Surely the Tories can’t last much longer ?.

They’re in total disarray, and constantly at each others throats, they actually all hate each other.

Be ready folks, because anything can happen now that… they can’t agree on Europe,

And even their own supporters are now getting the message that they’ve voted in selfish scum.

It’s catastrophe after catastrophe for the Tories, we might get our chance sooner than we think.

Yes I know, their possible replacement (Corbyn, McDonnell against the Blairites) are not much better, but almost anything is better than this shower in power.

Grayling’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Chris Grayling (Secretary of state for JUSTICE) has pushed through a law denying the public the right to know if an MP is arrested.


Parliament voted to keep MPs arrests a secret tonight, under new rules pushed through by Tory minister Chris Grayling.

In a chilling move, debated for less than an hour, the House of Commons decided the public have no right to know if their MP is arrested

Just one MP (John Mann ?) voted against the new rules.

Until now, the names of members placed under arrest was a matter of public record and was announced to the House by Speaker John Bercow.

But after last night’s vote, there will be no public record of an MP being arrested unless the MP outs him or herself.

Your MP could be a rabid paedophile, and you will never know if he’s had the attention of the police.


Time we got rid of the whole lot of them..!!


Another totally misleading headline.

This time from the Daily fail.

Voters overwhelmingly back Tory efforts to deliver on seven day NHS.

Apparently it’s some survey (leaked ?) written and promulgated by Becket the Blairite, no evidence or facts are presented whatsoever. We’ve just to take their word for it.


Voters are highly supportive of the Conservative party’s pledge to deliver a seven-day NHS, according to unpublished research carried out by the Labour party, MailOnline can reveal.

The leaked research suggests voters are sympathetic to the Government’s attempts to impose a new contract on junior doctors – a key part of its plan to roll-out a fully-functioning service at the weekends.

David Cameron earns £500,000 in rent since becoming PM while declaring war on social housing.

The Tory has been blasted for ‘worrying’ if his kids will be able to afford a home when they’re older while coining it in himself AND making it harder for families.

Shadow housing minister John Healey said of his comments: “If he thinks his kids have a problem buying a home, he should take a moment to think about what life is like for everyone else.”

Since moving into Downing Street in May 2010, the PM has been renting out his luxury home in fashionable Notting Hill.

A similar house in a neighbouring street is rented for £1,750 per week.

At that rate over the past 67 months, he would have got more than £500,000.

Read more: Is THIS why the Tories refused to force landlords to make homes fit for humans?

But asked on LBC Radio whether he feared his children would be shut out of home ownership, the Eton-educated Tory said: “I absolutely worry about it.

“I want this to be a country where, if you work hard, you should be able to own a flat or house.”

No way does this arse live in the real world..!!