech with references to building, Osborne pledged £2bn to build 400,000 new homes by 2020-21, half of which are to be starter homes, available to first-time buyers at a 20% discount to the market rate. All dandy and to be applauded – if we lived in a universe where market rates for housing weren’t so far removed from local wages. You’d be better off hoping for a win on scratch cards than a stab at owning your own home.


Erdogan’s Dirty Dangerous ISIS Games


turkey NATO war nwo

By F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

More and more details are coming to light revealing that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, variously known as ISIS, IS or Daesh, is being fed and kept alive by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President and by his Turkish intelligence service, including MIT, the Turkish CIA. Turkey, as a result of Erdogan’s pursuit of what some call a Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasies that stretch all the way to China, Syria and Iraq, threatens not only to destroy Turkey but much of the Middle East if he continues on his present path. 

In October 2014 US Vice President Joe Biden told a Harvard gathering that Erdogan’s regime was backing ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons…” Biden later apologized clearly for tactical reasons to get Erdo?an’s permission to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, but the dimensions of Erdogan’s backing for ISIS since revealed is far, far more than Biden hinted.

ISIS militants were trained by US, Israeli and now it emerges, by Turkish special forces at secret bases in Konya Province inside the Turkish border to Syria, over the past three yearsErdo?an’s involvement in ISIS goes much deeper. At a time when Washington, Saudi Arabia and even Qatar appear to have cut off their support for ISIS, they remaining amazingly durable. The reason appears to be the scale of the backing from Erdo?an and his fellow neo-Ottoman Sunni Islam Prime Minister, Ahmet Davuto?lu.

Nice Family Business

The prime source of money feeding ISIS these days is sale of Iraqi oil from the Mosul region oilfields where they maintain a stronghold. The son of Erdogan it seems is the man who makes the export sales of ISIS-controlled oil possible. 


Banks Rehearse ‘Quantum Dawn’ Cyber Attacks


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline


According to this new story from Market Watch and the newly released 1st video below, more than 80 financial institutions recently practiced their ‘cyber-attack’ game plans, simulating hacks of exchanges, breaches of data and outages, the 3rd cyber war exercises held since 2011.

Telling us that a ‘system-wide’ attack upon the financial sector is of a very low probability, we’re also told that if it were to happen, it would be immediately become a ‘high impact’ event and one that could lead to absolutely devastating consequences nationwide.


We’re told that in Quantum Dawn there were 5 different categories of ‘attack scenarios’ as outlined below.:

1. Domain name hacks, in which traffic to the company’s website is redirected to a fake website mirroring the original, designed by attacks to steal user credentials.

2. Threats to knock the company’s website offline unless it pays the hackers a ransom (The FBI told MarketWatch earlier this year that hackers are increasingly shaking down financial firms.)

3. Breaches of customer data.

4. Losses of connection to trading data processors, or a compromise of that information.

5. Failed transactions due to malware in clearing systems.


£1m diamond crackers for richest 1%, Christmas austerity for the rest


© Tyrone Siu

For the rich there is comfort and joy this Christmas – especially those of the 1 percent flush enough to splurge on the world’s first diamond cracker. The £1 million set of six, created by company House of Crackers, each contain a diamond from London jeweler Tresor Paris.

For the uninitiated, Christmas crackers are cardboard tubes wrapped in colored paper and twisted at both ends. They contain two strips of chemically impregnated paper which cause them to bang when pulled apart. The crackers traditionally contain a paper hat, cringe-worthy jokes and basic gifts.

House of Crackers has taken this Christmas dinner table staple to an opulent new level. Each of the six diamonds is a different cut and sizes range from 2.5 carat to 3.5 carat. There’s also a rare ‘type IIa diamond’ for one lucky customer.

Tresor Paris director Salim Hasbani said: “The recipients will be thrilled with the brilliance and clarity in each [diamond]. And we’ll set each in a beautifully designed piece of jewelry.”

As well as containing rare stones, plutocrat buyers will find the crackers are crafted from Indian paper, ribbon from Cheshire, poinsettia flowers and goose feathers.