Hello and welcome to DWP examination

Welcome to the first (as far as I can tell) internet blog dedicated to revealing all of the underhanded tactics and bullying techniques used by the UK Benefits Agency against those of us who are in the unfortunate position of having to claim a benefit because of ill health.


Don’t get me wrong, I (and I’m sure you) know that there are a small minority of unscrupulous people out there who are making bogus and illegal claims. I don’t condone this and like other genuinely ill and or disabled people want to see an end to this practice.

However, I don’t see why the genuine  ESA/PIP claimants should be tarred with the same brush.


What I want to do here is to create a site where people can say what they want without fear of reprisal from over zealous Government officials, identify and draw attention to bad practice, name and shame unprofessional behavior by ATOS (Now naming themselves OH Assist, and moving over to Maximus shortly)  Healthcare Doctors and DWP staff, show how inaccessible some of the buildings these so called “caring professionals” are occupying and expose the reasons why they are in such dubious locations.


I myself have recently fallen under the scrutiny of the ATOS and the DWP and fully expect my benefits to be stopped at any moment.

So to set the ball rolling, I’ll post my story soon.


P.S. If you would like to email me directly, you can at  david_schneider29@aol.co.uk   I’d be very interested in your feedback.


514 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to DWP examination

  1. madmicky109

    good idea m8, ive problems with both ATOS and DWP having just received notification from the tribunal that my appeal has been adjourned for the following reason

    1/Respondent not later than 02/03/09 to provide evidence that the examining health care professional confirmed in the ATOS Medical services letter of page 33 to have been completing his or her Second Stage Training was at the date of the examination approved by the Secretary of State for the purposes of Social Security (Incapable for work) (General) Regulations 1995 Reg8(1)

    i had an anxiety attack while i was being examined and the said i was being aggressive and refused to answer ant questions , which is a complete lie as i only refused to answer what they had already asked me before .

    I was interrogated by to alleged doctors while trapped behind a table with two doctors blocking the exit and next to a sink and dirty bin ,with a trainee doctor whom could i could hardly hardly understand with her east European accent leading the interrogation she was most interested in shaking my hand and tried 3 or 4 times (i refused) any way as i was getting more and more anxious the SUPERVISING alleged doctor asked me twice if i would like to leave twice , the first time i took no noticed then the second time i left , so you properly can guess the next bit , taken of IB Nov/ 5 /09 cant get income support or jobseekers as my parnter makes 29 pounds more than the DWP (the law) says we need to live on hehe ,so now we live on my partners part time wage as my GP says i CAN NOT go back to work as my anxiety causes uncontrollable rages , this is why ive passed every test they have given me at the examination and they tried to get me of 2 years ago were every question i answered YES the alleged doctor mark NO and i won that appeal ,, but its not really about the money ive survived for 2 months with nothing , i just dont like being treated like a effin idiot or unfairly , i just pray to GOD that this numpty who was basically a trainee was acting illegally now that would be ammo and how many other wouldnt know they had been done over .good luck with your case m8 .


  2. The Black Prince

    Howdy partner,
    what an excellent site & about time. I to have had to endure a back into work interview and noticed the spy in the sky.
    I have also had 1st hand experience of “The Case of the disappearing Sick note” senario, so now I take my sick note and hand deliver them. The article about the arrival for an interview 10 minutes early, you are right, it is just to catch you out.

    any way after the case of the missing sick note I said to my self, take them down to the Job shop and get them to fax it, to who ever. So I arrived at the job centre at around 8-50, it was bucketing down. I arrived by car, got out and could not get into the building, a young girl arrived at the same time, I asked her what time they opened, she replied, she was told to come for an interview at 9 and to arrive 10 minutes early, they did not open up until dead on 9-0, she was soaked, this girl could by your’s or my daughter, if you Loook at this site, DWP, have a little compassion.
    I thought because they are trying to help people they open a bit like ASDA stores, they opened 24/7, but obviously not. Now there’s a thought, it might create a couple of openings, you never know.


    1. dwpexamination

      You’re quite right to shout, I hate the bastards too and cant wait for my own tribunal, which should be soon. However, in their defence and in the interests of fairness (which I believe in unlike them) here we go. The DWP is a government body and as such it would be illegal for them to set something like this up, in America they call that entrapment. I don’t know if there is an equivalent in the UK, but if there was, they would fall foul of it, so the ball is in your court. This was one of the reasons I removed the need for an email address when commenting so I cant even contact you directly to put your mind at rest. I’ve been receive e-mails here at david_schneider29@aol.co.uk almost daily now from people who are telling me horror stories about their treatment under ATOS alleged Doctors, some don’t want their stories told, others do. I will be posting one such story soon, I received it some time ago and to protect the sender I am going to allow an appropriate time lapse to prevent identification and will further check with the e-mailer whether they do indeed want me to go ahead. So its all up to you my friend, you decide whether you trust me or not…..?


      1. sandra towers

        Dear Calum Kerr, My name is Sandra Towers from Selkirk. In Jan 1995 i was involved in a serious road Traffic Accident. The car engine landed n my lap and both my legs were snapped in half. The left shin and the right thigh. On top of that the window frame gave me a serious head injury. I have been left with extremely painful legs and a head injury/brain damage that has totally changed my life. I am now in the ATOS scheme. IT has belittled my fight against pain and dismissed all the other problems i now have. I hope that you, as my representative knows of their treatment of people who have no chance of “getting better”. i have proof from so many professionals, that i shouldn’t have been placed into a position of fear unhappiness and insecurity and can only hope that you,as my rep can and will do something to help the long term disabled. Our needs are now in the hands of you or perhaps not. we need help and now as several letters written over and over again takes up valuable time of neuro psychologists and psychiatrists and of course my GP. I was a patient in the Astlie Ainsley hospital for months, which defiantly should have been enough but no me an ex factory worker has managed to con all those experts and perhaps the x ray, MRI and CT-Scan too??? I just hope that if you don’t know of this treatment of the severely disabled, that you will look into it as we need you to be knowledgeable of the ATOS system of targeting the most vulnerable of Scotland
        Yours sincerely,
        Sandra Shearer Towers

        Thank you for your email to Calum Kerr MP. He has asked me to respond on his behalf.

        Calum is aware of a lot instances of less-than-acceptable treatment of claimants by ATOS and has been approached by many constituents seeking his support. Situations such as you describe are commonplace and clearly fall well short of any acceptable standard of service.

        It is perhaps of a little comfort to learn that, in the last few days, the DWP have announced that those claimants who have long-term conditions will no longer have to submit themselves for reassessment. This long-overdue rule change is very welcome and certainly a move in the right direction.

        If you would like Calum to raise a complaint with ATOS on your behalf he would be happy to do so. If you decide to do this, please provide your National Insurance number and any reference numbers you have from ATOS.

        I hope this is helpful.

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        1. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear about what you have been through.
          As you clearly realise there are many like yourself who have been treated horrendously by ATOS / Maximus. Calum Kerr is also aware and sounds like he is trying to help. However he seems to be slightly misinformed about the DWP announcement that claimants with long term health conditions will no longer have to submit themselves for reassessment.
          The reality is that we have not been told which conditions will be exempt from reassessment and that this ruling will only apply to ESA claims, not PIP claims. So those who claim ESA and PIP will still be reassessed for PIP.
          However involving your MP (if you have one that is willing to help and listen) is always a good idea, which I would recommend to everyone.
          I wish you well in your fight against ATOS, please let us know if there is any way we can try and help, we will do our best to find information or offer our personal experiences if they are relevant.
          Let us know how you get on.
          Best wishes.


  3. shane-midlands

    i was threatened at a recent interview that they could have me back for interview at any time they liked’because they had not recieved my notes from scotland where i was before i became homless i have had bad luck and now iam homeless again and im wondering if they can caal me in for an interview even though im homeless and living in a different part of the country now they were very agressive a t the interview and locked me in a room . I had a panick attack and started screaming. can they stop my money all together if im homeless and if i miss a medical interview- i have mental health problems and ive been sick recently i am afraid i will end up being sectioned. this interview has stressed me out so much i dont know who to turn to. im afraid of socail workers they dont care and are reluctant to help. i wondering if a solicitor might be able to help me . thankyou for listening-


    1. dwpexamination

      Sorry to here that S, if you can provide evidence of this it may be worth your while seeing a solicitor. Check with your local CAB or council welfare rights team. They have far more experience of things like this than I do. Good luck and let me know how you get on.


  4. kim

    i am awaiting appeal date, had a fiasco of an assessment by atos, have been treated disgracefully by them and the dwp, am not giving up and will do all i can to expose this situation, i just dont know how or what to do next, i have complained to atos and dwp and not really got any proper replies to my queries/questions, the GMC are looking at my complaint against the doctor but i doubt they will do much, i feel the appeal is already decided before i even get there, i have mental health problems which the dwp call my mental “disease”, apart from not conducting the test as stated in the report, they have written the report to a differenct surname than mine, described me as average build when i am clearly obese (due my illness which inhibits excersize) and states i am of calm nature ( i have anxiety disorder amongst other mental health problems) how this so called doctor came to these conculsions as well as some wonderfully succesful answers for the dwp is beyond belief. Its def a case of reducing claimants and payouts rather than an accurate test.


    1. dwpexamination

      Do as I did, consult your local Citizens Advice or Local Authority and seek support with your appeal. Do not give in, the quicker we expose these lying fools for the charlatans they are the better. You have the right to request a copy of your report from your local Jobcentre and the right to appeal. They will use the same tactic of dragging their heels though so you are forced to claim another benefit just so you can live. Seek legal advice don’t take my word for it as I am no expert, I am just another victim like you who is sick and tired of being treated like a criminal by our own Government who as recent events have shown are the real rogues.


  5. Anonymous

    i have lodged an appeal, and now have letters from both my GP and Pyschiatrist Consultant, and am waiting to see what happens next, these people need exposing for what they are doing.


    1. dwpexamination

      Well done, you should now divert all of your stress and hatred of these idiots into developing your case and preparing to present it to the tribunal in a civil and level headed manner. I recommend getting some help with this, I thought I could do it alone and quickly realised I needed guidance. I got some good advice from UKbix on a contact in my local authority, the service was provided free and was extremely useful. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  6. Tony

    Wow, thankyou so much for the site and above posts!
    I went to a Medical assesment for the DWP and now have my benefits stopped….The Doctor examining me spent only 10-15mins instead of the 75minutes….and didnt even ask about my physical condition…she said she was not interested in that. Im only interested in the depression because that is all you put on the questionnaire we sent you…!! That is not true!

    I’ve been working with cerviacal spondylosis for 15 years…supporting my family and paying a mortgage….but as my pain progressed and now i have nodules on my knuckles…i had to take more medication just to get through the working day…

    I ended up having panic attacks….suicidal thoughts…..and lost my wife, kids, and home!

    I am now living in a friends house, slowly getting better, undergoing Xrays and MRI to find what is giving me so much pain…..and to see if i have got Osteoarthritis….

    I cant believe they are putting this pressure on sick people like us! It would not take a lot for me to have a relapse and lost the will to live again…as since i lost my home and family….i have nothing to really live for now….

    Maybe that is what this government wants!! Euphanasia or suicide for the sick and elderly…whilst the bankers keep getting their bonuses!

    I was left with two options…Appeal and lost %40 of my benefit
    Or claim jobseekers!!! I cant live on £37.80p i hav no choice!!!

    I have no choice but to claim jobseekers…and have an appointment next week…i hope i dont have a panic attack again…and that i have the strenght to get through this!

    I really cant believe our country is doing this to its own citezens…after our families fought in the war for what we have…and this is how they are repaying the next generations.

    I have worked for years…and been unable to afford new shoes etc…yest the blok across the street with a wheat allergy was able to buy new cars and clothes every week, and eat bread too! Go Figure!…

    This government will have a lot to answer for because of all the above….i doubt they even care..

    Your Sincerelyu


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks for that Tony, Yet another example of the conveyor belt called ATOS. They did the same to me, ignored the obvious and asked questions on other “side effects” caused by major illness / disability, I bet the alleged “Doctor” focused upon things that were easier to dismiss than the obvious? The best advice I can give is first make a note of everything that happened (at least what you can remember) during your “examination”, this will be useful at your tribunal. Call your local Jobcentre and ask for a copy of the assessment, go through it with a fine tooth comb and make a note of all inconsistencies, untruths and assumptions and challenge them in your appeal. Be warned, this is no easy task and takes time but you have to remain focused and channel all of the spare energy you have into your appeal. Do not insult the alleged “Doctor” or decision maker, they are just pawns in the game we call passing the buck. You have to impress the tribunal and must come across as a credible witness who can provide evidence of their illness / disability at the time of the examination and provide evidence to support your appeal. Good luck and if you feel up to it how about a description of the assessment centre you went to, it may help others in a similar situation to our own. Why not contact the local C.A.B. or your Local Authority for assistance they are more qualified than I, and remember, I can only tell you what I did. Do not take this as legal advice.


  7. Tony

    Thankyou for your reply,

    I just realised i didnt mention that

    1, the Doctor didnt look at my medical records!
    2, I am having Xrays and MRI scans on my neck and hands
    3, Also seeing a specialist in Rheumatology
    4, Seeing a physio therapist
    5, And allthe results from above are being looked at by the sspecialist in Decmeber

    6, I am on mophine 24/7 to cope with the pain
    7, Muscle relaxants/ anti depressant…because of lack of sleep i get very unhappy
    8, And another tablet to stop panic attacks
    9, when i phoned the job centre they said…”do you want to appeall” lol and then said youll lose %40 of benefit.

    I would have thought the fact they didnt look at my medical records to come to a decision, makes it illegal?

    I have no idea who would employ someone with the above symtoms in this day and age…

    I went to Plymouth, there was no parking, and had to ring a bell to get in a heavy door….
    The doctor who i saw…did not ask me about my Cerviacal Spondylosis, or the nodules in my knuckles…

    Had to do stupid movments to show i could work
    And the trick question…said in a friendly manner, “So what do you do in you spare time”? I answered honestly and said “nothing”…

    And i got an overall score of 0!!! lol

    Im fit and healthy, i wish my body was! I wouldnt have lost my home and family due to being in so much pain!

    Anyhow… i have realised its a trap…and it is very hard to win…im phoning now trying to get legal advice…I donth think putting this pressure on sick people is productive…it re-enforces the guilt we already feel, and could be very dangerous.

    Yours Sincerely


    1. dwpexamination

      That’s fantastic Tony. Can you describe the building or better still give me an address? that would be useful too, I can look it up on google earth and get an idea of the surroundings. You are describing what has happened to most of the people who have emailed me, some do not want their stories told, some do. It seems to be a common theme. I wonder, we put the idiots who instigated this bogus process in power in the first place, why don’t we get together at the next election and do a bit of tactical voting. Shouldn’t take much to keep either of the main parties out of power if 3 million disabled voters turned out. By the way, did you keep a copy of your IB50 form ? if not, don’t worry they have to send you one with your tribunal bundle.


  8. stan

    i am self-employed.claimed no benefits for at least 20 years.have had bad back for years and swollen right knee for 2 years i carried on working,needs must.lately left knee pain ,,both shoulders frozen,upper back pain,limited movement in neck and sciatica down left side.i am a builder all heavy manual work.i could not go on.i knew i had arthritis of some kind,went to doctors to be cured!!!doctor gave me sick note for a month pain killers and organised x rays.i didnt know what to do with med cert a friend had to tell me where to send it.i am losing earnings waiting for cure to get back to work!.d.w.p tell me they have awarded me £64 and coppers fine i didnt expect anything.then comes the atos thing,i go its a foreign woman doctor i cant understand a word she says she ignores anything i say.oh yes they stop the £64,i didnt ask for it,i dont give a toss about the money but im not having a set of parasites like atos push me about.i have appealed if that fails i will go to tribunal if that fails i will go to upper tribunal.they will spend more than they needed to on me.if everyone does the same atos will be sent to the dust.good luck to all.


  9. Tony

    Hi STan,

    I’m so sorry to hear what has happened…..they dont respect anyone.

    There is no way i could get a job in my condition, and i cant see a boss employing someone who can hardly use his hands! LOL…maybe i should use my feet!?

    I phoned a legal company and they said “It is illegal for them to stop and/or Cut your money by %40.

    And i was told to talk to my doctor, run through the “Limited Capability Assesment” with him and ask him to do his own assesment….This should help with your appeal.

    So i am in the process of writing my appeal..which i will deliver monday. I was told if i appeal they will reinstate my benefits…Well ill wait and see on that score..

    Ill keep you posted on what happens with me, i hope it will help others get through this.

    Beware there are a lot of liers in the jobcentres…and they have told me stuff that wasnt true..Im sure they are not all like that….but i have learnt that some are.

    Good luck to you all, and i wish you all the best


  10. mike

    hi can anybody explain to me this i went for a medical and didnt get the 15 points mind you i was only in there 15 mins. they have stoped my esa i have just put an apeal in yet my doctor also gave me another sick note i have posted that to them can they still stop my payments im all confused about it


  11. Tony

    Hi again,

    As promised i will tell u about my appeal, I have spent the last week in agony unable to sleep or even walk, have taken so much oramorph, Diazepam to stop spasms and still in pain,,,,i was lying in bed with no money…and i was thinking if i didnt have a caring friend…i could just die here..

    Anyhow before the above i went through there ATOS..assesment sheets…and wrote what they had missed next to each one that was relevant…..this took days…

    I saw my doctor and he offered to send a letter supporting my appeal, and he said he has had to do a lot of this lately….and told me of other patients who were xperiencing the same..

    2 weeks later i get three letters from DHSS, First letters says your appeal has not been accepted

    The second letter says we have reinstated your benefits …

    The third one lots of rubbish about how its worked out….

    So i have been lucky…it is just as well….i would not survive otherwise…

    I hope this info helps others…..it is a scandal what they are doing……Appeall all of you it your human right!!!!

    Best wishes to you all….and i hope you get justice!


    1. dwpexamination

      Nice one T, well done. It just goes to show that persistence and a little patience can pay off. These people know we only skim read their letters and skip to the bad news, they also know our disbelief in their cruel actions will throw us, but if we just take a deep breath, step back for a short while, then have another look, their lies, assumptions and fantasies become clear and are easily challenged. You are an inspiration my friend. Oh and this is not luck, its the result of you, fighting back……

      Good luck


  12. E Smith



  13. lone rider

    i have been disabled for around ten years. in 2006 (after a lot of campaigning by NABD) they changed the law on motorcycle tests. Allowing certain parts of the test removed for disabled riders. I passed. It gave me a new lease of life. I was only able to ride ten or eleven times a year, as most often my health stopped me. on the day of my test, a DWP investigator came to my house. He told me i had been reported for riding a motorcycle. i explained to him that i had passed the disabled bike test that morning. He said it wasn’t a problem, said there would be no further action. i also had a motability car. in june 2009 i recieved a letter to attend an interview under caution. I attended with my wife/carer. i was asked a lot of questions and he wasn’t at all polite. he questioned me about driving a car. at that point i told him i also ride a bike when able. he then said that that was the reason for the interview. i had been reported and set up by a biker. i was filmed riding the bike, Which wasn’t a problem. he made me sign a form to say that i had failed to notify DLA of a change in condition. my condition was actually worse then when i applied. They stopped all my benefits. I am awiting appeal date. My MP wrote asking for them to look at the decision again and to send a doctor. They refused bluntly to do this. it seems now that the DWP are judge, juy, and executioner. they are the only department that seems to be above the laws of the land. They make the rules as they go along. If i murdered some one i would go to court and have a reasonably fair hearing. The DWP accuse you of an offence then punish you for the offence. you don’t get a fair hearing.


    1. dwpexamination

      The mind boggles, some people just cant keep their noses out of other folks business. It is likely you were stitched up by someone you knew, probably someone you had told about your forthcoming test. The story about the biker setting you up is likely a red herring, I know loads of bikers and they would string whoever it was up if they did this to a disabled rider!!!!!Good luck with your appeal, get your MP involved and keep us in the picture.


  14. Terri X

    Might I suggest that when going to these examinations that you not only take someone with you but that importantly, you take a voice/tape recorder and state at the start that you will be recording the interview/examination. Say it reasonably of course and not aggressively so that there is less likelihood of any disagreement with such a proposal. If they ask why, say that you always record official interviews for your records.


  15. Lazlo

    ESA Medical Assessments

    I read with great concern that the DWP are using the medical profession (ATOS) in this way, to use unscrupulous methods in providing medical reports.

    It is deplorable that these so called professionals have taken up this work with only one thing in mind, a whacking salary at the expense of the sick and disabled people of this country. I,m afraid that we all live in a society when greed overtakes professionalism.

    I presume that the majority of these doctors, nurses etc. are trained throughout the NHS where the well-being of patients is a priority. However, I feel that all of this comes under severe scrutiny when all they can do is carry out these so called medical assessments with ” I’ll do what ever you say for financial reward”, that’s why the Government use these private companies because they know that TRUE NHS staff would not carry out such acts and would reveal to the national media without hesitation.


    Foreign staff in all disciplines are being brought in by ATOS because of the lack of interest from British staff, this is prominent throughout the country not all doctors are scrupulous. We only have to mention the name ATOS to our GP’s, we all know the reaction this brings.

    Note the (EYE IN THE SKY) ceiling cameras in the waiting areas, these are not for shoplifters but to watch your every move, WALKING, SITTING.

    The request to attend 10 minutes early, so that observations can be noted with the cameras.

    It,s very nice for them to provide a TV and reading materials for your enjoyment, think again, these are placed to catch out every client that walks in the building. The reading materials, newspapers, magazines and the like occupy a table about 12″ high from the floor, think! before you bend down to pick one up you are being watched. Do not entertain the TV either, observed watching 10,15 20 minutes in your report not good.

    Watch for leading questions, be prepared or you will be caught out.

    The doctor is very nice and friendly, RUBBISH it’s all part of the act.

    The third part of the Work Capability Assesment (WFHRA) are being carried out nationally at seperate appointments after the WCA because of backloggs due to cutting down time and not having the staff. Clients are sent away with the belief that they have passed the WCA and put in the SUPPORT GROUP because a WFHRA was not carried out. Wrong, unless you are given in writing of such award notice from the JCP don’t assume.

    The DWP have still not made this public that the ESA regulations have been changed due to the above fact, ( THE WFHRA WILL BE CARRIED OUT AT THE SAME TIME OF THE WCA ).


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks for that, reads like you have recently been summoned for an alleged medical. Any chance of a description of the “medical centre” you attended and a comment on your medical?


  16. Crimson Avenger

    Hi,just thought I`d tell you my story regarding ATOS or as we call them at my works ATOSSERS!
    We have Atos at my works for occupational health,I became ill with a neurological illness that effects my balance,eyesight and hearing and right from the start these parasites tried to retire me from a job I`ve done since leaving school(26 years)my employers stopped my sick pay after 6 months and said I had to go onto Employment and Support Allowance,so I applied for it,filled out the extensive medical questionaire as it said I `might` not have to attend a medical if I filled one in..and you`ve guessed it got summoned to go for a medical.
    Now I went for a medical with Atos with my employer…result…we have to finish you on ill health grounds,TWO weeks later Atossers had me visit one of their medical centres for the DWP and you`ve guessed it I got ZERO points and am apparently cured and FIT TO DO ANY WORK, after suffering with this condition for two years and there being no medical cure for my condition I`m now CURED as ATOS computer programme says so!


    1. dwpexamination

      Talk about the right not knowing what the left is doing, I would speak to a solicitor and get the useless frauds in court. Thier faces would be a picture.


  17. Mark

    Hi, im so sorry to hear yet another casualty of the ATOS ethos…

    All i can say is go through their point system and write a bit about it regarding yourself, get to your doctors and ask him for help….and he will usually send a letter to them…and hence benefits reinstated!!

    Its hard to do when u have just lost your job and are ill….that is what ATOS is hoping…you wont make a Fuss!..

    But make a fuss and get what u are entitled to!
    U will get it sorted!
    All the best


    1. dwpexamination

      Its as I have always said, Appeal, Appeal ,Appeal. Let these fools be identified for what they are and have as many of their decisions overturned as is humanly possible.


  18. Onomatik

    Hi. I’ve just received one of these “Altos” letters. I’m now *terrified* and can’t sleep or eat. I have mental health problems. I have a dissociative disorder with depersonalization/derealization/severe agoraphobia. Panic disorder and all the associated axiety/depression symptoms. Possibly undiagnosed Asbergers.

    I could no more work than I could walk upside down on the ceiling. I’ve been in hospital 4 times, sectioned on two of the admissions. I was in a psychotic state when I was sectioned. I’ve been on every drug, done CBT, group therapy. All to no avail. All of this is there in 2 huge fat medical files, both hospital and GP. Will they even bother looking ??

    Somebody please tell me that there is at least a chance of passing this “test”, just to give me some hope !! I am dying mentally here. If I lose my money I will be in a terminal financial position. Also, if you appeal, can you get your money back while appealing ?? My GP is very supportive, and is going to write a letter. My social work Medical Officer will also help me I’m sure. He has helped me in the past when I lost my DLA. I am on IS/IB/DLA.

    I had this happen once before, or something similar, years ago. (2000/2002??) My GP wrote them a letter which spoke of my agoraphobia and panic attacks, they said I did not have to come to the medical and I kept my benefits. Things might have changed though.

    Thanks, Onomatik


    1. dwpexamination

      I sympathise with you O and must say that each case has its own merits. I would do exactly the same as you did the last time, if ATOS are consistent in their “examination” of claimants and there has been no change in your condition you may well get the same answer, if not seek professional advice. I despise the DWP and this is reflected here, I must stress that this is only my opinion and I am willing to be proved wrong. Keep your chin up and appeal if they do decide to stop your benefits. Good luck


  19. perhaps the answer is for us all to look up how to make a bomb take said bomb to medical center and also to ATOS HEADQUARTERS retreat a safe distance and set them off then after all what can happen we go to a nice warm prison get good food and accomodation TV gym snooker table tennis computer and the best medical attention you could ask for wow sounds good.


    1. dwpexamination

      Guy Fawkes had a similar idea, and look what happened to him? I understand your frustration and even appreciate the frustration you are feeling but violence is not the answer, like I say, lets fight them with what we have, our votes. Lets punish them by putting them out of a job and by taking away their cash cow. That will hurt them far more then any form of physical punishment. I agree the system is wrong and support for criminals and others is frustrating but only we can change it, after all, we allowed this to happen in the first place by lying down and dying after our benefits were stopped fore no other reason than penny pinching by our own government.


  20. don'tletthebastardsgrindyoudown

    Hi – i don’t want to leave too many details as this may not be a dwp site but they can still read it! Anyway – i have been on IB since 2001, last Feb they informed me that I was no longer eligible, so i appealed. I read my notes and the lack of medical knowledge is shocking (I have an irreversible condition and the doctors consistently say that i will improve!). The first tribunal was a waste of space but I appealed the result on a number of errors of law (mainly that they had no evidence and made it up as they went along!). The CAB said i had no chance but it was successful and I had a re-hearing which was much fairer but they didn’t tell me the result on the day and in fact it was 3 weeks after it that they eventually posted the result (they said it got lost in the post – 3 times!). Needless to say it was unsuccessful.
    I have received the statement of reasons and think I have further grounds but in the mean time they informed me last week that i am under investigation for benefit fraud – it is actually the council cos of HB but it is a joint ‘prosecution.’ I have spoken to the investigating officer and he wouldn’t tell me what it is about but did mention it was to do with ‘form-filling’ and they seem to think they have evidence. The thing is I haven’t been committing fraud and I am 100% sure they have no evidence of any kind.
    Can they charge me with fraud (I am under caution) merely because in their view my finances don’t add up? I like a gamble but am good at it, i don’t lose much and it does supplement me and i’m happy to show them the odd bank statement as gambling winnings don’t count as earnings and aren’t taxable and I’ve never been over any limits for allowed savings (i do it online so the record is there). I have spoken to my bank manger and he says nobody has looked at my account so they can’t know my finances in detail so that can’t be their ‘evidence’. The thing is if they say ‘We don’t think you can have lived on benefits alone’ then they are basically saying that they don’t give people enough benefits during the appeal process (I had to go down to £50 odd a week) and it is them who would have forced me to commit fraud! They will regret it as i have decided to make a formal complaint (already in touch with MP) and that would form a big part of the complaint. I’m meeting them in the first week of Feb (with a solicitor whose advice is to wait until the day as that is the normal drill) Can they pull me in merely cos they suspect that I must be committing fraud (even though I’m not)?


    1. dwpexamination

      Its the DWP were dealing with her my friend, they can do whatever they like. I don’t mind, I, like you have nothing to hide so bring it on is what I say. I don’t know what they are referring to but it seems they have got you under the microscope, for whatever reason. I am glad you have sought legal advice and wish you luck. I would imagine your solicitor will ask you to assemble all the medical evidence to support your application for benefits and subsequent appeal. I don’t know what they mean by “form filling”? maybe you have made a mistake when completing your HB form, after all, if you look at it in minute detail of your benefits are say £50.01p and you round that down to £50.00 on your HB form, this technically is fraud?????? Maybe your lifestyle exceeds your assumed income and a nosy neighbour has shopped you? after all, this government, via the BBC often portray all DLA recipients as scroungers in their so called in depth investigation documentaries. Last time I watched one of these allegedly informative programmes I got the impression that scroungers (and there are a few) outweighed genuine claimants by 3 to 1. I complained to the BBC but didn’t even receive a reply. So there you go, you seem to have your ducks lined up and I wish you luck, this will be a very interesting example and I hope you are able to keep us up to date and informed of the outcome. Good luck


  21. don'tletthebastardsgrindyoudown

    Cheers – it’s poss that a neighbour may have informed them but unlikely as I’m not exactly living the life of riley – I don’t drive and am not Flash Harry. I bought a decent tv and some furniture that was in a sale (got a £1500 mattress for 1/3 of that and it will last for years and years), but unlikely. I do everything legit, don’t buy hookey stuff, I always barter and those who deal with me regularly often give me free stuff (market traders etc). It really is baffling and the only thing i am left with is that they think I must be committing fraud cos they aren’t giving me enough money to live on! that would be odd for them to argue though and they must at least think they have got evidence, I’ll fill you in when all done which will be in a couple of weeks.


  22. Nicola

    I went for a Medical Assessment a couple of weeks ago and just received a letter today – a Saturday so will have this on my mind all weekend – in very harsh words in a letter that ‘we will not be paying you any more ESA as from 17th February’ (which was four days ago)!! I am only just calming down now, I was attending Pathways to Work interviews and hoping they could find me some part time work to help me get back into work at a pace I can handle, whilst still being helped by ESA coz of doing reduced hours. All that has been taken away from me now and I feel very afraid and alone.

    I’ve been off sick since June 2009, and officially left my very stressful job in October 2009. My problems are depression and anxiety but also have a metabolic disorder which causes all kinds of problems in adulthood – I gave all the details of this at my assessment, held nothing back AND I was really unwell that morning and know I looked dreadful… even so apparently I’m totally fine and not in need of being off sick and ESA payments. I’m fuming!!! What on earth do they know about my condition anyway!?? I must admit I had a very unfriendly Nurse, who then suddenly got very chatty… I thought twice at the time, I had a feeling it could be a trap so I didn’t say too much, not that I had anything to hide.

    I’m not even going to try and appeal this decision, I’ve read horror stories about people who have tried. I just applied online for JSA, and now I’m gonna have to find a full time job as I won’t get any help doing part-time hours. I’m really scared as I know I’m not 100% yet, but hey if the DWP think I am then who am I to argue…??!!!!!!!


    1. dwpexamination

      Now now, calm down, take a step back and a couple of deep breaths. The DWP psychological warfare team know that this will be your initial reaction, cant you see, its what they want you to do. By all means claim any other benefit you like, but you should appeal as a matter of principle. The more complaints the cardboard cut out Doctors have against them the better it is for us, especially if their unsound decisions are overturned at appeal. Take my advice and think carefully about your decision not to appeal, after all, no matter what you claim, when their bogus decision is overturned by the Tribunal, they will order these fools to pay you every penny (after deducting any other benefit payment you have had in the mean time) back. I have yet to get an answer on whether or not housing benefit can be retrospectively restored when a Tribunal finds in your favour, but am working on it. Never ever trust the cardboard cut out Doctors, no matter how “nice and chatty” they may appear, they are all b&*^$%£s and will do all they can to stop your benefits. We need to get organised…………


  23. john

    iam having a bit of a do with atos i have recently won a personnal injury claim told them this and said the law says iam in pain i have a ten page report on my inury there still insisting i have a medical how daft is that i also won an appeal way back with atos and yet they still want me to have a medical i have found out on another site the so called doctors are only trained for 2 days and they get payed per claiment they examin how bad is that i think the whole new systerm is so unfair


    1. dwpexamination

      I agree, and I think change is necessary here as the system is actually abusing our human rights! There is an election coming up soon and I suggest you cast your vote with your rights to benefits in mind as a return to power for the present Government or the Tories, under any circumstances will be played upon by thier spin doctors as a massive vote of confidence by the public. Can you give the details of the site giving the information relating to ther training methods? that will be well worth looking at.


  24. pazza

    i had my medical assesment if thats what you want to call it and low and behold i was knocked back and subsequently went to the post office to draw my benefits but no money was in my account 8 march 2010 could you plz tell me if the dwp are supposed to inform me first that there would be no money for me to pick up because i have received no notification telling me of this also reading thru a lot of comments here i can relate to the obligatory nurse who couldnt speak much english,scoring me on an examination that did not actually take place i had not been diagnosed at the time but was under investigation with my doctor and hospital i have now been diagnosed as having copd and emphysemia both incurable and both are getting progressively worse i have a doctors note that is still covering me now he has given me a 6 month note i went forth with a tribunal and that was unsuccesful i do intend to appeal but were do i stand on getting any money in the meantime because i am not going to give up and throw the towel in but i cant live on fresh air alone.


    1. dwpexamination

      I suspect that there is a requirement to inform you of the intention to stop your benefits, however, it is possible that it could have been “lost in the post”. In the first instance I would question this with your local JC+. Next, ATOS operate a strict administrative process, this process is blinkered and therefore as you were “under investigation” there was no actual diagnosis that you had COPD. I know it seems hard and my comment appears to be in favour of ATOS, however, this is how they work and as you can see they prefer to have the advantage. This needs to be challenged and the opportunity to get rid of the Government that is allowing this disgusting treatment of the disabled and to prevent any other party with similar plans gaining power is almost upon us. Vote with your feet at the next local and general election, look carefully at the candidates and their policies relating to those claiming sickness / disability benefits and vote for the person who puts your interests as a disabled person first. Now that you have been diagnosed officially as having COPD and emphysema why not speak to your local CAB or your Local Authority welfare rights officer and get their take on claiming again or claiming ESA. You need money to live on so you have to do something and should seek sound advice on that. Good luck and let us know how you get on. As for the nurse who could not speak much English? this is becoming more common as ATOS scrape the bottom of the barrel for so called “Healthcare Professionals”, I have produced a form for assessing ATOS and it is available on the Blog under the title of assessing ATOS. If you have a look you will see I have made provision for the assessment of the Healthcare Professionals” grasp of the English language, my advice when completing this is to mark low if you have to ask them to repeat a question. Its not perfect yet but may prove a useful aid memoir when making your appeal.


  25. Janet

    I had recently bad experience with ATOS. My partner is claiming ESA for last 2 months beacouse of his osteoarthritis .He had Work Capability Assesment
    booked for 22Th of February 2010 3.30 pm . On this day around 2pm we recived a phone call from ATHOS receptionist saying that appoitment has been canceled
    -apparently doctor left early -emergency sytuation etc . She confirmed , that we will get another app asap .Two days later we recived letter from DWP asking for reasons why he didn’t attended . Confused? me to .I rang Job Center and explained situation , they accepted and told will need ATOS confirmation . After few days we had another letter from DWP -decision about claim -” We aske dyou to go to Work Capability Assesment on 22.02.2010 so that health care profesional could tell us about your ability to work .
    We have looked at your reasons for not attaending the assesment , or your refusal to parcitypate fully with the assesment .
    A decision maker has decided that you are capable for work from 23.10.2010 .
    This mean that we have decided that you are not longer entiled to Employment abd Support Allowance ” !!!!!
    How is this !!
    I spoke with them(DWP) today again and ask for explanation -they insist that ATOS did not confirmed that they canceled appoitment !!!
    What I supose to do now ?


    1. dwpexamination

      This is appalling and a perfect example of the blinkered administrative system ATOS operate. I am afraid the burdon of proof is on you, so you will need to investigate, write down the whole series of events times, dates, names etc. This will help you during any further conversations with ATOS or the DWP. Write down the whole story and send it to your M.P. asking for an investigation into your case at Jobcentreplus and ATOS. I am informed that if an M.P. asks for an investigation into one of thier constituants claims the DWP are required to respond to the M.P. within 2 hours. This will put your case on record with the local JC+. Next ATOS must have records of the “Doctor” having to leave and the subsequent appointments he had to cancel along with your own, try to get this from ATOS (might be like getting blood from a stone though). In any dealings with the DWP or ATOS complete a contacts form, this form should contain details of the time of call made or recieved, the date, the name of the person called or calling, thier contact number and brief details of the content of the conversation, its the only way to win, remember, when they talk to you they do this!!!!!! Good luck and please let us know the outcome. In the mean time, get advice from your Llocal CAB or Local Authority welfare rights officer. I have produced a contacts form, it is available on the Assessing ATOS page of this blog.


  26. Janet

    Followed your advice I have contacted JC+ again and asked for writen statment of reasons for their decision , noticed that they become nervous when you start asking for their name and reference number, been asked a few times to wait as my adviser needed to consult answer to my questions with her manager . On the end of our conversation I’v been informed that there is not actual decision in my partner case ,and I will recive a phone call from JC+ manager with explanation probably that same day . Two hours later she(JC+ manager) rang me to say that they check once again with ATOS representative and there is no record of doctor leaving earlier or cancelation of my partner appoitment , therefore decision been made to stop benefit from 23Th of February 2010 . We still have of course right to appeal and been advised to do it within a month from the date of decision . Writen statment of reason will be sent to us later this week . When asked for explanation why ESA will stop from 23.02.10 when decision maker has decided that my partner will be capable to work from 23.10.10 she respond that havn’t seen this letter and asked to send her a copy of it .
    At this point I felt so powerless,havn’t got a idea how to prowe that they simply wrong .
    So I decided to try find explanation at ATOS office . I called reception desk and requested (yes requested not asked !) name of person whos been at reception desk at 22Th of February as well as doctor who supose to assest my partner this day . My interlocutor sad ,that she was the person who called me on this day to cancel appoitment.I become speachless for a second and after asked to confirm this once again . She did ,and asked what happen .I have explained situation with JC+ and wanted hear her version .Receptionist said that she need to make a few phone calls and will call me back asap . After short time she called back to say that have contacted JC+ and cleared situation , they should rebook appoitment as emergency , so it suppose to be in the next 48 hours or so .She also appologised for accident.I felt relief. Next call , manager from JC+ informed me that she had a call from ATOS and they told her as they made mistake and doublebooked appoitment on 22Th of February, consequence of this was cancelation of my partner appoitment . So how you can see we have different version of incident . But I havn’t heard a word of appologise from JC+ manager ,nothing . And what amused me totaly , she said that decision to our appeals will be made in our favour !!!
    Never mind , I fell like I won a battle -not a war -but battle .
    Even more nervous now waiting for the date of next assesment as I read all horror stories from this site .But another hand , I think , if this dosn’t happen to us , and we went to assesment as we suppose to on 22Th of February I’m 100% sure that they would made decision in their favour as they done with all those people who are need to appeal from wrong decision .
    So thank you for this site and all you helpful comments .I will keep you informed .
    Regards .


    1. dwpexamination

      Nice work Janet, you have made the first steps to victory. Always record name date time callers number etc, use the form I do, its available on the assessing ATOS page of this blog. Print a few off and keep them by the phone. Jobcentre plus is full of bullying managers and is by nature a bullying organisation, both to staff (some of whom ((at my local Jobcentre))I feel heartily sorry for) and clients. Its no wonder they become nervous when you ask for names and reference numbers, remember, it is your right to know who you are speaking to and their title. I would contact your local CAB or Local Authority Welfare rights officer and request their help, also find out who your local MP is and email your story to them (This is the most important part, remember, they work for you!) and ask them to investigate ATOS and Jobcentre plus, this will put you in charge and them on the defensive as Jobcentre plus has to respond to an MP enquiry within 2 hours. Once you have your reply write to your MP again and ask what is going to be done to prevent this happening again. It is quite plain from your story that you have been lied to by ATOS, this needs to be brought to the attention of your MP, name the receptionist and “Doctor” and make sure they are questioned to as it is not reasonable and certainly unacceptable to lie to customers. Remember keep any letters from the DWP or ATOS, document everything, dont be rushed by anyone you call or who calls you, make notes of the calls so you can refer to them at a later date. The DWP know most people don’t do this and that most people do not keep their letters unless they are instructed to do so. Oh, and please remember, the comments on this site are from readers who have fallen victim of ATOS or Jobcentre plus, I rarely get positive comments but when I do I post them anyway. Also if you have the name of the person who said the decision would be made in their favour report that to your MP too as this is proof that the system is biased and more importantly, highly illegal. She/he wont be in a job by the time you are finished and maybe then they will understand our situation. Well done again and keep up the good work.


  27. john

    do you think if i dont let the doctor in for my home visit medical they will stop my money anyway so i thought if i dont let them in how more can they penalise you??? someone else on another site said why not leave them on the doorstep i thought what a good idea what annoys me is why do we have to go through all this stress they are picking on the genuine people ones that are in pain all the time if people can see pain it would make things so much easier


    1. dwpexamination

      Its wise not to antagonise these people, they will use any excuse to stop your benefits and if you dont let them in thay win!!! Lets put up a fight and at east make them work for thier money. Have a witness handy who can take notes and if necessary draw the examination to a close if you are in too much pain as a result of it, although even that will likely as not result in your benefits being stopped anyway. The DWP are targeting the disabled because the Government has ordered them to do so, you have the power to change this at the nest election. Vote with you feet at local and the upcoming general election and vote for the party who puts your rights first. Remember the present Governent and the Tories have plans to attack the disabled and force people who are genuinely ill back into the working population, you have the power here, use it. Spread the word ask you friends and family to support you by doing likewise and just maybe we can teach tese fools a lesson eh? Above all, dont put your benefits in jeopardy, I know the temptation is great, but your actions dont bother them, refusing a medical simply makes them look good, AND WE DONT WANT THAT DO WE.


  28. john

    i see your point about letting them in but they are going to stop my money anyway its always the same outcome with these people they will do the medical then say you have failed on not enough points i won an appeal with them a while ago yet they still want a medical there excuse is well people change you may get better i havent changed and iam still in pain .my problem is i have no one to witness them as i live on my own ive also got a dog and they will say well how come you have a dog who walks it then see what i mean i know i will fail people cant always see pain ive also got shawtrust on my back i said to these people i work yet they still want to see me to find a job how stupid is that i can only do a few hours work because of my pain and some days are horrible for me but how can i describe pain to these people its bound to be someone who cant speak english again as well sorry if i sound down but thats the way i feel about these stupid people


    1. dwpexamination

      OK J, First and foremost I would like to say I am more interested in your well being than I am in ATOS or anyone else. However, I fear that your actions will only strengthen their case and cause you further stress and financial hardship. Lets have a look at your situation and break it down into more manageable bits, I wonder if I have a look at the individual items you have listed and perhaps suggest a few alternatives something may come of it. Bear in mind this is only an exercise and I am in no way suggesting you follow this line.

      You say you don’t want to lose your benefits and feel this will happen anyway ? Although you and I know that on average, losing your benefits is the more likely outcome, there is no reason to give them the opportunity to make this a definite. If you don’t let them in, you lose and they are happy as they win and you will simply strengthen their case.

      If you are up to it, contact your local CAB, social services or Local Authority Welfare Rights Office and ask for assistance at what is quite plainly a very stressful time for you. If that fails try a neighbour you can trust or the local church, someone will come to your assistance eventually. It is quite clear you need support in dealing with this situation and I hope you can find someone to assist you.

      Your arrangements for the care of your pet(s) has nothing to do with your health or the “Doctor” and if they ask tell them so. Its their assumption that the dog is your pet in the first place that worries me, it might well belong to your neighbour who is in the other room to give you privacy during your “examination” for all they know? That would put them on their guard eh? the thought that they can be overheard examining you by a third (unseen) party would certainly make them very nervous indeed?

      Organisations like ATOS, Shaw Trust and A4E have an ingrained culture of mistrust and bullying. I know that the performance of employees in the private sector is usually based upon results, results are calculated against targets and these targets are set by whoever holds the purse strings. In this case the Government holds the purse strings, sets the targets and organisations like these are willing to do anything to meet them at the earliest possible opportunity. This allows them to make as much profit in the shortest time possible, and usually at their clients expense. This practice of “meeting targets” is endemic in the private sector as their funding and thus jobs depend on good results.

      Like you I too wish physical pain was visible, life would be so much easier and maybe more people would understand what it is like to have a debilitating disability. It is likely that the person examining you has not experienced your pain and discomfort, therefore they have no understanding of its effects upon your daily life. As such you need to explain very carefully and simply how bad the pain is, real Doctors in the NHS use a scale and will often ask how bad the pain is on a scale of one to ten, maybe putting it in this format to the cardboard cut out “Doctor” will make your condition and pain levels more understandable.

      If the examining “Doctor” has a poor command of the English language, make a note of it and raise it at the Tribunal if they stop your benefits. There is clear evidence that poor linguistic skills can lead to misunderstanding and misdiagnosis. I have produced an assessment form which I will be using as an aid memoir at my next “medical”, It may be of use to you or your assistant in remembering things that happen during the “examination”. You can see it on the Assessing ATOS page of this Blog.

      Again I wish you luck and must stress that the above are simply suggestions. I am choosing to fight back against the unfair practices and downright unprofessional manner in which ATOS and the DWP are operating, as such I have a low opinion of both organisations, which I am not ashamed to say often comes out in my comments. It is my intention to put both organisations under as much pressure as I possibly can in the fight for fairness and justice. With that in mind I am urging all readers to vote with their feet at the next Local and the upcoming General Election and put their cross next to the party which is putting the rights of the disabled first, remember, both the present Government and the Tories have plans to make life harder for the disabled by attacking their rights to benefits. We are clearly being sent a message that there will be no quarter given, I say lets return the compliment and elect someone who cares about us.


  29. john

    hi there many thanks for your most positive answer i was shocked really that you cared enough to write back to me thank you . this is what i thought i would do about my dog i can put him in the garden so they wont see him also i did wonder if the medical can be done at your own doctors this way they cant be seen doing anything they shouldnt. getting back to shawtrust i phoned them and i said i be working that day you want me to go and see you she goes i cant find your details then later on the same day someone else rings me from shawtrust you will be coming on that day was the message most stern anyhow it is a working day for me and i wont be going to them i have called them and said what more can i do . when i asked for the medical to be changed to another date they said yea but havent confirmed it should i ring to check? i hope people out there will listen to this web site its the only one avalibale to people like as we can express our concerns its bad enough dealing with pain every moment but to have our money taken away is even worse i for one will be voting for another goverment to come in someone who will help i dont like tory but when tony was in he did help come back tony all is forgiven lol


    1. dwpexamination

      You’re welcome J, if we don’t support each other, no one else will, and that’s when the system begins to grind you down. Administrative processes can be long drawn out affairs, for example the length of time it takes to apply for DLA. I know one chap who applied last October and is still in the precess and awaiting a reply, oh and yes, he has checked and the case is ongoing. As for Shaw Trust, well, if they are demanding you attend on a day when your employer is expecting you to work for them, then surely this is a contradiction? How on earth can you be in two places at once? What is the penalty for no turning up? Can you get your employer to call them on your behalf
      ? On the subject of ATOS medicals, their present system involves asking the client to ring ATOS on a free phone number to arrange an appointment, the text in their letter is as follows:-

      Please contact the appointments desk on 08002888777 within two days of reciept of this letter so that we can arrange a convenient appointment for you. Our lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

      Now, looking at this statement (and I don’t know if the wording or number varies throughout the country) it clearly uses the word convenient. I reckon that means at least mutually agreed, and therefore should involve a two way conversation rather then the usual reply of ” Thanks for calling, an appointment will be sent out in the post”. They also ask you to call the same number “With a full explanation” to re arrange or change an appointment. If they have not called you back I suggest you give them a ring, at their expense and ask why you have not received your appointment letter.

      As for voting, I wont be looking at either the present Government or the Tories as possible alternatives, they both want our benefits slashed and are using the excuse that they are “helping” people back to work to justify their foul and grossly unfair treatment of those in receipt of disability benefits. These methods are slowly but surely being highlighted by the number of Tribunal victories annually, so if they stop your benefits, appeal, appeal, appeal…..


  30. john

    hi there again thank you for your kind reply again it seems shawtrust are really wanting me to be there but to me work comes first not bossy shawtrust people who work for these seem to be very stroppy or and know it alls i said to them i cant be there its a working day next thing i know when i was at work a message was left on my phone YOU WILL BE ATTENINDING so there you go as for what will happen i havent a clue lol but as you rightly say i cant be in 2 places at once. thank you for the free number i try that monday as i dont want them turning up un announce after all i could be having a knees up and enjoying myself heaven forbid lollol couldnt resist the pun . its about time there should be a group for people like as someone who can stick by as and surrport as but really we are on our own i won there appeal the last time and i will do so this time as iam determined for them not to win .keep up the good work with this site we need more of them


  31. David

    Came upon this site by accident,and have to agree with the majority of things stated,failed IB wca last year and lost at the appeal tribunal,due to the consultant at the hospital,who lied in his report to the tribunal…have the proof that he lied.I fond out the consultant works in private health,aaaaaand the tribunal doctor,guess what… works in…yeeees of course you guessed PRIVATE HEALTH and there wasn’t anything i could do about it.Thats the bad news,then failed the atos ESA assesment,I appealed,thinking i had no hope,but realised i could just use GP’s report,and not mention the liars report from the hospital at the ESA appeal,and i won the appeal,the welfare rights officer couldn’t understand it and he’s totally baffled…the ESA is supposed to be tougher he say’s,we both agreed the whole system is just a scam,and an absolute joke.Anyway i’m going for my new ESA assesment and expect zero point’s again,so it’s going to be another appeal coming,and i’m bypassing the so called decision maker,all i want is a GL 24 form so i can get on with the farce as soon as possible…STREEEEWWWTH.


    1. dwpexamination

      I agree, having gone down a similar route to yourself and had similar conversations with my representative I understand exactly how you feel. ATOS are becoming a law unto themselves and need to be stopped. I cant believe how badly they are treating disabled people and how they are flaunting the laws regarding Health and Safety with their abysmally unsafe premises and practices (see the comment on Brighton assessment centre on the ATOS medical assessment centre page on this Blog). Also the blatant ignorance of the disability discrimination Act. It does appear that ATOS and the DWP in general have us in their sights!!!!! As I have said previously. It is my intention to put both organisations under as much pressure as I possibly can in the fight for fairness and justice. With that in mind I am urging all readers to vote with their feet at the next Local and the upcoming General Election and put their cross next to the party which is putting the rights of the disabled first, remember, both the present Government and the Tories have plans to make life harder for the disabled by attacking their rights to benefits. We are clearly being sent a message that there will be no quarter given, I say lets return the compliment and elect someone who cares about us.


  32. David

    Howdy,Thats me got notification from ATOS origin today,17th march,they dont mess about,and i’ve to contact them by phone,within two days of receipt of their letter,al call them tomorrow,so my ESA should stop in a couple of weeks…I know,I know im sounding defeatest,but i’m getting to know their MODUS OPERANDA,after all the nurse simply must get his/her £50 bonus.I read on another site somewhere,the only way you can be unfit for meaningfull work,is if you turned up as a head on a cushion,so with my racked back and two burst ear drums,i’ve no chance,sorry i’m not making light of it in any way,just trying to phsycologicaly adjust to this situation…will let ya all know the result in a couple of weeks. CHEERS David.


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks David, I am not surprised at you thoghts at all, this is normal for all potential victims of ATOS. One tip though, please make sure the appointment you get is negotiated and that you are not just given a random appointment by the call centre operative. It clearly sataes that they want you to call them to arrange a convenient appointment, in my book that means convenient for you, not them. Please give ua an accurate description of the access to parking, the examination cantre conditions and tyour medical if you can. The more we get the better to fight ATOS nad the DWP. Remember to vote with you feet at the next Local Aand General election. Both the present Government and the Tories have the disabled and thier benefits in thier sights so remember, when you vote be careful of where you put your x as you may be putting an x through your benefits and your rights. Rmemeber to take someonw with you and use the form I have produced on the Assessing ATOS page of this blog. Also use the contact form when you talk to them on the phone, its wise.


  33. David

    hello again…It’s cadogan st,Glasgow.and i’ve been there before,if you drive there,its virtualy impossible to get a parking space.and if you can get a space the charge is daylight robbery,the building is named after LORD CADOGAN that great friend of the less well off,my last visit there was like this…you walk in at ground level and identify yourself,the ROTTENFUERER tells you to sit down,and wait till your name is called,after aprox half an hour a STURMBANFUERER appears and announces your name and a few others,your taken up the lift a floor or two,and told to sit and wait for the asseser,after a farther wait, at one time it was a couple of hours,a smiling face appears and whispers your name,so they can watch your reaction…hey you know their game,if your attentive like me,and watch out for them,YOOOOUU will be marked immediately as very bright and becoming,with excellent hearing,by the way i should get 8 points on the spot,according to their descriptors,but their asseser never awards them,but get that to start me off on any appeal,because i went to hospital and got a hearing graph,which shows what looks like half hearing loss in right ear…anyway i enter the assesment room,and asked to take a seat,the only seat there,a stool with no back and no side’s tut tut tut,so i use my left foot and drag it towards the desk,so i can use the desk as leverage,whilst i’m sitting,then the imbecile questions start,one guys face was bright red when asking me,ha ha one question was…kann vun prepare eine sandvich ? …now i asked him,is my face red now ? he say’s what do you mean ? and i answered what a proposterous question to ask anybody,he answered oh we have to ask,really well we dont have to answer…HEY am gonna get zero points anyway,with the dwp hassle to come,so can relax,and let them do their worsed,which is allways lies mixed in with some truth,get them feeling uncomfortable,so that every time they go in to carry out their ghastly work,they think oh god another day in this hellish place,dealing with these people that absolutely detest me…not that it will bother their conscience anyway ( theres plenty of doctor MENGELES in the world ) anyway…you know what their all about,and have no illusions whatsoever,personaly speaking i just coudn’t do a job like that,for any amount of money,what must it feel like to do a job like that…imagine going home and saying to the wife/husband hey there was a chappy in today,totally crippled, with mental problems,and i decided to give him zero points,it made me feel great…oh DAHLING YOU DIDN’T DID YOU ? OH THAT WAS NAUGHTY OF YOU you just wait till later on you naughty thing you…anyways will let you know how i get on at GESTAPO headquarters,and dont worry about the voting issue,none of those muppets get my vote…ALL THE BEST DAVID. (PS AM AWAY TO PHONE THE TWITS NOW )


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks for thet “D” very entertaining and absolutly spot on. All I can say is do not do anything to jeopardise your benefits, these people are incredibly dangerous and should be treated as such. When refusing to answer a question they can add comments like patient refused to answer question, patient refused to carry out instruction etc. Loathed though I am to say it you may be playing into thier hands as this sort of comment will not look very good at the Tribunal,. and they know it, thats why they ask the question in the first place. In doing this they know they will make you angry, its all part of the training they recieve, they know they are dispised and are only working for ATOS through thier own greed or thirst for power. Most are at best Narcisistic (Look it up under what makes a narcisist tick) many are psychotic. Take a look at UKBIX site and you will see that many have resigned under a cloud, many have had thier authority to practice revoked and some are retired and doing it for the money or power. Dont do yourself harm, think of the victory in the long term, take a look at Jackies comment on the appeal lodged page of this blog re claiming at the base rate, I dont know if this will work for everyone but I am going to try it when they stop my benefits, again? Keep us posted.


  34. David

    ok…just called them,and had to jump through a lot of hoops,just to get an appointment,but got 30th of march,and that suits me had to dodge the 23d march,have a hospital appointment for that date.and its early afternoon,so can get my brother to lift me in to cadogan street…HEY whoever you are in the free world,dont worry about the powers that be,noticing or reading my comments…as clark gable said ( FRANKLY MY DEAR,I DONT GIVE Aaa FUCK) IMAGINE just IMAGINE that was your job,sitting in some dingy office,reading peoples comment’s on the net, ACH SO…ACH SO HE TOOK EN ZEE CAR TO ZEE CEETY CENTRE,ZAT EEZ DER ZERO POINTS,BERLIN vill hear of ziz.and heaven help you,if you make the mistake of telling the atos asseser the truth,that you would love a job,and hate being in pain every day of your life…thats zero points AMIGO..!! OR HOW ABOUT THIS ONE,I WAS ASKED,HOW DID YOU GET TO CADOGAN STREET,AND I ANSWERED MY BROTHER GAVE ME A LIFT,and it wasn’t till i got the so called medical report…..and it stated HAD NO PROBLEMS ARRIVING AT CADOGAN STREET…jeeeeeez. the WRO said,well thats what they do,use everything in the book to get that £50 bonus,they need it, to head over to the ROGANO ( THE ROGANO RESTAURANT,A STERTER’S ABOUT £30)PACKED WITH DAVID CAMERON LOOK ALIKE’S…I can just imagine the scene…I say ALISDAIR old boy that scrounger with the crippled legs,you know the one you assesed this morning,that bastard that crawled in to your office…I say i do hope you lied on the lima report and gave him zero points old boy,well not quite old thing,had to give him a few points,dont want to arouse any suspicions. one small thing before a go awa…I WISH PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP and stop spouting rubbish like…NEW LABOUR ARE LEFT WINGERS ETC…THIS SHOWER OF BASTARDS ARE AS FAR RIGHT WING AS YOU CAN GET,DONT BE FOOLED, NYE BEVIN WOULD TURN IN HIS GRAVE…hey a sound angry,am sorry i apoligise for that,it’s because i am FUCKEN ANGRY.AND I APOLIGISE FOR THE BAD LANGUAGE. CHEERS AND BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL.



    1. dwpexamination

      Hello again David, dont worry my friend, get it off your chest before you go in there and slot one of them. I agree the system is wrong and biased towards the Government, yes the multiple choice answers are not suitable for the job, yes I know thier pay is probably performance related, however, we have to play the game as calously and carefully as they do in order to have a chance of winning, remember they may also lose £50 if we win at Tribunal?. Remember, we allowed this to happen by voting the present Government into office, if we managed that, then we can manage change, however, we have to be careful whilst we are at work here or they will win, and we dont want that. Vote with your feet at the next Local and the upcoming General election, dont vote Tory or Labour. Instead find a party that holds the rights of the disabled voter in the highest esteem, vote for the party that ensures your Human Rights are not abused, you need to look closely at the opposition to these two parties and make your selection carefully. Do what I am doing and attend M.P.s’ surgeries and ask the question, be truthful and put your case as a disabled voter and you will see where they stand. Next make them aware that you intend to write to them to reitrerate your conversation with them and do so twice on different dates so they cant say they havnt received the letter, that way it is on record. Bug the living daylights out of the Labour and Tory M.P. with questions about ATOS and thier plans for the disabled if they are in power after the next election. That will sicken them, thay wont have time to tell the lies they need to, to get into office.


  35. David

    Hello again…And in my heart i know your sehr gut und richtig,I cant help being a stubborn bastard though…but am not a stupid bastard,and sometimes they clash,and your spot on your description of these folks…can i suggest a good descriptor ? SOCIOPATHS… thats the reality,last time i was there,at cadogy,a girls name was called,she had those double armed crutches,and it took her absolutely ages to get from her seat to the whisperer,thats when i experienced a strange emotion,EMBARRASMENT but not for the girl,because what she was doing was impossible to fake,NO i felt EMBARRASMENT for the smiling jackanapes,I could see he had absolutely no shame,no feelings,no nothing…proud to be an OBERSTFUERER for the newliebour reich. CHEERS DAVID. PS. sent a return e-mail,but came up it didnt send…DUUU.


  36. David

    HI…Just partook of some breakfast,and getting ready for swimming exercises over in north west Glasgow,If theres any snoopers reading this,their welcome to come oer to the pool and interogate me…PLEEEEASE come over to the pool,thats it juuuust a little closer…cant hear you,it’s like a busy street in here,hey am over here at the deep end…DIM THE LIGHTS YOU CAN GUESS THE REST..!!!!!!


  37. David

    Howdy…David calling the free world,and have to say,i’ve just looked at the UKBIX site,and am begining to lose the will to live…dont get me wrong,the people on there mean well,but some of the things i was reading turned my stomach,one woman reported,after visiting her GP she noticed on the doctors computer an e-mail from the DWP, that because she failed the ATOS assesment,the GP should refrain from issuing a sick note.Just shows the DWP and ATOS are realising there begining to lose the battle,they must know they will be found out in time…and their GRAVY TRAIN will be no more,by the way she got the note after explaining she was appealing against the ATOS assesment.well my appeal is going to start in a couple of weeks,i’m under no allusions about that,so from then on i want to know whats written on that computer about me,and i will be only asking him once,its a new doctor…the old one is retiring…and my next visit to this new GP will be in acouple of weeks,if thers nothing to hide,looking at all my notes wont be a problem,anything else will be unacceptable..!!!! CHEERS………… TO THE NEEDY NOT THE GREEDY.


  38. David

    Good morning…And was up early,and made some tea,whilst doing that,remembered what you said about what makes a narssist tic,and decided to look it up,I always thought a narssisist was someone who was in love with themself,you KNOW looked in a pool of water and thought he looked drop dead gorgeous,like in the myths,decided to turn himself in to a flower etc. ha ha.basically a narsisst is a cruel bully,according to the author of the online book,and loves to see people squirm with fear,an example would be the cruel boss or foreman who continually uses the threat of the sack,to make people toe the line,like that TWAT Walsh of British airways…But these people have all got one thing in common,they are absolutely terrified of physical violence,let me give you an example,I once seen a 6 foot two bully,a bodybuilder type,who made folks life a misery,he happened to pick on the wrong person one day,a physical non-entity,but a person without any fear whatsoever,who had a motto,ANY WHICH WAY,BUT LOSE.He wasn’t a bully any longer,hey al spare the gory details,because the outcome was highly unpleasent,having a fertile imagination is enough…Anyway will keep you posted on the ATOS,DWP front,if anything turns up…CHEERS am away to make some breakfast…


  39. john

    hi all i was thinking about the level of pain yesterday and how the goverment seems to mesaure it by what we can do ie the medical test but to me that isnt a fair way of testing someone pain comes in different ways for me i can be in sheer hell with knots of cramps and twisitng and turning of painfull craps that iam screeming out during the night now the medical people dont test me during the night but wouldnt it be great if they did as most pain for me seems to happen then but doing these tests are not so cut and dry are they as one day you can be coping okish another day your not and your snapping at everyone because of it well iam . so why does the goverment measure pain in this stupid way as it isnt so cut and dry you cant put people in boxes .what do others think????also i think pain cant be seen so easyly not like when someone has a broken arm you can see that but you cant see pain john


  40. David

    HI ALL…. John,sorry to hear about that continual pain,I get it myself,and can emphesise with how you feel,but have to tell you,the ATOS AND HIGHER RANKS OF THE DWP are not interested in how you or I feel,their main concern is them and how they feel,and thats cash for them,lots of it and less cash for the crippled,the infirm,and the folk who have the cheek to become seriously ill…SO now we know what were dealing with,what can we do about it.First of all one must mentally accept almost nobody is getting 15 points,unless your wheeled in to the assesment centre srapped on a trolley,if you can sruggle in to their centre however gamely,they look upon that as zero points and completely fit for meaningful work,sorry am not trying to scare anybody,but present the awful reality of the situation,ACCEPT THIS STOICALY as i did, and you will find your life a tiny bit easier,of course you must appeal immedietly,reqesting a GL 24 form,and contact the local welfare rights office and take their advice,dont worry they know all about ATOS/DWP and their dirty low down tricks,and they will help you as best as they can,and dont worry there on your side,next step is of course your benefits,and their dreadful but only THREAT which is withdrawal,this is where you need to hang on as best as you can,because they must give you something eventualy,albeit at a reduced rate,the WRO will give you advice there as well,and even help with a letter if you really need it,in my case i called the DWP myself,to negociate,since I DONT respond very well to verbal instructions like ( JUST SIGN ON FOR JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE ETC )I didnt get any money for nearly four months,I was just unlucky and got a muppet to talk to on the phone,and one thing i must stress dont be angry or rude to the DWP front line on the phone etc,they dont know you or I, and dont have power to make decisions…they can only pass the message on,and it can/ will harm you if you come across as a deranged crackpot…NO the real criminals here are the DECISION MAKERS and so called BOSSES in the DWP,you know…the ones that withdraw your benefits but dont have the guts,to sign their name at the bottom,the ones when their out socialising,are very cagey and nervous about revealing what their job is ( OH I WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT OLD CHAP,HUSH HUSH )Because they know what their doing is morally wrong,and perhaps feel guilty about their top secret work for the Government,imagining themselves as some kind of JAMES or JANE BOND,when they know in their hearts,that they are poltroons…Well the tribunals the only chance,and if the doctor on the tribunal panel,doesn’t work in private health,and you have some medical backup…your chances are better than average. NOW THATS ME HEADING OUT for a game of football,followed by ten rounds of boxing,a ten mile run,rounded of with a spot of lunch at the rogano restaurant…HEY a just added that last bit in honest guv……CHEERS DAVID.


  41. David

    HOWDY ALL…Just noticed a picture of doctor mengele on another page,under the heading DWP/ATOS/SS. HA HA Well av just had a thought, the Government have got/have it all ass to elbow.It used to be called SS and was changed to DWP…It should have been called DWP then changed to SS JeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ cheers all David.


  42. David

    Howdy….Yes iv’ been looking at some of the horror story’s above,Diabled people after being Questioned, would like/love to get back to work,with government figures quating 90% of disabled dont want any benefits,well thats the official line,but what they dont tell you,was how the question was asked,and it goes something like this.Surely sir/madam you would rather be in a job earning lots of cash,with the excellent benefits to your health that work brings,rather than being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life…well i dont know anybody that would say nicht…nein…non…no…ne…nej…nay to that Question,doesn’t matter what language it was asked in,and they also dont tell sir/madam or the general public,the real truth,namely you sir/madam are just a statistic,a number, to be played around with,because the reality is,there’s no meaningfull help to get in to work,just threats of benefit withdrawal,looked down upon,treated like a leper,eviction,and moronic people writing in to newspapers,denouncing sir/madam as a scrounger,a burden on society,the same uneducated people to paraphrase M and M that laugh when they read about folk dying in plane crashes,as lomg as its not happenong to them…so thats the new reality for the ill in the new/liebour reich..!! DAVID.


  43. David

    HI ALL…Tried to ge some sleep last night,got a hospital appointment at 9-30 pm, was in a lot of pain especially my left ear,so just got up and switched on to read the daily mail online,and the very bastards that are hounding disabled people,are prostitutating themselves and making a mockery of the people of this country,it’s absolutley sickening, their nothing but SLEAZEBALLS, ABSOLUTE FUCKING SCUM…some talk about oliver cromwell, and how he was a bad man etc,and he did have his negative points,but at least he wasn’t corrupt beyond believe,like this shower,and he’d know how to deal with them…Take em in to the countryside,hand the fucker’s a shovel,order them to dig a deep hole,run them through,and get rid of them for good…maybe not the tidiest solution,or even the best…but its ( as they say in new york ) POI…MANENT..!! DAVID


    1. dwpexamination

      Morning David, I can feel your frustration and agree with you, these so called politicians, who allegedly work for us are obviously not learning from thier past mistakes. Its clear something needs to be done and the sooner the better for me. My next chance will be here soon at the General Election where I will be voting for the party I have found to be the best for me and my interests. These people believe they are beyond the law and should be charged with purgery, imagine sayong one thing in private and the complete opposite in publuic, there arent amny things I am in agreement with, with any Political party but roll on the time wnen we have the right to sack M.P.’s who fail to reach our asperations.


  44. David

    howdy and thanks for the reply,ear feels a little better,sprayed it with otomize ear spray and helps ( By the way,I dont get any points whatsoever for ear problems,they have it fixed )As you know the powers that be,have it all sewed up in their favour…But am not worried about that right now,cause av seen the mountain,and av seen the promised land,ha ha, al never ever let the bastards destroy my sense of humour…Anyways need to head of to the hospital now,or al be late…!! Cheers and keep up the good work. DAVID.


  45. David

    Hi all…Just back from my medical assesment,and a strange thing happened,something i’ve never experienced before with ATOS origin,I was seen by a doctor this time,who spoke to me like i was a human being,giving an explanation of the type of Questions he was going to ask,and he even asked if he could look at my ears,the last time it was…WE DONT LOOK AT EARS etc,Hey am not under any illusions,and still expect zero points,well he said i should hear from the DWP inside a month…and al take it from there,requesting the Gl 24 form,phoning up the welfare rights office,filling in the dreadfull forms the DWP send us,the wait for months to see if you get any cash ( one time i waited three and a half months )the constant demand for sick lines ( heard somewhere it was fit notes now )the neverending jumping through hoops, God help us,anyways will keep in touch regardless…BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE………….. DAVID.


    1. dwpexamination

      Dont be taken in! its all part of the smoke screen they put up to lull you into a false sense of security. Ask yourself, did you make a fuss at your last “examination”? Did you question the “Doctors” actions ? Did you annoy or stress him in any way? Was it the same “Doctor”? All of these things could have caused the “Doctor” to handle your case with kid gloves, that being the supposition, does this mean that ATOS are holding information relating to the none medical content of our “examinations” i.e. information which is held secretly on thier files, not shared with Government agencies like JC+ and is this information on our reaction to thier “examination” held and used illegally by ATOS to further thier cause? I wonder what information could be gained by an FOI request regarding what they have on file about us as individuals? My G.P. also told me about the “Fit note” last week, its all part of the Governments assault on our rights to benefits. When you think about it, it has probably cost more to develop the “Fit note” and its potential introduction than the alleged benefits drain the disabled put on the system. I am going to write an article on the “Fit note” as soon as I can get my hands on one. Its a difficult position to put G.P’s in, having to tick abox indicating what type of work you are fit for, i.e. “Desk job”. I suppose the Government are beginning to realise they need the opinion of “real Doctors” to win at Tribunal. Maybe our G.P. will take into account the skills we have at the time the note is completed eh? Is this the beginning of the end for ATOS? Keep us informed of the outcome.


  46. David

    howdy dwpex…Of course im not taken in,am long past that,the gestapo were very nice to their victims at the office,especially if they considered you a malcontent,( But once you were down in their dungeons,god hell you )As i said above,i’m under no illusions,and had a good long think,about the change of attitude,so what did i put on my esa 50 form that i didn’t put on the forms before,nothing…except…under ( THE BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS OTHERS PART ON THE FORM)You know the ( WHAT UPSETS YOU BITS AT THE END )…I wrote I often get upset with people who tell lies about me,and some other remarks in a similar vein.(NOBODY WRITES THAT, FAR TO SCARED IN CASE IT SPOILS THEIR CHANCES AT THE ASSESMENT, UNLESS THEIR GENUINEY MENTALLY ILL ) or like me, know fine well am getting zero points,and long past giving a fuck,by the way that would never occur to them,so they obviously think i’m a crackpot,and GOD forbid, even dangerous,well if i am,they,that is ATOS are resposible,and because people have let them away with to much over the last couple of years,they think their immune from any kind of punishment ( Believe me,one day somebody somewhere is going to walk in to one of their assesment centres and belt one of them.HEY maybe JACK FORD THATS HIS STYLE ) It’s probably allready happened,more than once,and been covered up,wouldn’t surprise me at all…possibly alarm bells rang at ATOS Headquarters,and prompting them to give me MR nice guy for my assesment,believe me this guy would make CARY GRANT look like a two-bit loser,But here’s the good part,if i get zero or low points,HE’S GOING TO HAVE TO LIE,theres no way round this,he knew fine well,i’m genuine,and for me to be found fit for work,thats what he’s going to have to do…it’s going to be very interesting to see his next move,by the way,during the assesment I got straight to the point,and informed him,i should get six points on the spot,according to the governments discriptors ( cant hear a friend in a busy street nonsense ) he looked at me surprised that I knew what descriptors were/was,HEY were not supposed to know about that, until were passed fit for work,and requested the report for the appeal,anyway should get the DWP letter shortly,and will keep you informed…TAKE CARE DAVID (JACK FORD’S ALTER EGO )


    1. dwpexamination

      Jack was one of my hero’s too. They don’t like it when you put them in a position where they are like cornered rats do they ? They don’t like it when you display any sort of understanding of their methods of operation either, particularly if they realise you are on to them. Keep us informed.


  47. David

    HI DWPEX………Had to go to the dentist,and my exercises in the pool,thats me back,and had another look at your last message,Is this what it’s come too,is this how far they will stoop (they will Tell any lie,pull any stunt,plumb any depths,try any trick,leave no stone unturned )Just to save a couple of Quid,and manipulate another figure,anyway in my last message,forgot to mention,the last time i was assesed,about nine months ago,I replied to one of the Questions with the answer NOT ANOTHER STUPID QUESTION !! So you could be correct and i’m on file with( CUSTOMER NOT TOEING THE LINE,AWKWARD,REFUSNIK,NEEDS SPECIAL HANDLING etc ) I also forgot to mention above…The doctor asked me to lie on the couch,to test my back,and as i did so,some coins fell out my pocket on to the floor,after the back test i got up,did a back demonstration whilst standing,and went to sit down,completley forgetting about the coins,but strangely enough i noticed they were sitting on the desk as i sat down,he could have waited to see how or if, i would pick them up…( A cynic would say he/the doctor missed an opportunity there )but my main point here is,why have i become so paranoid and cynical that i question everything,an ATOS/DWP doctor says or does,totally refuse to believe anything they say or do,arriving finally at the point where i dont believe anything they say or do…and all because my previous last assesments,they have all lied,and cheated,and made me feel alienated From the medical establishment,from the top consultants all the way down to the cleaner’s…How can they not just test people and tell the truth,refuse to tell lies,have some guts and be their own man/woman,instead of being a yes man and a crawling poltroon…anyway’s got that of my chest,for the moment at least YOU ASKED IS THERE CCTV THERE ? YES THERE IS,AND ALL OVER THE PLACE.Wither they spy on folks,i dont know,lets just say… knowing them as i do,I wouldn’t be at all surprised…Take care DAVID.


    1. dwpexamination

      As interesting as ever David. Lets not tar the NHS with the same brush we are using on ATOS cardboard cutouts though. To begin with I have the untmost faith and the greatest of respect for those hard working individuals who care for us in a sysytem which is rapidly falling apart. Desite this the NHS staff continue to work on our behalf. The last time I was “examinaed” by a cardboard cut out at the ATOS medical centre I was asked to climb 2 narrow steps to get onto the bed, this turned up on the report to the “decision maker” as “Got onto bed without any problems”. Overe the years I have come into contact with the NHS and have on more occasions than I care to think about had to get onto a bed, however, there were no steps to climb, the beds were below hip height and if they were not, they were adjusted to make getting on and off as easy as possible. I am astonished that we let ourselves be puit through this cherade without question and I urge every reader to consider ensuring that they are listened to, treated fairlyand equitably, not asked to jump through hoops to satisfy a sadistic need to find reasons to suspend thier benefits and treated withthe respect and decency they rightly deserve. As for holdng information , I wouldnt put it past them so if you think they are, make a FOI request and send it via recorded delivery. These individuals will use anything they can to justify thier actions, lets make it as hard as possible for them.


  48. David

    Hi everybody…Was feeling a little fed up,so decided to look up the net,to pass a couple of hours,and discovered a fantastic website called ( Benefits and work,guides you can trust ) At first i thought another DWP/ATOS/GOVERNMENT let me piss all over you dot com…one would think that,if you go by the name…Well nothing could be further from the truth,as i discovered within the first five minutes of reading the information they provide,and dont take my word for it,Judge for yourself,if you recieve benefits,or have to deal with DWP/ATOS etc,its packed to the gunwales with advice and info,provided you look carefully enough,theres far to much to take in at once,some of the info is absolutley shocking,and wish i’d known about it before…can give a small snippet to get you started……This was rather old, dated 14th may 2008 but i found it very interesting…And i will print out exactly what it say’s……..Regular benefits and work readers will know all about the UNUM provident centre for psychosocial and disibility research based at Cardiff university,It’s Director Professor Mansel Aylyard,The former chief scientist of the DWP,who moved to the UNUM Provident centre for Psychosocial and disibility bankrolled centre several years ago.The centre has been one of the leading forces in trying to make it harder for people to be signed of sick by their GP’s,staff from UNUM were also prominent,in the design of the current PCA,and also the new much harsher WCA.Professor Aylward is,in addition,involved in research for the DWP and for DAME CAROL BLACK proponent of the replacement of sick notes with “well notes” All the more surprising then that the centre is carrying out research in to “presenteeism” for the Welsh assembly “presenteeism” Apparantley is the culture of working ridiculously long hours.And not taking time of when sick.According to professor Aylward “presenteeism” costs the country ten times more than absenteeism. The learned professor who has spent many years tellig people that the best cure for illness is work,now claims that : “The problems come from people who are ill,Those who are not up to the mark,Who are continuing to work” Presumably there is no possibility that the reason why people are chained to their desks till they drop, is that their GP has been persuaded by the DWP funded research, is that being signed of sick,is bad for their patients health. HA HA HA dont know who the author is BUT DESERVES A BLEADING MEDAL. Take care all from DAVID.


    1. dwpexamination

      Many years ago I was unemployed for a short period of time, the country was in turmoil and we had our first female P.M. I used to sign on at my local office first weekly, then eventually fortnightly as the number of Jobcentre staff dwindled due to cutbacks despite the obvious high unemployment rate. At that time I was blissfully unaware of the stress and depression that awaited me as my contact with the Jobcentre became extended due to recession and Government cutbacks. Now then, I had a friend, yes a friend who was employed by the Jobcentre, he was, is a good man and he actually cared about the situation of those who were fortunate enough to sign on with him. I noticed after about a year, he seemed to become more sullen and withdrawn, and even the regular Friday night couple of pints at the local watering hole never seemed to raise his spirits. Being a friend, I asked him what was wrong, but, and this is the sort of lad he was, he said it was work related and as a Government employee he could not discuss it. Now, being the type of chap I am I respected that, admired it and more than that, understood the meaning of the word confidentiality. The years passed, I went from unemployed to employed, my pockets began to fill with hard earned cash and my family expanded along with my waistband as life began to take a turn fo the better. Mrs Thatcher was ousted and the world went on, then, one day, I saw my friend. He was a shadow of his former self, he looked drawn and gaunt as he walked slowly and indifferently by me staring into space. I reached out and touched his arm saying “Jimmy lad, hey, Jimmy, how’s it gannin youngun”. This shell of a man stared blankly at me for a few seconds, and suddenly, a small, but definite smile traced his lips as he became slightly more animated and we shook hands. I asked if he fancied a pint or two and he declined the offer on the grounds that he had nowt, I said I had money to burn if he had the matches so we went to the nearest boozer where he had tea and I had a pint. Astonished at his teatotalness (if there is such a word) I asked him how life was treating him, then he dropped the bombshell. He spent the entire afternoon telling me how Jobcentre was the cause of his current situation, how the entire body was infected by bullying management techniques and staff were called to weekly meetings where they were required to come up with at least 2 ways each to reduce the numbers of those signing on. He also mentioned that staff were encouraged to reduce numbers by telling anyone who looked remotely ill to sign on the sick, something I recognised many years later as the beginning of the problems disabled folk now face at the hands of ATOS. After a couple of hours he seemed a bit better and said he was relieved to have that lot off his chest. He went on to say he first went off sick for a couple of weeks due to pressure of work, when he returned he was very quickly put under more pressure by his bullying boss and went off sick again, this time for 3 months. After his return to work the reassure increased, he said it was obvious that his boss had it in for him and the pressure was upgraded until he snapped and suffered a nervous breakdown. Consequently he left Jobcentre and he said it was the happiest day of his life. Sadly I never met Jimmy again, at least to talk to, I saw him a few years back and he looked fine, but I never got to speak to him again. I suppose the moral of the story is never judge a book by its cover ? Before I became unemployed for the first time after maybe 7 years in full employment, I never realised how difficult life could be on the dole, I didn’t want to be unemployed, it was just a fact of life at the time as the industry I was employed in was a target of the Tory Government. I knew little of the inner workings of the employment service or the DSS and was happy when things turned around and I got back to work. The one thing I learned was never let the bastards grind you down, if its your right to have it, then insist you do, no matter how many times they say no.


  49. David

    HI DWPEX…Didn’t mention the NHS,but did mentioned the private health consultant,who works part time for the NHS,And i had the misfortune to be in the position,of having to rely on this odious creature for a Medical report,Which was packed with lies,from start to finish,first of all this guy,who i wont name,( Not that im scared of being sued,i would love him to try that,because i would rip him to shreads,simply because i have the proof that he lied )Sent my lawyer,a shambles of a medical report SUB ROSA,but what he didn’t realise was,the lawyer would show me it….Just shows how smart he is,a 36 carat dickhead,and put me in a very awkward position at the tribunal,and because of him and his Idiotic report,I lost my case,but at the next tribunal,didn’t use his so called report,and won my case (What does that tell one)……..After i left the tribunal,i seriously thought about going right down to his house that evening,(YES the stupid bastard actually put his address on the report )dragging him in to the street,and giving him the biggest beating of his life,I thought to myself,what would the sentence be,first offence Mmm three years in jail,be out in two,is it worth it,and fumed all day,by that time i had calmed down a little,and thought nope…not worth it,Because a good beating woudn’t be enough to satisfy me,and woudn’t even make me feel any better,just turn me in to a sleazball like him,he avoids me now,gets his nurses to see me,BECAUSE HE KNOWS I KNOW, (The Lawyer had an argument with him as well) So if your doctor or consultant works in private health,and you need a medical report on your condition, BE AFRAID……BE VERY AFRAID………………..Hey a wonder what our hero JACK FORD would have done…Just wondering…………..Im tired now,Take care…………DAVID.


  50. David



    1. dwpexamination

      I always write and ask for the senders name, it worked once and the person replying even gave me their direct phone number, caused no end of problems that did, tee hee.


  51. David

    Hi all…And had a great sleep,the best i’ve had in months,it’s a super day outside,and ready to head over to the pool for some excercise,am making an atempt to feel better,not just for normal living,but for the future,when i feel up to taking on some meaningful work,so had another quick look at the benefits and work site ( Guides you can trust )and since the government haven’t been playing fair,and have driven me round the twist the last year or two,i’ve decided it’s PAY BACK TIME as the Americans say ( SO YOU WANT TO PLAY HARDBALL) Now since i’ve already attended the assesment medical,and fully believe,am going to get zero points,or at most six,because it’s all pre-arranged and a fix and a total denial of my right’s,There’s nothing i can do about that,and dont believe i’ve fell in to their dirty traps at the medical,but since they are DESPERADO’S and will stitch me up like a kipper,im in the fortunate position of having prior knowledge of their intentions…they have left me no option but to turn to benefits and work website £18.50 yearly suscription,and download their help to your rightful benefits pack,and have decided to go through it with a fine toothed comb…there will be no more,dont know which form to fill in,dont know what this descriptor means,dont know which benefits to apply for,whilst waiting for the tribunal date…dont know this dont know that,because the Government have made it virtually impossible for any normal person to grasp without help,a load of ( Mumbo Jumbo followed by Jumbo Mumbo )deliberatley designed to cofuse and deny you of your basic rights…Well I will take no more Mr G Man,the partie’s over,and more and more people are seeing the light…………SO Mr DWP/ATOS, WHY DONT YOU JUST STICK THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT. from DAVID The angry man.


  52. David

    Hey DWP exam…..Was just thinking about Jack,and his visit from the FASCIST boss,telling our Jack he’s for the high jump,and how he’s for it,and thats not right putting one of his men in the hospital ward…………Jacks reply was hilarious…….If i get any more of your cheek…You’ll be in the next F*****g bed beside him….HA HA HA send our jack round to the ATOS centre. CHEERS.


  53. David

    Hi dee dubya…I can understand why people want to remain anonymous,It wouldn’t take much work,to drag their name out of a site,and give them a hard time,as you can see from above,they could work mine out any time they feel like.Their only real threat is benefit withdrawal,if they want to drag me down to the office,and grill me,ok then let’s go.
    What are they going to say ? what’s this you’ve been spouting about us cheating bastards ?
    My answer would be ok,you show me anything i’ve written or said,anywhere about your lying cheeting organisation that isnt true,and i will immediately retract it and apoligise.
    Ah you cant find anything,thought as much,so why dont i give you some names of swindlers and cheats,and see if you dare,bring them in to your office.
    How about starting with Moran,how about interogating her,ask her how… if she’s been far to ill to be bothered with her constituents,She’s still on full whack from the taxpayer,but not that ill she can meet private companies,touting for more work.
    Or if she’s really as ill as she claims,why isnt she…forced down to the local ATOS office,for an assesment like the rest of us.
    OH sorry i forgot,she’s a big important woman,the rules dont apply to her,they only apply to me and my ilk.
    I’m accepting no lessons on morality from these people.Because the truth is,they are liar’s,cheats,and criminals and they should be in Jail,but their getting away with it,and the reason is, the establishment is totally corrupt from top to bottom,and moreover if you have the misfortune to work in any of these organisations,and you see/notice or are ordered to carry out corrupt practices,and dont report it,you are culpible as well,I didn’t want to lose my job is not good enough,thats why their getting away with it.
    So what i’m really saying is,i’ve nothing to hide,but they have plenty to hide.
    CHEERS from DAVID.


  54. David

    DEE DUB…My health centre called me this afternoon,and got a chance,to talk to my new doctor for a couple of minutes,mentioned i might be going to a tribunal shortly,possibly !!…and if thats the case,al let him know,and bring down the descriptors i’m challenging etc.he said ok no probs..!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. j

    hi i went to my doctors recently to get an update sick note for benifit people was told that after 5th april they will be doing a new thing i said whats that then he said its a form that we have to fill in to see how you are and we have to put certain information down he wouldnt tell me the infromation so heres my request does anyone know the new information that the doctors need and if so how much is it based on points or what the doctors decide to put down???he goes to me i can do you a note till may but not after that first i have heard of this iam going to do some online research as i feel its best to be warned before you jump into the lions den gordon brown should be shot


    1. dwpexamination

      Its called a Fit note, read all about it on the net ? Don’t shoot Gordon Brown though, that’s a bit drastic, just vote him and the Tories out at the next election.


  56. David

    Hello………They ( That is the powers that be )when there caught cheating and lying,which is becoming a daily fixture now,keep babbling on about LESSONS and how they’ve been learned,the same stock MANTRA,along with the favourite,It’s not what you can’t do,but what you can do,when there talking about disabled people,how in the hell is a person with the debilitating condition MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYALITIS otherwise known as M.E. supposed to get up of the floor…never mind attending a work focused interview.

    Well it’s begining to look like a free for all now folks,the government are doing what they like,and you needn’t think the conservatives are going to be any better,at least their honest about how their going to screw you in to the ground,their actually telling us the truth and how their going to do it, ( Just like HITLER in MEIN KAMPF ) So if you vote any of these two in,and they (Which they will )turn round and kick you in the balls,then you have only your own stupid selves to blame…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    So it starts with… they came for the sick and disabled,then the single mothers,then it was people they didn’t like the look of,then it was the Anarchists, commie’s and malcontent’s,then the Jews and Gypsies,then the Catholics and protestants,then by the time they got to me,there was nobody left.

    Hitler said…They used to laugh at us,they didn’t take us seriously,WELL THEIR NOT FUCKING LAUGHING NOW.



  57. David

    Howdy….Just had a quick look at the fit note stuff,dreamed up by an individual called Dame Carol Black so called National director for health and work,it seems to be a kind of flow chart,with a ( Is patient fit to return to work ? or the alternative is patient unfit to return to work ? ) and if unfit is ticked on the computer for instance,then the next question is why not ? and can you agree on a date/time when you will return to work,and on and on it goe’s.

    Iv’e never met Dame Carol Black,or ever seen her,but i can guarantee…She doesn’t know what it feels like to be hungry,never missed a meal in her life,never ever had to go without,never been homeless,hasn’t got a clue how it feels to be broke as fuck.

    And why dont we get rid of this honours system,your a Dame,and your a Baroness,and your a knight,and your a Lady of the realm etc, but YOU in the corner YES YOU thats wearing the wrong scarf,tie,thats not our colour,YES am talking about YOU on the wheelchair,with the crutches,that doesn’t fit in…BRITAIN NO LONGER NEEDS YOU.

    So what are you going to do about it,just look on with folded arms,surely the monster loony party cant be any worse than this..!!


  58. j

    had to laugh at the above i did find abot more about this fit note last night doing an online search look under new fit note2010 you must put the yr otherwise you end up getting all old research anyhow it seems the doctors we go to our own doctors are being asked to assess as when we go in there room they then make the comments on there form the bit i dont get is why should the doctor who is already busy seeing to people be asked to do more work??and what happens once this so called form is filled out does it go to the benifits people or does it remain with your doctor that bit i cant find anything on if anybody else can i be more then pleased its best to be forwarned then not armed so they say even though iam still going to kill gordan brown they have no clue.What annoys me is pain shouldnt be assessed by what you can do it should be assessed as to how bad you are and what pain level your in they still dont seem to understand that bit some days i can climb stairs ok other days i cant and my level of pain is over ten and iam having ago at everyone this is what i mean the people who do these so called medicals dont get it where we are coming from oh to be pain free whouldnt that be great???? anyhow gordon brown watch out lol lol j


  59. David

    Howdy dee dubya…Iv’e just been looking at the net, and all the answer pages etc, and it’s amazing how many different opinions there is in Britain, regarding whoe’s to blame, for the country’s downfall, some say it’s the banks fault, some teflon tony and the one eyed scotsman, some blame the unemployed, and the disabled, some say the immigrants, who according to some idiot i heard speaking on the television ( Are flocking to britain,to take advantage of our excellent welfare benefits package ) Yes am sure they are…desperate to get their hands on that £64 odds a week, to spend and live in a country where it costs around 3 to 4 hundred pounds a week just to get by, F….n idiot that he is, he probably spends more than that every week on petrol alone…The solution i propose is this…Set up a new Britain, 12 uncorruptible men and woman, elected by the people to serve the people. Voted in, but can be voted out within a month, and severe penaltys for corruption ( Something along the lines of the untouchables ) And the first thing we do is Get rid of these corrupt political partys, and the house of lords, then the honours system, any celebs or film stars, or people that dont like it, they are invited to leave, we can line up loads of planes at Heathrow for them free, but once you go, dont come back ( And you can be sure,they wont leave, because they are all talk and no trousers )The next order of business is the repeat criminals, rapists, first degree murderers, and paedophiles the real serious criminals, put them on a giant island of the coast of Britain somewhere, totally secure with no getting off under any circumstances, the other criminals,have a choice, toe the line, start behaving yourselves, or your joining them ( And watch the crime rate drop almost over night ) Then rip up the Human rights act, and create a new peoples rights act, where the citizen’s ( NOT SUBJECTS ) rights come first, before the child molestors, and the repeat offenders, and the likes TOBIN and SUTCLIFFE and that waste of oxygen rapist from the congo ( The poor lad, he doesn’t want to be deported, because he’s getting married to a German lady, and she’s got full rights to live in Britain, and i know my rights you cant deport me ) there will be no more of that nonsense.

    And i hear a voice now, albeit in the distance,shouting but thats a form of communism we cant have that, my answer to that argument is *RUBBISH* communism is a one leader,one party state with a small clique at the top telling you what to do, the same as fascism, theres no difference, the same package, just wrapped up in a different box.

    What i propose is a peoples state, where the people tell the uncorruptables what we want, not them telling us what we want, since we cant all agree on the same things, but will agree on most things, we have to comprimise on the rest, and make the best of it.

    Another might say, but if we rip up the present human rights act, and create our own constitution and human rights act, Europe will not trade with us, will fall out with us, because were going our own way,nothing could be further from the truth, they will trade with us ok, bet you anything they would want to join us.

    Then another might say, what about the americans,? they wont like it,? what about the special relationship,? I say, what special relationship,? there never was one, and anybody who thinks there is, or was, is deluding themselves.

    Is it possible to create a new way, yes of course it is, would it work, I believe it would, but only if the people want it, The alternative doesn’t bare thinking about, that same old two, three, party system, where they promise you the earth, but renege on every promise, the same mantra , LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNED etc, so how many times are we going to be kicked in the teeth before we wise up, I leave that for the people to decide..!!


    1. dwpexamination

      Naughty, naughty, lets try to avoid politics (although this whole issue is itself political) and threats D, lets keep the focus on how we can bvring the plight of the abused disabled person into the light, thats just what ATOS and the Government dont want.


  60. David

    Arose from my slumber, made some tea, turned on, tuned in, and what i read made me want to drop out, Chris Grayling, Conservative frontbencher, That champion of Disabled people and their right’s, was secretly recorded at some tory pow wow, saying, gay’s should not be welcome in private homes, so half the conservative party are not welcome in each other’s homes then, if i was gay, and a tory voter, i would be extremely nervous about voting for your lot, their welcome at hotels he say’s, but not people who have commercialised their homes for profit, obviously their special.

    So they came for the disabled, and unemployed, then they came for the gays.

    Was just wondering, who their going to come for next….just wondering.


  61. David

    Well al try and avoid politics, but when the ATOS/DWP doctor abuses your rights, that’s a mandate from the Government, When your talking to the ATOS/DWP worker, your talking to an AUTOMATON, a DRONE, who will obey every instruction, every order, and if that meant giving you a little jag in the paw, dont think they wouldn’t do that as well, hey it wasn’t my fault the Government told me to do it, I hear them cry, so the reason your question’s to the DWP/ATOS drongos, are falling on deaf ears is because your really talking and communicating with GORDON BROWN, YVETTE COOPER, and the PURNELL’S and MANDELSON’S of the world.

    Am sure you know all that, But i take your point..!!


  62. David

    PS…Haven’t threatened anyone, thought about it, that’s different, and haven’t tared the NHS either…think your getting me mixed up with someone else, if i’m wrong al apoligise..!!


  63. David

    DEE DUB…Much obliged, And thanks for that, I see somebody want’s to shoot brown, Personally i dont, It’s a complete waste of a bullet/s much better to force him to live on ESA for a while, And send him one of those dreadful DWP letters.

    Dear Mr Brown…Regret to inform the right honourable gentleman, Your benefit’s have been stopped two week’s ago, This is because, the disibility assesor has determined you didn’t score enough points, and he believe’s you were swinging the lead, And that you were telling him lie’s, regarding your alleged eye defect, The decision maker prefer’s the evidence of the disability assesor, as opposed to your lying GP.

    You do have the right to apeal, But quite frankly i wouldn’t bother if i were you, because since you allegedly became ill, a new law was introduced, in July 2010, ( THE THROTTLE THE TRIBUNAL ACT ) There is a way, to obtain some CAPTAIN CASH it’s called JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE, So why dont you F..K of and claim it, and stop bothering us with phone call’s and idiotic letter’s.

    CHEERS… From the Boys/Gals of the Westminster DWP.


  64. David

    RE: Doctored ATOS medical report’s.

    Last year when i faled the ATOS ESA assesment, and recieved the DWP letter, informing me i was found fit for work, I immediately appealed as quickly as possible,as soon as i could get hold of a GL 24 form, also written in with the appeal was a request for the ATOS assesment, which i recieved with a couple of week’s later, but only after i recieved a phone call, asking me if i would like to withdraw my appeal, Had a feeling they were going to pull a stunt, and was ready, just said ( I cant go for that, oh no no can do. ) and please send me the tribunal papers through and let me get on with it.

    When i recieved the ATOS doctors assesment, imagine my surprise, when i saw absolutley nothing on the report, that suggested i was fit for work, in fact near the end of the report, the doctor had written, MR BLANK could be considered for work, in six months time. I thought this assesment doesn’t look attractive for them, considering im going to appeal, shoudn’t have any prolems winning this.

    I recived a nasty shock, when a couple of weeks before the appeal date, i recieved another written assesment, completley re-worked, and totally in their favour, it made me look like a prize athlete, by that time i’d already figured out the ATOS mob would sell their Grannie’s, and realised the ATOS doctor had been read the riot act by his boss, something along the lines of ( GET F…..G BACK IN YOUR OFFICE AND FORGE THAT REPORT ) which he duly did, I know this because things were mentioned on the assesment only him and i knew, I remembered he was a pusillanimous little individual, and shook like a leaf, well it was to no avail, because i won the appeal.

    Was wondering if anyone else out there, has had a similar expereiance..!!

    Cheers from DAVID.


  65. David

    St Pancras live…And am watching it live right now, Walking through the station like a triumphant Gladiator, people smiling and laughing and shaking his hand, F****n crawler’s, not one of them has got the guts to tell him to take a hike, wish i was there, and tried to clasp my hand.

    So your the guy that likes to abuse, hound, and harrass didabled people ? and now your crawling out the woodwork ? why dont you take a hike ? before you get a JACK FORD, you turn my stomach.

    Am away for a swim to cool down..!!


  66. David

    Hi…And had to tell everybody what iv’e just been reading, on the gaurdian uk, joe public blogg, somebody paraphrasing, An ATOS disability assesor, blowing the whistle, albeit anonymously, I quote what was said in full below.

    I am a medical professional working for ATOS, I probably am going to get fired tomorrow for coming on this forum, but i dont care, i have been doing these “assesments” for some time now, it’s rubbish, draconian to say the least, and is designed to get people of the sick benefits, it’s designed so that 75% of the people who apply for ESA come hell or high water “fail” it, let the government have the guts to deny this ? I have been battling with my conscience for the last few months whilst doing these medicals, and have on a few occasions been, for want of a better word distressed ?! I had no idea what i was walking in to when i took up this job, but boy am i regretting it big time !? this is a blatant ploy by the Govt for what, we all know, ( so i am not stating the obvious ) and nothing else ? I wish other professionals would take cue and speak out against the system, but i guess they are to scared to come out and speak.

    GENUINE ? who knows, But the way it’s expressed is suspect, but then again ENGLISH might not be their first language, sometimes it’s difficult to make out what half of these ATOS assesors are saying, due to ATOS origin’s desperation to get people without a conscience, their liable to take anybody, and from anywhere.

    Anyone got any thought’s on this ?



  67. mark

    I’ve got through the first stage of the ATOS Drama, by getting support from my doctor and had my benefits reinstated (Thanks to the support from this site)…but now they have decided to take it to tribunal in June. My Doctor says he will back me 100%, which is great.
    And i believe we will win hands down.. But i dont have anyone to represent me at the tribunal. Can anyone tell me what i can do? Do i need someone to represent me? Or where can i find someone to help me? I am unable to do most things and suffer with panic attacks and short term memory loss due to medications that are for a trapped nerve in my neck that gives me chronic pain. My hands are riddled with Aggressive Rheumatoit Arthritis too….

    Any help woul be really appreciated….

    please help me


    1. dwpexamination

      Try contacting your Local Authority Welfare Rights Officer, if that fails try the C.A.B. You dont need to be represented at a Tribunal, but it is recommended and does help.

      Good luck, well done and keep us posted.


  68. mark

    Thank you,

    I will give the above a try.

    I wish this government would leave us alone, its hard enough being sick, let alone with pressure that makes us suffer more.

    All the best and thanks


  69. David

    Good to see your appealing and not just giving in and becoming another statistic Mark, if the worst comes to the worst, and you do have to represent yourself, I can tell you the atmosphere at the tribunal is generally not hostile,Iv’e been through two and one coming soon, with the health problems you have described, and your doctors letter in support ( Doctors letter has a lot of weight in your favour, at these tribunals ) they will almost certainly find you unfit for work, provided you explain the descriptors you are contending, and how it affects your life, Standing, walking, concentration, sleep patterns etc.

    How a person with the health problems you have described, is supposed to find and hold down a job, is totally beyond me, just show’s its really all about Government figures. Best of luck.

    ( PS ) I’m Attending a rally today, protesting against, education and health cuts etc, hope i see one of those NEW LIEBOUR twits there, ( They sometimes turn up at election times begging for votes ) al give him/her a piece of my mind. Starts at 10am so i better get a move on.



  70. Kelvin

    Dear David,

    I thought the readers of your most excellent blog might find http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatoscontract.html useful:

    Having been called to a medical examination centre, I, or rather my support-worker on my behalf, drew the Atos appointment clerk’s attention to, “Appendix 1 of Schedule 4, Section 4.12, Final Version – 15 March 2005 – Pages 6 to 11 of 11: Medical Conditions and Categories” of the contract between the D.W.P. and Atos wherein my condition – Asperger syndrome – is listed under, “1. Unsuitable for calling to a Medical Examination Centre.”

    While I have, this very morning, received notification of a, “domiciliary visit”, the letter states that it was necessary to refer the matter to, “our doctors” but only conditions listed under, “2. Reference to Medical Advisor required for advice.” would invoke such a referral.

    It would seem that the D.W.P. and Atos assume ‘claimants’ are, and rely upon our being, unaware of relevant legislation, e.g. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2008/uksi_20080794_en_1 (The Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2008), http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2007/ukpga_20070005_en_1 (The Welfare Reform Act 2007) and the aforementioned contract between the D.W.P. and Atos and, therefore, feel at liberty to engage in sharp practice, but the more we, the ‘claimants’ know, the less the D.W.P. and Atos will be able to treat us with such disregard.


  71. David

    Hello Kelvin…And i was aware that aspergers is excempt, after reading it on the ( Benefits and works ) ( Guides you can trust ) and of course you are correct, they take advantage of the fact one is ill, which doesn’t mean stupid, but there trying to slip it in, hoping the customer ( What a joke that is ) wont notice, wont have the strength etc, Somebody said somewhere if you dont know your rights, you deserve all you get, ( Bags of compassion, that guy/gal ) But how is Joe Bloggs supposed to understand the “BYZANTINE complexities” of the benefits system. especially when they deliberatley hold back information.

    But i dont want to frighten anybody, after 6th of may, thats all going to change, whats happening here is a complete privatation of the benefits system, where one will get zilch, then the NHS is next to be privatised, and on and on it will go, little by little, piece by piece, and their not even doing it by the back door, there actually doing it right now, and its as plain as day… the people of this country are going to have to wake up, and wake up fast before its to late.

    A couple of years ago, this… bash the disabled, the mentally ill, and anybody thats down on their luck, was introduced in New York, and it was an absolute disaster, people just dropped out the system, and were forced to live on their wits, with all the horrors that entails, but they dont tell you about that, the negative side, oh no, just it was a great success they say.

    And the sad thing about it all kelvin, is that the very people that shout the loudest for these policies, and screaming for the torys to save them, are the same very people, that haven’t got a pot to F*****g piss in, i’m way past being angry, and decided what will be will be, you just cant talk to the people of this country, they just dont have it upstairs. some of them are actually going to vote for this lot again, asking for it, is an understatement.




  72. David

    Oaky doak…Had a quick look at www whywaitforever.com and its a clear breach of contract, ie complaints not resolved within the maximum days allowed in the contract, refused to action requests by e-mail, whilst according to the contract e-mail is an accectable means of communication et al.

    Look lets get to the nitty gritty, this man has a primary brain tumour for FUCKS SAKE.

    Have ATOS/DWP no morals or basic decency, how low will these people stoop, what theIR doing to folks is beyond belief.





  73. David

    Has it ever occured to anybody why there isn’t any whistle blowers in the top levels of the DWP, and why they are they particularly overzealous whilst carrying out their dreadful work… yes it’s stumpted me too.

    Maybe it’s because they have whats called a Government issued credit card, to basically spend what they like on expenses, according to the daily mail online this morning (Not that i believe anything that lot say ) ( But i believe this ) More than 140,000 Senior public sector workers, ( And thats probably the tip of the ice-berg ) used Government issued cards, to spend a fortune, some of it on fine wines and dining out enjoying £100 taxi rides et al.

    In 2009 alone, the year I was hounded mercilessly by the DWP, and monies held from me illegaly, for almost four months in a vain attempt to try and break me….THESE PARASITES SPENT ALMOST 1 BILLION POUNDS of the tax payers money, whooping it up having a great time, secure in the knowledge, that there will be no accountability, no transparency, and no fear of prosecution.

    So if the powers that be, ever dare pull you in to their dingy little office/s and try lecturing you on how dare you have a brain tumour, how dare you have mental problems,how dare you have PTS syndrome etc,etc,etc, and you better do this, and you better do that.

    Well its my opinion, that you have every right to lean back in their grubby little chair, or your wheelchair, and proudly say ” WHY DONT YOU GO AND TAKE ONE BIG GIANT FUCK TO YOURSELVES “


  74. David

    Yes the time is now may the 6th, And if anybody would like to know what the powers that be have got in store for us, if we dont get it right on that date, and would like to see a blueprint of whats going to happen..!!

    Then just google in “The association of the bar of the city of new york, the new york welfare reforms”

    Then pick the top site “welfare reform in new york city THE MEASURE” and read on.

    WARNING : Do not read if your squemish or easily scared.


  75. karen

    i have been turned down for esa ,getting no points i am sure you no what examination is like. anyway i have fibromyalgia and i was havin not to bad a day on examination only left sid was bad . so the nurse had to dress and undress me. i could not reach up with left side and could not bend down to which the doctor got very annoyed .
    a month later i got the letter to say turned down dated 30 march, i did not get it till the 8th april.as soon as i read letter i rang them and ask for explanation, copy of medical report and said i wanted to appeal . i had a lot of meds in me so not really on the ball.
    the esa said icould not have explanation the did not have it. and i had to write or copy of report and they would send a gl24 out for appeal.
    4 days later nothing ,so i rang again toask were everything was the man in esa said he would email the medical department to find out and send me another gl24.
    2 days later nothing.
    3 days later mand from esa rings me to see how i am getting on because he got no reply to his email . i tell him nothing has arrived .he tells me to write my own gl24 and send another re1uest for medical assesment and send recorded delivery.
    next day man from esa rings again to say he rang medical team to get my medical assesment report. the medical team told him they had not got it yet. well i said thats very confusing. he gave me the name of the person who was dealing withit and said to mark it for the attenion of and send recorded delivery again.
    What i would like to know is how can they give me no points if they dont have my assesment.


    1. dwpexamination

      I have several comments, this business of “Doctors” becoming annoyed at a claimants inability to complete the tasks they set is becoming more common. Can I suggest that it is our right to be treated fairly, equitably and in a manner in which we would expect to be treated within the NHS. These cardboard cut out “Doctors” are working for ATOS because they have behavioural traits which would not be tolerated by the NHS and therefore have either been sacked, resigned or had their authority to practice removed because of their own ignorance. They have no right to stress claimants by becoming angry or aggressive and you should complain about this to the ATOS centre manager, one reader told me they did and have instigated an investigation into the “Doctors” attitude.

      Next if they have already written to you to tell you your ESA has been suspended they must have some evidence to back that decision up, that means they should have your medical report, If they have not got the report, as seems to be the case, and are denying you access to it by saying the opposite, this matter needs to be raised at the earliest possible opportunity with ATOS, the DWP and your MP.

      Finaly, use the contact form on the assessing ATOS page when you have any contact by telephone or after you have had face to face contact with anyone from ATOS or the DWP. This will help you remember the events/conversation etc for use later when they try to deny thier comments. Challenge this, it is clearly wrong, contact your Local Authority or the CAB for advice though, as my thoughts on the matter are just that, thoughts. I do not know the full facts and can only say what I would do in the situation you have described. Good luck and keep in touch.


  76. David

    Hello Karen…The best thing to do is get a GL 24 form from the jobcentre, and just make a straight appeal, its a waste of time phoning them, they neither know nor care, meanwhile see your doctor and let him/her know your appealing, because the DWP will want proof from the GP that he/she considers you unfit for work, before they will pay you ESA at a reduced rate.

    Basically its a cruel and heartless game their playing, and they can and do break rules when ever it suits them, but there’s certain rules they must follow.

    ( 1 ) They must allow your appeal, they cant stop it, they can mess you around a little, but must relent in the end.

    ( 2 ) They must send you the appeal papers, including the so called ATOS assesment report, which will give you an idea of the descriptors and how many points you are supposed to or not supposed to be getting, thats after you fill in and send of the GL 24.

    ( 3 ) Everything is slow and cumbersome, and deliberately designed to wear you down, its all pre-planned, and the idea is to try and break your will, and make you sign on for JSA, but if you dont break and hold on for a month or two, they give up and backdate your reduced ESA rate, whilst your waiting for your appeal date, then they leave you alone and start on the next poor sap.

    Thats been my experience with these sadists, and as you can see, its a waiting game, so think about this, imagine what it must be like to be one of THEM, every day you go to work knowing your a SCUMBAG and a faceless COWARD, the very fact these so called decision makers never sign their name at the bottom, tells you everything you need to know about THEM.

    At the end of the day you can sleep at night,secure in the knowledge you didn’t get down on your knees and surrender your conscience just to be one of THEM. ( Be cool and dont let them think they can break you )



  77. stan

    Always appeal,check medical report carefully for ANY errors,contridictions,lies,timings,Dispute all answers under the heading “client states” as mechanically accquired and manually adapted.Write polite letter of complaint to Atos (DATED and KEEP A COPY) detailing HALF your complaints,they will always send a negative reply initially. Restate your complaints adding rest of complaints.After next reply go through their answers and refute them in detail, send another letter always politely.Persist it takes time but it is worth it.Eventually everything will be sent by ATOS to the Independent Tier,you have no further input thats why all letters must be dated ,detailed and polite.Complain to DWP if you find errors,always mention mal-administration it lets them know you are serious,(again dated and copied)Don’t worry about their answers just move next to centre manager, then district manager,finally to chief executive.When you get result from independent tier and letter from chief exec you can complain to ICE.All this can take seven /eight months nothing lost if you fail,you can make a fresh claim after six months,you only get £64.30 but it cost’s dwp and atos a fortune.
    I went through all this eventually atos said they could no longer rely on accuracy of the report and the dwp withdrew it as unfit for purpose,also independent tier found for me.DWP put me back on esa I have now been in assessment phase for nine months,DWP don’t know what to do about enhancements.I have told them i will appeal again no matter what the outcome of a further assessment is, as it can have no bearing on my earlier condition.Always treat each complaint as seperate item of mal administration,they have to deal with each one seperately.Never feel you are doing wrong,they cause all the problems not you,don’t forget they lie, you can reply in kind.It’s your word against the HCP search for anything in the report that throws doubt on their statements.Examples of my report were “client can only raise right arm to well below shoulder height” the following line said “client can put right hand fully behind head” just not possible,not much on it’s own but when you have six,seven or eight points they all add up.See list of case law on “DWP examination what can we do” page.Google them and quote them where relevant.Most of all don’t worry or get stressed things like this have happened before and invariably get changed.Let the DWP know we are human beings. hope some of this helps STAN


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks for that Stan, I am keen to promote the methods you have highlighted above, it is essential that we continue to attack their decisions if we think they are wrong. I agree it can have an adverse effect in the beginning i.e. loss of income etc, but as you say, if you can hang out, do so. Show them you are determined to carry this through to the end and as the bill for fighting us becomes higher than the actual cost of paying the ATOS fraudsters things might just change.


  78. Mark

    Here is some news i think we all need to be aware of before the next election:
    Even harsher new ESA medical approved

    Tens of thousands of claimants facing losing their benefit on review, or on being transferred from incapacity benefit, as plans to make the employment and support allowance (ESA) medical much harder to pass are approved by the secretary of state for work and pensions, Yvette Cooper.

    The shock plans for ‘simplifying’ the work capability assessment, drawn up by a DWP working group, include docking points from amputees who can lift and carry with their stumps. Claimants with speech problems who can write a sign saying, for example, ‘The office is on fire!’ will score no points for speech and deaf claimants who can read the sign will lose all their points for hearing.

    Meanwhile, for ‘health and safety reasons’ all points scored for problems with bending and kneeling are to be abolished and claimants who have difficulty walking can be assessed using imaginary wheelchairs.

    Claimants who have difficulty standing for any length of time will, under the plans, also have to show they have equal difficulty sitting, and vice versa, in order to score any points. And no matter how bad their problems with standing and sitting, they will not score enough points to be awarded ESA.

    In addition, almost half of the 41 mental health descriptors for which points can be scored are being removed from the new ‘simpler’ test, greatly reducing the chances of being found incapable of work due to such things as poor memory, confusion, depression and anxiety.

    There are some improvements to the test under the plans, including exemptions for people likely to be starting chemotherapy and more mental health grounds for being admitted to the support group. But the changes are overwhelmingly about pushing tens of thousands more people onto JSA.

    If all this sounds like a sick and rather belated April Fools joke to you, we’re not surprised. But the proposals are genuine and have already been officially agreed by Yvette Cooper, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. They have not yet been passed into law, but given that both Labour and the Conservatives seem intent on driving as many people as possible off incapacity related benefits, they are likely to be pursued by whichever party wins the election.

    We know that many people will find this news deeply upsetting and even frightening and we know that some people will condemn us for publicising the planned changes or for the language that we are using to do so. But we also believe that it’s not too late to stop these ugly plans in their tracks if claimants and the organisations that represent them act now.

    With 1.5 million incapacity benefit claimants waiting to be assessed using the work capability assessment in the next few years and tens of thousands of people already on ESA and set to be reviewed annually, these changes will be of great concern to many voters – if they find out about them before polling day.

    So, please spread the word in forums and blogs and to people you know who may be affected. Ask any disability charity you have a connection with to speak out now, before election day, against these plans. You might also want to contact local newspapers and radio to warn people about the proposals.

    And above all, contact not just your MP, but the other candidates in your constituency, and let them know you will not be voting for anyone who does not loudly condemn this shameful attack on sick and disabled claimants.

    These plans really are a potential seat loser, but only if enough people know about them.

    Limited capability for work
    The biggest changes and cuts are to take place in the limited capability for work assessment which decides whether you are eligible for the work-related activity group of ESA. Claimants need to score fifteen points to be placed in this group unless they are exempt or covered by the exceptional circumstances rules.

    The activity of walking has been replaced by the activity of ‘mobilising’, with the fifteen points for ‘Cannot walk at all’ to be removed. Instead of looking at how far you can walk with a walking stick or other aid if such aid is normally used, the test is now ‘Mobilising with or without a walking stick, manual wheelchair or other aid if such aid can reasonably be used’

    In other words, even if you don’t use a wheelchair you can be assessed as if you did – an intention which is made clear in the body of the report. To score fifteen points you will need to show that you could neither walk nor wheel a wheelchair 50 metres without stopping in order to avoid significant discomfort or exhaustion. If you cannot do so repeatedly ‘within a reasonable timescale’ you will also score fifteen points.

    Nine points are scored for 100 metres and 6 for 200 metres.

    This means that many people who get the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA may not be awarded ESA at all. Even the fifteen points for being unable to walk up and down two steps is to be cut to nine points.

    Standing and sitting
    Points for these activities have also been slashed.

    At the moment, you can score points if you can’t stand or if you can’t sit for given lengths of time. Under the revised test you will have to show that you can neither stand nor sit for more than 30 minutes at a ‘work station’ before having to ‘move away in order to avoid significant discomfort or exhaustion’. Even then you will only score 9 points, or 6 points if you can last for an hour, not enough to be awarded ESA.

    Fifteen points are only available from this activity if you can’t move from one seated position to an adjacent one without help.

    The chair has also been changed from an upright chair to an ‘adjustable chair’ even though the reality is that these are not readily provided in most workplaces, regardless of what the Disability Discrimination Act might say.

    Bending and kneeling
    The activity of ‘Bending and kneeling’, for which 30 points are currently available, is to be completely done away with. Bizarrely one of the reasons for doing so is ‘health and safety reasons’ as people should not ‘bend forward when lifting’.

    The fifteen point descriptor for not being able to put either arm behind your back is to be ditched.

    Picking up
    The panel have decided that the fact that you do not have two hands should not be a reason for scoring points for problems with moving a half litre or one litre carton or moving a light but bulky object. They argue that ‘an item may be transferred by wedging it against the body, or another limb’ and that many amputees who chose not to have a prosthetic limb ‘remain able to complete the task’. All references to using hands in this activity are therefore to be removed.

    Manual dexterity
    The nine scoring descriptors for manual dexterity are to be reduced to just four. Problems with just one hand and problems with pouring will no longer score points and references to a ‘conventional keyboard’ are to be changed to a ‘suitable keyboard’. Problems with pressing a button are to be added.

    Speech, hearing and vision
    The three activities speech, hearing and vision are to be replaced with three new activities.

    Speech now becomes ‘Making self understood through speaking, writing, typing or other means normally used; unaided by another person’.

    To score fifteen points a claimant will need either to show that they:

    ‘Cannot convey a simple message, such as the presence of a hazard.’ or that they have ‘significant difficulty conveying a simple message to strangers.’

    So, the fact that your speech cannot be understood by other people will no longer score points if, instead, you are able to write, type or communicate by ‘other means’.

    Hearing is replaced with: ‘Understanding communication by both verbal means (such as hearing or lip reading) and non-verbal means (such as reading 16 point print) using any aid if reasonably used; unaided by another person.’

    To score fifteen points a claimant will have to show that they ‘Cannot understand a simple message due to sensory impairment, such as the location of a fire escape’ or that they have ‘significant difficulty understanding a simple message from a stranger’.

    Being unable to hear someone talking will no longer score points.

    Problems with vision have been turned into ‘Navigation and maintaining safety, using a guide dog or other aid if normally used.’

    To score fifteen points you will need to be able to show that you are: ‘Unable to navigate around familiar surroundings, without being accompanied by another person, due to sensory impairment’ or that you cannot safely cross a road.

    Being unable to see well enough to read large print or to recognise people will no longer score points.

    This is one area where the descriptors do seem to have been improved. Previously there were three separate and highly complex activities. These have been reduced to just one where the issue is whether the loss of bowel or bladder control or the leakage from a collecting device is ‘sufficient to require the individual to clean themselves and change clothing.’ If this happens at least once a month, fifteen points are scored.

    Points for losing consciousness at least once a month are to be reduced from nine to six and a six point descriptor for losing consciousness twice in six months is to be axed.

    Mental, cognitive and intellectual function assessment
    The mental health and learning difficulties section of the WCA has been slashed from 41 point scoring descriptors to just 21.

    For example, one of the fifteen point and one of the nine point descriptors have been removed from the ‘Learning tasks’ activity, and a fifteen point descriptor has been removed from the ‘Getting about’ activity.

    The three activities relating to ‘Memory and concentration’, ‘Execution of tasks’ and ‘Initiating and sustaining personal action’ are all rolled into a single activity called ‘Initiating and completing personal action’.

    Currently claimants have 5 opportunities to score fifteen points outright from the three activities and many more opportunities to score fifteen points or more from a combination of points from the three activities.

    Under the new test, however, there will be just one opportunity to score fifteen points. This is likely to greatly reduce the chances of being found incapable of work due to such things as poor memory, confusion and depression.

    The three activities ‘Coping with social situations’, ‘Propriety of behaviour with other people’ and ‘Dealing with other people’ are to be reduced to two activities; ‘Coping with social engagement’ and ‘Appropriateness of behaviour with other people’. Again, the opportunities for scoring points have been considerably reduced.

    Limited capability for work-related activity
    The limited capability for work-related activity assessment decides who is eligible for the support group, based on any one of a range of descriptors applying to the claimant. These descriptors have largely been altered in line with changes to the work-related activity group.

    However, there are some notable changes and even some improvements. For example, distance for being unable to what we must now call ‘mobilise’ has been increased from the original 30 metres to 50 metres.

    In addition, there are now more ways to qualify for the support group on mental health and learning difficulties grounds. These include: ‘Awareness of hazard’, ‘Coping with change’, ‘Coping with social engagement’ and ‘Appropriateness of behaviour with other people’.

    However, descriptors relating to ‘Maintaining personal hygiene’ and ‘Eating and drinking’ have been removed.

    The exemptions relating to the support group are also to be widened to cover not just people who are receiving certain types of chemotherapy, but also people who ‘are likely to receive chemotherapy within the next six months’.

    It could have been worse
    In spite of some improvements in relation to the support group, overall the changes to the work capability assessment are likely to lead to many thousands more sick and disabled people being forced onto jobseekers allowance.

    And yet, it could have been even worse. The original changes proposed by the working group were even harsher. It was only after their proposals were looked at by the Chief Medical Adviser at the DWP, following complaints by disability group representatives, that some were toned down and additional points attached to some descriptors. It was this final review, contained in the Addendum, that was approved by the secretary of state.

    The participants in the review are listed at Annex B of the Internal Review as:

    Individual Attendees:
    Brigid Campbell, Social Security Advisory Committee
    Dr Angela Graham, Atos Origin Medical Services
    Dr David Henderson Slater, Consultant in Neurological Disability/Rehabilitation Medicine, Oxford Centre for Enablement
    Dr Ed McDermott, Atos Origin Medical Services
    Dr Gordon Parker, Consultant Occupational Physician
    Professor Tom Sensky, Professor of Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, London

    Represented organisations:
    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
    Citizens Advice Bureau
    Disability Benefits Consortium
    Disability Employment Advisory Council
    National Autistic Society
    Parkinson’s Disease Society
    Royal College of Psychiatrists


    1. dwpexamination

      Depressig reading, dont dispair though, you must still challenge everything they say if this lot is legally adopted by the DWP and enforced by thier ATOS bullies. Get your letters of protest off to yur MP’s now, dont vote Labour or Tory at the next Local and General election. What more can I say……


  79. David

    Thanks for the information mark, so just about everybody will be on jobseekers allowance then, WHEN and not IF this dreadful WCA becomes law, the rest of their so called customers will be brain dead.

    Which brings me to the next point, since the new WCA will be virtualy immposible to be found incapable for work, at least those FUCKERS at ATOS will not be able to EXPLOIT us anymore, and wont be long before they run out of so called customers ( the new customers wont even bother applying ) and have to apply for jobseekers allowance themselves, and serves them right too.

    Yes i know that wont happen, it wont affect them, their all up to their necks in money, what with the big payout they’ll get, excellent pension, and private healthcare package.

    Im seriously thinking about my next WCA and total non compliance, and a good headbut in to the bargain, and get them worried about their next so called customer of the day.

    Regards from DAVID.


  80. David

    Good morning dee dubya, your up early.

    Haven’t you heard of the “exceptional circumstances” rules, one of them is rule 27 (b) which states that you will be found incapable of work if : There would be a substantial risk to the mental or physical health of any person if he/she were found capable of work, a “GLASGOW KISS” is an excellent start to the WCA, who wants one of them eight times a day, followed by the customer screaming in your earhole the following.



  81. David

    Hi all.

    Was told on 30th of march by the ATOS doctor, that the DWP would contact me by letter within the month, informing me of their decision regarding the ESA assesment, well it’s over a month now and i’m still waiting, I’m expecting two weeks money tomorrow, and will not be surprised if it’s not there, but al find that out when i check the account tomorrow afternoon.

    At the moment i’m trying to figure out what their game plan for me is, and if anybody’s got any ideas, would love to hear them, as i have already said above, i dont expect to be found unfit for work, getting six points at most, but dont see any advantage to them in shuffling their feet, however i will find out one way or the other, sooner or later.

    If and When i’m in reciept of their onerous brown envelope, i will open it at the computer, and inform all of it’s contents, meanwhile i will just have to hang on and wait, perhaps they expect me to contact them, but obviously i am reluctant to do that, dont want to put ideas in to their heads.


    1. dwpexamination

      Good evening “D”, are you turning out to vote tomorrow? if so I hope you dont vote for the Tories or Labour, the quicker we let them know how dissapointed in all of them the better if you ask me. As for the delay, well thats just typical of ATOS and the DWP isnt it!


  82. David

    Gud Day.

    And no way i can in all conscience vote for any of these twits, picked a nobody to vote for, one more anti-tory vote, am hoping for a hung parliament, not ideal but at least they can squable amongst themseves, and maybe just maybe, they will vote against each other not out of conviction, but out of spite, which with a bit of luck might suit me/us.

    Anyway…I checked my account this afternoon, and surprisingly, they gave me my money, also the post has arrived and no DWP letter yet, perhaps will arrive a day or two after the election, still can’t figure out their holding back, just dont see any advantage they can gain.

    OK take care.


  83. sharon

    I have to go for medical in two weeks and having just read all the comments on this site I am terrified! I suffer from depression, I have never been on the sick in my life. I am finding out how difficult it is for people just to get their benifits, I had a terrible time on Jobseekers but thats another story.Anyway a friend told me you won’t get any money for depression unless you have tried to take your life. I was like What!!!! I do know of 3 people who are on the top DLA and there is honestly nothing wrong with them. So how do they pass the medical? It is so wrong. Someone I know is really poorly and they can not get out of the house-no help and no benifit. It is so not right. Anyway I am now dreading this medical-it said on the form I filled in you may not have to go for a medical. Now I see it’s the way they do things.


  84. Dear Sharon, I underwent the LCWA yesterday – the [tw]ATOS [un]Health[y lack of]Care [un]Professional agreed to a ‘domiciliary visit’ but only after my support worker brought to the attention of [tw]ATOS customer [dis]services the section in the contract between it and the Department for W[@nker$] and P[r@t$] [ http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatoscontract.html ] wherein it states that people with my condition – I have Asperger syndrome – should not be called to a medical examination centre. Having read and memorised all of the information posted on the aforementioned website, The Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2008 [ http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2008/uksi_20080794_en_1 ], the Welfare Reform Act 2007 [ http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2007/pdf/ukpga_20070005_en.pdf ], the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 [ http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1995/ukpga_19950050_en_1 ] and 2005 [ http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2005/ukpga_20050013_en_1 ], the ESA Handbook [ http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/pdfs/ESA_handbook_v1_Final.doc ] – useful for reminding the HCP of what s/he is supposed to do – The Disability Handbook [ http://www.dwp.gov.uk/publications/specialist-guides/medical-conditions/the-disability-handbook/ ] and everything available to those who subscribe to http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ which includes a most excellent guide to the LCWA, my support worker and I were able to take control of my examination so, while I am aware that to memorise the contents of every document I have cited for your information will likely be impossible, might I suggest that you are accompanied not just by ‘a friend or family member’ but also by a professional advocate, for example, someone from the C.A.B. Might I also suggest that, having so informed the HCP, you record the meeting in order to encourage said HCP to abide by the aforementioned contract, handbook and regulations?


    1. dwpexamination

      Some useful information and web addresses there”K” well done and thanks for that, the more information we have like this the better we are able to defend ourselves. I agree it is wise to be accompanied and if you can, a professional advocate is ideal, however, they are often hard to come by as the advice agencies are bogged down with requests for help in these matters, so if you cant get someone from an advice centre, do the next best thing and take a friend with you. Keep us posted


  85. sharon

    Hi Thanks for that. I have been on the phone today talking to a lovely woman from MIND. She told me about the advocate but sadly no one is available on the day I have to go. She also told me that most people now are getting zero points! Thats when you have to appeal I never knew how hard things were no wonder so many peole are stressed. I also recieved a letter this morning from the job centre informing me I have to go for a return to work interview which will last an hour! I have only been on ‘the sick’ since April 10th, can’t beleive it and can’t stand the thought of talking about jobs for an hour the way I am feeling. Just want to give up sometimes.


    1. dwpexamination

      Its always amazed me how they expect you to manage to sit there ? especially if you have some sort of problem which inflicts pain upon you when sitting longer than a few minutes. Maybe its just another covert way of assessing your personal capability after your examination? Return to work? who are they kidding, its just an excuse to get you into the Jobcentre for the next few months, I understand you may have a choice how the six interviews take place and their timing, take one a week for 6 weeks and get it over with. This is just another way of degrading you and pushing you off benefits, don’t give in, play along and make the interviews as short as possible. Oh and remember, they will be fishing all the time, the smiling assassins are trained to extract the maximum amount of information during these “interviews”.


  86. Dear Sharon, apropos of both the, “Work Focused Health Related Assessment (WFHRA)” and, “Work Focused Interview (WFI)”, my psychiatrist wrote to ATOS, the D.W.P and Jobcentre Plus explaining that I am unable to attend. That said, the day after my LCWA – the D.W.P. does like its initialisms – an ominous brown envelope dropped onto my door-mat: while I was excused from a WFI last October, during a telephone conversation between my support-worker and a Jobcentre Plus ‘personal adviser’, the latter informed the former that while she is aware that I have been ‘unwell’, I should, by now, have recovered, a statement at which my support-worker could not help laughing because one cannot recover from the pervasive developmental disorder that is Asperger syndrome.
    Having attended an appointment with my G.P. but two weeks ago, during which she said that my not being placed in the ‘support group’ would be, in her words, “completely inappropriate”, should I have scored below the fifteen point threshold, she will write a very strong letter and request that my psychiatrist and neurologist – I also suffer from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Type 1 Episodic Ataxia – do likewise so I wondered if your G.P. might be willing to launch such a three-pronged attack, that is, to write to ATOS, the D.W.P. and Jobcentre Plus. In the mean time, I shall do a little digging into your condition in the hope of finding some ammunition with which you might defend yourself against this bully; against a cartoon of Darth Vader, I wrote the words, “Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of the D.W.P.!” on a ‘wipe-board’ located where I knew the ATOS HCP would see it but I think I should rather go up against ‘The Empire’ than said government department because at least then, I should be able to see my enemy.
    Might I ask, are you able to leave your house unaccompanied? Being unable so to do, alone scores fifteen points.


  87. sharon

    Thanks guys it’s a comfort just to know I am not the only one going through all this.
    I just cannot understand them at all. Kelvin you made me laugh! Which I haven’t done in a while. Some one said to me the other day ‘Do these people not realise that the stress and pressure they put onto people can cause them to take their own lives’ As I did read about a man who had lost everything and was being asked to go to the job centre- within two weeks he killed himself.
    I don’t know how I am supposed to talk about jobs for an hour, when I can hardly think about what to have for tea!


    1. dwpexamination

      I got some advice on benefits, like stuff you can claim if you start work, and supplements you can get if you take a job under 15K, and rather bizarrely what an employer can get of they take you on! Makes you feel like you are being sold to employers as a dud, you know, take this one mate and I’ll give you a fiver a week because they cant work as hard as “normal” folk. The pity sales pitch to already overburdened employers is unbelievable, I don’t know how they put up with it. Imagine if someone who is forced back to work too early has an accident? who is liable? not the ATOS(sser), not the Jobcentre, not the DWP. Oh, then that just leaves the employer, well, the DWP did give him a fiver a week, didn’t they? Take it easy, listen to what they have to say, ask the least number of questions you can and get out of there.


  88. David

    Hey i know of a guy who went for a work focused interview, and was asked if he had any hobbies ?, he said sure a have, and took a little bag out of his pocket, interviewer said oh thats positive, and what is the hobby ? and whats in the little bag ?. The guy said iv’e started collecting dog shit, and pushed the bag over towards her, whilst saying would you like some ?. And added this is a particularly rare variety at the moment.

    Needless to say he wasn’t invited back for any more work focused interviews. GOD SAVE US.


  89. Dear Sharon et al., as I communicated that I would, I have been ‘digging’. One may, should one be able to supply evidence of the difficulty one might have attending a LCWA, WFHRA and/or WFI, one can request a domiciliary visit, indeed, the ATOS/DWP contract, to which there are now numerous links, includes five lists of conditions according to the propriety of being ‘invited’ to a medical examination centre although I am not sure how one might, “tentatively invite”. One might also defer one’s appointments should one have, “good cause”, for example, ESA Regulations 2008, Part 5, paragraph 24, subsections (b) and (c) may apply to Sharon, indeed, the date and time of my LWCA was changed because my support-worker was on holiday so Sharon, you, or a ‘Mind’ advocate, might telephone [tw]ATOS in order to change your LCWA/WFHRA appointment to a date and time when said ‘Mind’ advocate will be available.
    Sharon, you may also fall under the protection of the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005 so might I suggest you read Part 2, Section A of the following document: http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/guidance_on_matters_to_be_taken_into_account_in_determining_questions_relating_to_the_definition_of_disability.pdf which, should it contain information for which you find you have no use, might be used as a weapon. Apropos of the DDAs 1995 and 2005, a number of advocacy organisation’s websites make mention of disability discrimination cases which they have brought against the D.W.P. but I have discovered that the D.W.P. has refused Freedom of Information Act requests to reveal the extent of its contraventions thereof; at the risk of appearing a few sandwiches short of a picnic – the ATOS/D.W.P./Jobcentre Plus ‘triad’ can do this to a person, that is, steal her/his sandwiches – I wonder if it is staffed by clones of the The Matrix’s agent Smith. Should you and/or your G.P. and/or psychiatrist consider depression has had and/or is going to have a, “long-term substantial adverse effect […] on normal day-to-day activities” you will be covered by and invoke said acts upon the aforementioned ‘triad’, that is, they must, “make adjustments (DDA 1995, Part III, paragraph 21”.
    Should this information prove useless, rest assured that I shall continue to ‘dig’, although I may have to ask for a little help escaping the resulting hole.


  90. sharon

    Hi Kelvin please don’t end up in a hole! I find it very difficult going out alone- when I am with someone it helps,but doesn’t if I have to sit and talk to someone for more than 2 minutes I am on edge and feel I need to get away. Does that make sense?
    I have never suffered depression before and didn’t realise how it effects every part of your life.
    I think I will ring the woman from MIND (she was so helpful) and see if I can get the appoinment changed so she could come with me. Fingers crossed.Thank you for taking the time to try and help.


  91. David

    Hello all.

    The dreaded brown envelope has arrived, and that was a seven week wait, and of course iv’e been found fit for work, only got six points, hey it’s an improvement, recieved zero points the last time i visited ATOS, and this is their intro to the bad news below.

    We have decided that you are not entitled to employment and support allowance from 18-may-2010.
    this is beacause you have been found to be capable of work following your recent Work capability assesment.
    You will get a further letter explaining how we etc,etc,etc.

    Strangely enough im not angry, but strangely calm, the doctor who examined me should hang his head in shame, god knows how these people can sleep at night.

    Well anyway, i will get the GL24 form tomorrow, fill it in and get on with the rest of the charade. will keep in touch and let you know the next part/s of the drama.


    1. dwpexamination

      I wonder why they have to write two letters to tell you the result of one examination ? maybe I am right about the psychological warfare team eh ? Hard lines “D” but no surprises there eh ? in fact, you were spot on with your own prediction. Just shows how predictable these fools really are. Keep up the good work my friend and don’t stay away too long.


  92. Mark

    Well went to tribunal without a representative….And was awarded 15 points…

    I didnt prepare my case, i couldnt even if i wanted too..

    Theyasked questions and i answered the best i could

    I cant believe it, but got benefits reinstated.

    Good luck


    1. dwpexamination

      Excellent news “M” and well done, just proves my point. We must appeal, appeal, appeal against these foul and biased decisions by cardboard cut out “Healthcare Professionals” who are a disgrace when compared to the hard working NHS staff we see grafting above and beyond the call of duty every day.


  93. David

    Hello Dee Dub.

    And just gave the DWP a call to request the GL24 form and the doctors assesment, and was told the explanation team will me back today.

    And the explanation member has just called me, only took ten minutes to call me back, she didn’t have any time to explain anything, because i did most of the talking, and got right to the point : First, could you send me the doctors report, secondly, the Gl24, thirdly, the doctors GMC number, because a doctor with his name is banned from the General medical council, there was a pause for a few seconds, and she complied with the first two requests and will send them on forwith, the third request was denied, she does not know his number.

    So there you have it so far, and things are moving along fast, she said the decision maker will let me know as soon as possible ( Didn’t she not hear me, i dont want their biased reconsideration, i want to just get on with the appeal ) Hey it just shows they’re all going through the motions, and pre-programed, and just dont listen to anything we say.


    1. dwpexamination

      It is the same wherever you are in the country, Jobcentreplus must train thier front line drones to go to a particular answer on thier templates when asked questions like this. They can not refuse you a copy of your report and furtherpmore they know for a fact it is emmailed the same day. I imagine the reports are pretty much on the decision makers system within an hour of your “examination” anyway and since it has taken 7 weeks for them to respond to your report they must already have it. It is unlikely that she will have the “Doctors” GMC number and if he has been banned from practicing by the GMC how on earth can he be used by ATOS to give an opinion on an individuals capability for work? surely there are fundamental problems with this! maybe he has a chip on his shoulder after being struck off an is getting his own back by attacking the sick and disabled. Its bloody disgracreful.


  94. David

    Howdy dee dub.

    The decision maker couldn’t get a word in, they are not used to that, most people are scared of them, and it’s yes sir no sir three etc etc, iv’e decided to take control and dominate the conversation, now that i know what i’m talking about, for instance last year i woudn’t dream of calling ATOS HCPs liars, now i have no hesitation, because i know it’s true the decision makers know it’s true and everybody else that’s been in any kind of medical assesment with these people knows it’s true.

    I started by asking for the Medical assesment and so on, then his number, then i should have got 15 points for not being able to bend my back, and quaoted case law etc, then moved on to how doe’s he know how many yards or metres i can walk, he only saw me walk 20 yards/metres at the most, so it’s all based just on opinions then, and everybody knows it’s target driven figures and they all get a bonus, an how we are all on to them now, and how i cant wait to see the medical assesment etc ( The DM would have been thinking to herself, “WHAT A SORE ARSE THIS GUY IS” ) thats good i’m going to be their biggest sore arse, But at least she knows i’m not some kind of mug, if everybody got stuck in to them like me they would stop what they wre doing and think more about what their soul less decisions are doing to people.

    PS, Since i saw all this coming in advance, due to my last experience with these jokers iv’e got myself financially sorted, to last for about six months, if i’m extremely careful that is, benefit withdrawal is their only threat to make you toe the line and break you, and without that they have nothing.

    The reason i mentioned the doctors number, is even although there is about 6 or so with that name on the GMC list one of them is banned from working in the uk, and could be him, in other words, i’m letting the decision maker know that not only will i be checking up on that doctors number, but i also have an understanding about case law, and will be leaving no stone unturned, to refute this bogus so called medical assesment. ( All in the nicest possible way of course ) When i was speaking she was silent, and didn’t try and dismiss anything i said, or even refute anthing, and there’s two reasons for that, firstly she knows i’m sehr gut and richtig, and the call is also being recorded.

    So dont use bad language folks, be nice, even although you might have an extremely strong desire to tell them to take…ONE BIG GIANT FUCK TO THEMSELVES. HA HA.


  95. David

    Hi dee dub.

    And just recieved the medical assesment, that was quick, and a very cleverly worded document it is too, no mention of bending my knees to touch my knees ( Because he knows thats 15 points if he admits that in the report ) and i got on to the couch without assistance, ( In other words it doesn’t matter how you get on the couch as long as you get on it without his help, thats classed as without problems ) saw me walk 20 metres without problems, ( Even although he saw i was in pain, thats also classed as without problems ) ergo in his opinion i can walk 200 metres no bother, he admits i have to hold on to rail whilst climbing stairs, but doesn’t mention why, states i can sit for 38 minutes no problems, but admits i rose up from the chair twice, and he also got the examination time wrong adding an extra 17 to 18 minutes, obviously has to account for the full 38 minutes i was supposed to have been sitting.

    So as you can see from the above, there was very little observation, but plenty of opinions, writing what suits his purposes, and discarding what doesn’t suit.

    PS…I checked his full name on the GMC website and i dont believe he was the doctor with that name who is barred, to be honest i would have been surprised if he was.


  96. David

    Hi all, and i thought i had seen it all, was just reading the daily mail online, and whats the first thing i see.

    Our members of parliament are not happy about the new method of claiming for their expenses, it’s to tough they are saying, ” WE ARE BEING TREATED LIKE BENEFIT CLAIMANTS ” one of these muppets said.

    Well all i can say to the right unhonourable gentleman is ” THATS JUST TOOOOOO BAD ” and what do you know about claiming benefits then ? thats correct nothing.

    So why dont you just sit down and FUCKEN shut up.


    1. dwpexamination

      Who said that? might be worth noting thier name as that is now on public record and being said by an M.P. makes it even worse. Give us a link to that story “D”.


  97. David

    Hi dee dub.

    You can check it by GOOGLING in Daily mail online, a right wing publification, everybody thats unemployed is a scrounger according to them, it’s got an easy on the eye layout, with a red and green arrow voting system, they pick up political news very quickly, and bend it to suit themselves, i read it, and filter out the rubbish for myself.

    They mention an MP but not by name, you can bet your last penny it will be a tory, we might have to wait a day or two to find out who it is.

    And as for the assesment, the more i look at it, the more i see in my favour, let me give you an example of contradiction.

    Currently he has bachache at several levels which causes pain when he walks at times, he can walk 200 metres to shops but has to REST on the way. ( He must know, that by saying that i have to rest, means points at the tribunal )
    But on another page, he says, can walk 200 metres without problems.

    As for the bending the back test he states.
    Squat and rise : Client declined.
    Reason for loss of function pain.

    God knows what client declined means, can only suppose he means ULTRA VIRES ( beyond my powers ) And if thats really what he means, by that ambiguous statement, then thats 15 points at a tribunal.

    So as you can see, it’s looking better every time i peer at this document, and a good WRO will find more, so i’m not unhappy, he could have phrased things to make it sound much worse, and believe me he’s more than capable.


    1. dwpexamination

      Agood example of assumption and contradiction. I have had the client declines comment, usually against something I had never been asked to do in the first place. As this was a lie does that call into doubt the rest of the reports content? Remember what Einstein said “If you can not be honest about small things, how on earth can you be trusted with the large things” or words to that effect.


  98. David

    Hi dee dub.

    I forgot to mention above.

    Functional problems :
    I advise that a return to work could be considered within three months.

    Reasons for the opinion given’
    The ESA50, medical evidence, history and examination indicates that the client may return to work in the shorter term.

    Here again, a totally ambiguous statement, if you have any ideas, give me a clue.


    1. dwpexamination

      What does he know about your health history? he’s only known you for 5 minutes. As for the ESA50 is he accepting defeat here and admitting he is totally ignoring your own comments, which they normally do given you are not a qualified HCP. In the short term well ambiguous and is this an indication of narcissism. No surprises there then eh?


  99. David

    Hi dee dub.

    And had a look at the daily mail online again, hoping to identify this twit who doesn’t like being treated like a benefit claimant, nothing coming up yet.

    But there is three hundred and thirty comments from the public so far, and not one, not even one comment is in their favour, everyone’s getting stuck in to them.

    Some examples are along the lines of : ” They dont like it up em ” ” Why dont you resign and sign on ” ” You dont like it tough, try living on 94 pounds a week ” ” Get a life ” and on and on it goes.

    Personally i can’t stand the bastards, every single one of them is a pocket liner, and there’s no exceptions, their all the same, and they make me sick to the stomach, i dont know any words in the english language to describe how i feel right now.

    Some say Oliver Cromwell was a tyrant, and perhaps he was, but he did have some good points, and he would know how to sort these bastards out.

    I could just imagine the scenario : So you dont think £64 grand plus expences is enough do you, for sitting around all day on your fat arses.

    OK then in to the tower with you, till i decide how i’m going to bump you all off.

    What do you think David ? well Ollie old boy, I dont want to put any ideas in to your head, but there’s this extremely nasty stuff from the future called napalm.


  100. David

    Hi all.

    The daily mail online, they dont usually carry a story for long, but their keeping the expenses scandal going, that says something for the strength of their readers feelings, I checked it again this morning, and their is one person who agrees with the MPs.
    You are all jealous he says, and probably have low paid jobs or on the dole etc.

    Mmm this person sounds like a typical right honourable member of parliament.


  101. David

    Hi dee dub.

    So you’ve had the client declined mumbo jumbo as well, must be standard, trying to baffle us with science etc. The apaches used to say ” YOU SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE ” and to be perfectly sure of it’s meaning, i decided to look it up on the free online dictionary.
    And sure enough it’s equivocal.

    DECLINED : To refuse. DECLINED : To take a downward direction.

    Since i didn’t bend my back to touch my knees, but bent my knees ( Notice downward direction ) to touch my knees, he obviously knows what that means, this gave him a serious problem to solve, if he wants to kid himself on that he’s not going to tell lies, and be disengenuous instead, to get his bonus at my/our expense, then they have to use double meaning words like this, it’s obvious to an idiot whats happening, they’ve been pulled up, and told to camouflage their words, and sentences.
    And when i fill in the GL 24 form which arrived yesterday, and explain it all correctly, the desicion maker has now got a problem, how to get round this ( Case law : CIB/15262/1996 ) I dont see a way, perhaps something like, the doctor clearly says you abstained etc, and here’s your appeal papers so just get on with it, the rules are for us not the likes of you.
    That’s fine then, so we win another appeal and cost the taxpayer even more money, if the public were made aware of what these cowboys are doing with their captain cash, there would be a terrible outcry.


    1. dwpexamination

      They use the client declined even if you didn’t or were not asked to perform a specific task. As I say, blatant lies, so how can their opinion be trusted on anything else ?.


  102. David

    That’s correct, and after the torys have filled in the first million Mc jobs, by forcing the first load of unfortunates over the coming year, there will be nothing left by the time they get to us, hey perhaps we will all get a piece of blank paper, no name or address etc, and told to go and find it.
    A woudn’t put it past them ha ha.


  103. David

    Hi dee dub.

    And am feeling very happy today, because after looking at my discriptors, i’m 100% confident i can win this appeal, iv’e decided to just allow the decision makers reconsideration, because for the DWP to allow me to go on to appeal is totally absurd, as i mentioned above the HCP has contradicted himself right left and centre, making himself look like a buffoon, but then in his crazed desperation to get his bonus, and get on to the next victim, he only gave himself around fourty minutes to bash it out, whilst i’ve had days and weeks if i want, to look at it, they are getting away with nonsense like this because people are allowing them, they obviously rely on us to be thick as two short planks, or so ill as to be near dying.


    1 (d) Cannot walk more than 100 metres on level ground, he admits i have to rest at times, and thats 9 points. and along with descriptor 8 (d) which he doesn’t dispute, which is cannot hear in a busy street nonsense, and that’s 6 points. these two descriptors alone are 15 points.

    And if that doesn’t satisfy them there’s descriptor 2 (e) which is 6 points.
    and descriptor 3 (a) cannot bend to touch knees and straighten up again, which he claims i declined, thats 15 points.

    After totaling it up we have the grand sum of 45 points.

    And he didn’t send a copy of my GPs report to the decision maker, he told me there would be no point in sending it on, because the DWP wouldn’t understand it.

    So you see the reason for my extreme happiness today, let me know what you think old fruit.



    1. dwpexamination

      There is the old assumption again, how on earth does he know that the DWP will not understand the G.P.’s report? what gives him the right to be selective about what evidence the DM actually sees? Is he also admitting that the DM must then fall in his side wheen making a judgement on entitlement because he (the DM) has insufficient knowledge to make a decision? If that is the case then surely the ATOS cardboard cut out is admitting he actually makes the decision on whether or not you get your benefits and not as JC+ claim, the decision makers does. Thay have left themselves wide open for critisism here “D”. Wait till they gat a load of you eh? I bet you sixpence that the DM stops your benefits though. Keep me posted.


  104. David

    And descriptor 5 (b) which is 9 points, but can be disputed, because i can do it sometimes, thats the other 9 points to make up to 45.

    And i have’nt even mentioned both my ear drums are burst yet.

    Before i go awa, i remember a WFI last year, and the DWP drone said what’s up with your ears that prevents you from work ?
    My reply was both of them are fucken burst, ha ha you should have seen his face, he looked as if he was going to faint.


  105. David

    Hi dee dub.

    I coudn’t sleep so thought i’d turn on and tune in, after having a thought.
    As you can see from above, it looks like the ATOS Doctor didn’t send my GPs report on to the DWP ( His excuse was there is no point the DWP wont understand it ) which means the decision maker has only one medical document to make a desicion, that is the biased ATOS report.
    Which obviously puts the decision maker in an impossible position, hence the reason why they always prefer the ATOS report, they dont get any other reports like consultants reports, GPs reports because as iv’e just pointed out, the DWP are too thick to understand them.

    No… the reason they dont send them on along with their own report is in 99.9 times the GPs report is going to clash with their own biased report, which will be virtually impossible to justify to the DWP, no wonder there’s chaos, and the ATOS organisation have the cheek to put posters up on their walls, along the lines of, ” WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MONEY, PLEASE CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS ” God save us.


    1. dwpexamination

      I would ring the local JC+, tell them what you have been told by the cardboard cut out, then send them the G.P’s report by recorded delivery or better still hand it in personally with a letter repeating what you said on the telephone. The DM should accept any additional information you can supply, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will understand or take notice of it though. On the other hand you could wait for the Tribunal and play that card then, which, if you can afford it would be the trump card of your case and the ideal time to play it. Its unbelievable that someone can make such assumptions, does the thought never occur to him that the person may well be for example an ex army medic who has been resettled into the job, or some other likewise medically trained person? The mind boggles.


  106. David

    Hi dee dub.

    I think al use the same language the ATOS mob use, by informing the desicion maker that the cutouts think they are thick, just need to find the right way to phrase it.
    And al put it on the GL 24 along with the usual, I wish to appeal against your desicion concerning my limited capacity for work etc.

    Then on a seperate page, list all those descriptors i’m contending.

    More good news, i phoned up the welfare rights office and they sent me on a ESA appeals page which i can send along with the GL 24, it says they are acting on my behalf.Informs the DWP in nice legal language not to try and pull any stunts, And please ensure they recieve copies on all further correspondence.

    And i agree in normal circumstances, it would be best to send the DWP a copy, but since their desperation to manipulate the figures knows no bounds, i fear it will be to no avail, they are obviously told not to look and judge any medical reports except if it says ATOS at the top, so the straight channel will not work, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
    Imagine you were a DWP worker and were told by the head honcho, you coudn’t look at the report from the GP because it can be very technical, most reasonable people would agree.
    But then you find out the real reason is because the ATOS mob think your not too bright, and incapable of working things out for yourself, you might take umbrage, and start getting ideas in your head.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter because i’m going to win this appeal, and brings me on to the next thought, maybe its best it goes to appeal which is going to happen in say six months.

    The torys are going to re-assese everybody anyway, starting inside a couple of months, so if the desicion maker relents now, i will be assesed in a couple of months, but if i go to appeal that can be up to nine months before re-assesment, and anything can happen in nine months ( A weeks a long time in politics etc )

    And ther’s even more good news, a tele trailer has just came on, a programme concerning ATOS/DWP wrongfull benefit payouts on WEDNESDAY BBC1 10-45 i have to presume that means the rest of the UK as well.

    Remember the old DWP government advert ( GIVING IT TO YOU STRAIGHT ) HA HA.


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks “D” I’ll watch that. As for re assessment. How many bites of the cherry do they want? I am sure any solicitor worth his salt would gladly take these fools to court especially if they contradict themselves by changing thier decision on individual claimants! Are they saying that because they have changed the rules (again) and the method of assessment or discriptors that somehow the disabled benefit claimants are going to experience a miricle cure? Barmy B*%£^%*s.


  107. David

    Hi dee dub.

    I assume you mean the incapacity back to work figues !!

    That nonsense was the grand figure of one million ( Perhaps the taxi driver told him the figures on his way to westminster ) the right unhonourable member of parliament, the then minister for work and pensions, David purnell who first mooted that figure ( Or maybe it was a guy in the pub what told him ) circa 2008.

    Before that appointment, he was minister for the arts, and because of his sexual orientation, his staff behind his back of course, nick named him minister for the ARSE.

    Have a good look at that face of his, i for one woudn’t get tired kicking it.


  108. David

    OOPS it’s actualy JAMES PURNELL Member of parliament for Stalybridge and Hyde, another expenses cheat.

    Thousands of pounds for a cleaner, to tidy up his london crash pad, and he still left it looking like a tip, two hundred and fifty pounds for fridge magnets with his dreadful details on it, two hundred and twenty three pounds for a digital camera, god knows what he was getting up to with that, and the list goes on.

    And this miscreant has got the nerve to tell us that ninety four pounds a week is too much to live on.


  109. sharon

    Hi I have got my first medical tomorrow, it says on the letter it can take up to 2 hours! I really hope not. I suffer from depression stress and panic attacks.The thought of spending two hours there is filling me with dread.
    They also say on the letter I can ask for a copy of the report.Do you think I should ask for a copy?


    1. dwpexamination

      Based upon prior reports and personal experience of these so called “Examination” it is highly likely you will be treated the same as the rest of us, the longest I have ever been in was 45 minutes, the shortest 15 it depends on the “Doctor”. You should ask for a copy of the report at the end of your examination, this will prompt the standard reply of “you will be able to get a copy from your local Jobcentre” from the cardboard cut out. Ring your local Jobcentre plus immediately, they will try to fob you off saying they do not have access to your report, this is utter bollocks, the reports are emailed within an hour of completion. Demand to be put through to someone who can advise you when you can expect to receive a copy, keep on at them and they will eventually give in. Use the form on the assessing ATOS page to make notes of your contact with the DWP, ask them to speak slowly as you are taking notes and you will hear an audible gulp as they don’t like it when you do that. It is your right to do so and your right to have a copy of the report. If you get the usual crap like “we don’t usually send out reports” ask the persons name and their location then their Managers name and report them. Do not give in, they wouldn’t, lets take the battle to them. Keep us posted


  110. David

    Hi Sharon.

    Since none of us know you personaly, it’s difficult to offer advice at the ATOS assesment tomorrow.
    For instance we dont know if your depression will make you avoid eye contact, rock in your chair, need to be prompted at interview, appear to tremble, speak at an abnormal rate, appear to have poor concentration, have difficulty negotiating doorways and furniture, look badly dressed, unkemt, and extremely tired, amongst others.

    Hopefully you dont suffer from any of these disorders, and the doctor will give the decision maker an assesment medical report, and find you fit for work.

    If you disagree with the decision that you are found fit for work, and wish to appeal, like i’m doing at the moment, phone up the DWP and ask for a GL 24 form, and the medical report, which they will send you by post, then you can start your appeal.

    Dont worry we have all been there or going there.
    Hope this helps.


  111. David

    Hi dee dub.

    And cant stop reading this ESA 85 medical report, and it seems : I occasionally use an alarm clock with the help of another person..!!

    First iv’e heard of it..!! Perhaps the alarm clock weighs about 12 fucken stone.


    1. dwpexamination

      Or maybe the other person is there specifically for alarm clock operation duties? What on earth is this assessment about? what use is this information to an employer? and where in the NHS is there a test which involves the assisted use of an alarm clock. It just gets worse, this is the jkind of mind numbing crap that needs to be brought to public attantion. They need to understand that the test is useless and bears no resembance to a test of ones work capability.


  112. sharon

    Hi David
    Well I really do not want to go to this medical but I know I have no other choice. Seems crazy that people who are really not well have to go through all this. I will let you know what happens.
    Just hope I get some sleep tonight!


  113. David

    Hi sharon.

    When i went for the assesment on the 30th of march, was only in there half an hour, apparently they cant wait to get you out, and get their fangs in to their next victim.
    dont forget the quicker they are, the more likely they will make mistakes, your welfare rights officer will be going through your medical report with a fine tooth comb.

    And dont forget to come back online later, i’m sure dee dub will have some advice that can help you tomorrow.

    So just get some kip and remember your not alone, at least you discovered dee dubs site, and you can express yourself as you wish.

    This might be a good time, and in your favour to have the asesment now, on account of the programme on wednesday, BBC 1, 10-45 regarding poor quality medicals by ATOS.

    Good luck tamurra.


  114. David

    Hi dee bub.

    It’s hard to believe, but that’s what it says on my ESA 85, and if that were really true that i need help with my alarm clock ( I dont use or even have an alarm clock, by the way ) then that alone, would suggest there was something seriously wrong with me.

    When i describe the descriptors and how they relate to my health on the GL 24 ( I will watch BBC 1 on wed first ) so will post it on thursday, I think i will put on the bottom of the page something like ” IT’S A BIG GIANT ALARM CLOCK, WEIGHING IN ABOUT 16 STONE, WITH A HUGE LEVER AT THE BACK, IT’S AN ABSOLUTE FUCKER SWITCHING IT OF MYSELF ” HA HA.

    The irony of it would be lost on them.


  115. David

    Hi dee dub.

    The tele programme on wenesday eve is called ” whoe’s cheating who ” A man with one leg, went for his assesment, and the doctor didn’t even notice he had one leg.
    Another man was told he needed help with his alarm clock ha ha.
    You couldn’t make it up comes to mind.


  116. David

    Hi dee dub.

    A miracle cure indeed, someone said the ATOS offices are like lourdes, the sick and infirm go in… and come out “MIRACUOUSLY CURED”


  117. David

    Hi all.

    Peter Gold standing on his soap box at hide park corner, says some people have told him, “the government do not have a solution to this crisis, they are wrong, the government do have a solution, take money of the poor, the needy, and disabled, and throw it at the rich”

    Its like going in to the betting shop, gamble all your money, and the government picks up the tab. HA HA Well said peter.


  118. sharon

    Hi Everyone
    Well I went for my medical today at 1130 I was in for 45 minutes. The guy was white English I had a really bad toothache and just wanted to get out! He seemed okay but I just didn’t trust him.
    A woman who was in the waiting room said ‘Why do they put us through this, do they not believe our Doctors?’ She explained her GP is a right pain but he had put her on the sick for 6 weeks, so I understand what she means. Why isn’t a GP letter enough?
    Well I was told I have to wait about 3 weeks for the jobcentre to get in touch.So now I will be on tender hooks till I find out. Thanks for all the feedback.


  119. David

    Hi Sharon.

    You ask why a GPs letter is not enough, and normally it would be enough, but in the hell that is/was Blair and Browns Britain, target driven figures and saving evey penny to give to their rich friends and the bankers, has become the order of the day.

    And anybody recieving any kind of benefits that thinks cameron and cleg will be any better, are deluding themselves, do not live in cloud cuckoo land, because it’s going to get worse, it’s all pre-planned.

    A number of years ago, Camerons representatives visited the American state of WISCONSIN to witness for themselves the money they saved by introducing this draconian ATOS type system, and they did save an absolute fortune, but what they didn’t tell the public, was the sad fact, that the majority of their victims just up and left, and moved in to other states, and claimed welfare there, the rest were forced in to de-meaning MC jobs, or dossed in the streets.

    A couple of years later Mayor Giuliani of New York, thought it would be a great idea to introduce the system there, with the same result, but even worse, whole familys were camping out on the steps of homeless hostels etc, food stamps were issued, salvation army type soup kitchens were set up.

    Blair and brown introduced the same system here, after stealing the idea from cameron, and now cameron and his new sidekick clegg, are going to carry on where new labour left of.

    Since all the countries in the united kingdom are in the same boat, there’s nowhere to run to, what i mean by that is, you cant jump from England in to Bonny Scotland and escape, because there’s nothing bonny about it, at least where the benefit system is concerned, the same system is in operation, so the situation is going to become intolerable, and in the not to distant future watch the crime rate shoot up, watch the Greek type riots, watch the mental hospitals and jails burst at the seams.

    I apoligise if i’m frightening anyone, but i want you and everyone else to be aware of what the future holds for us all.

    Please get well soon and keep in touch with dee dub and this site.


    1. dwpexamination

      Yers, the conjoined twins will soon press this unfair process of re assessment into action. Thats why we need to organise and make a stand now, delay at your own peril….


  120. David

    Hi all.

    Just spent an hour looking at a website called ( ESA BENEFITS BLUNDERS A DISGRACE-DOVER LOCALS-THE DOVER FORUM ) It started with some complaints regarding the ESA assesment and and how it’s all a farce, and the DWP are in on it too, the doctors are liars,and then someone came on to defend the DWP etc, next thing you know all hell broke loose, with the blog going completly off topic, basicaly they all began to participate in an exchange of insults, it got so bad, the blog was closed down.

    Just shows there’s a lot of strong feelings the length and breadth of Britain regarding this subject at the moment.


    1. dwpexamination

      It bodes well for free speech though “D”. I try to keep the insults to a minimum, but people have to be allowed thier opinion. I found the best way to deal with it is just dont trade insults, let people have thier say and respect thier opinion, good or bad.


  121. David

    Good morning dee dub.

    I agree with that, and dont mind a DWP worker who really is trying to be fair and make a difference, feel a bit miffed and make an attempt to defend themselves, because they dont see it objectivly as an attack on the system, but subjectivly as in a personal attack on them.
    No… what gets right up my nose, and the main reason the above blog disintrigated, was the uninformed joe bloggs of the world, who know absolutley zero about the benefit system, decide to themselves they know it all, and make comments that are quite frankly ridiculous, an example is an ENLIGHTENED ONE came on and remarked ” If you show your GPs report to the DWP and other evidence, they will give you your money ” Well thats just not true, because as you know dee dub the only evidence they look at is the ATOS report, and since the ATOS doctor is desperate to get his/her bonus at all costs, they are forced to lie, and the DWP are in the crazy situation of having to look at thousands of GL 24s with the majority of clients not mentioning a single descriptor, because the clients dont know how important it is to quote them on the GL 24 appeal, ( not that it would make any difference anyway, because they dont look at the GL 24 as sufficient evidence ) and refuting the doctors report is extremley difficult because of their consistent use of ambiguous words like ” client declined ” and client carried out such and such an act without help, so the client has no problems with that function if they can crawl to the waiting room, because he/she didn’t need his help etc.

    And because it’s all target driven based, and not health based, the unfairness of it all is appalling. If you try to explain to the joe bloggs of the world, they refuse to believe it, it’s like they’ve already made up their minds, because the daily mail told them so, or nonsense like ” Were closing in on benefit scroungers ” type posters all over the shop, until the public are educated about the devestating effects of whatever suits the media at that time/s propoganda, it will always be that way, with disagreements, straw man attacks, scatological remarks, fights and squabbles being the norm.


    1. dwpexamination

      I think you are right “D”, those coming into contact with ATOS for the first and sometimes second and third time are often ignorant of the correct way to challenge the “Doctors” report or the DM’s decision based on said report. This clearly puts them at a disadvantage (and the Government and ATOS know this) and more often than not, they walk away and sign on just to maintain an income and their housing benefit. I don’t say that in a derogatory way, I am simply stating a fact, people do need money to live on, they have themselves and often other family members to support and have bills to pay. The DWP and ATOS also know this and use it to their advantage, knowing full well that the majority of people will end up losing out if they challenge the decision. Its a vicious circle which needs looking at.


  122. stan

    Atos healthcare have the mind set of the health insurance industry they are directly connected to.They are, as you know, playing for big stakes.They will never admit they are or have ever done wrong.The only 2 ways to oust this low morals company are 1)get them into court,there are thousands of wca reports full of lies etc no judge could ignore. 2)for the dwp to come to it’s senses and admit the problems exist,what chance of this?
    If we could get copy’s of all the medical reports, which can be used as proof of malpractice, on to one desk there may be a solicitor willing to have a look.I am willing to donate the £100 compensation i got from atos to any fund to get them into court.If the government put as much effort into chasing the rich tax evaders as they put into attacking the sick and disabled they could recover £100 billion a year,no joke,£100 billion a year is the estimate big company’s and the rich fail to pay in tax.
    It is easier to argue the merits of 500 not fit for purpose reports than the merits of 1,surely there must be a sick or disabled lawyer out there.Any additional ideas?. Stan


    1. dwpexamination

      Exactly my thoughts too “S” if there are any lawyers reading this who will do a no wuin np fee for us, then give us a shout.


  123. David

    Hello Stan.

    Its good to hear from you again, at 10-45 this evening, im going to watch this programme on bbc 1 scotland, regarding ATOS malpractice, will switch the computer on and try and give a running commentary on the spot.

    So turn on, tune in, dont drop out though. around the back o eleven would be a good time.


  124. stan

    In addition to last post Atos Healthcare state their HCP’s are experts,if this is the case they could be classed as expert witnesses for the DWP.
    There are GMC rules for expert witnesses.Google http://www.gmc-uk.org this should bring up the rules.Please have a look tell me what your opinion is,I am toying with complaining to GMC using these rules as any other approach seems to fail with the GMC.
    Thanks in advance Stan


    1. dwpexamination

      Its worth a try Stan, but dont hold your breath. There seems to be a “barrier” which suddenly appears when a complaint is made against a “Doctor” especially if they are in the employ of ATOS. I wonder if they are untouchable because they are not usually registered as a working G.P.?


  125. David


    Thats me just finished writing out my appeal, and kept a couple of copys for my WRO, will save me writing it out again, the way iv’e written it, to my mind is more than enough for any fair minded person to agree, mentioning all the descriptors i’m contending and how it effects my health etc.

    Mind you though, we are not dealing with fair minded people are we, will keep you all informed of the outcome.


  126. David

    Hi all’

    And watching this programme right now, and a woman who had terminal cancer scored zero points, she died before her appeal date.

    The new scottish secetary Danny Alexander is speaking up for us, amongst others, the appeal rate is 8,ooo poor souls a month, not sure if thats just scotland.

    So far they are not sticking it in to ATOS enough.

    OOPS an ATOS whistle blower has just appeared hold on folks, she doesn’t want to be identified, but shes sticking the fuckers good and proper, so far it’s looking good for us, thats it get in there, chew em up and spit em out.

    More later folks.


  127. David

    Citizens advice scotland did a survey in scotland on ATOS, their conclusion ” NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE ” Hey stan i think you will be able to keep your £100, this programme doesn’t do ATOS any favours, and will be shown in England soon i hope, DWP have refused to be interviewed, but issued a sly statement, more mumbo jumbo, were trying to help people on to ESA he says as best as we can, and this fucker knows fine well thats not what its about, but moving us on to JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE, wish it was me talking to him, he wouldn’t have got away with that nonsense, i was dissapointed he wasn’t pulled up on the spot.

    All in all though a fairly good programme, and a good start to our future.

    With the added bonus, that the new secretary of state for scotland is on our side.


  128. David

    And the DWP needn’t think they are not responsible as well, because Gordon Brown, James Purnell et al told me/us to do it.

    Thats like saying ” It was all Hitlers fault, he was the one what told me to do it ” or ” It was Flashman, who was the one who ordered me to do it ” Or Stalins fault, he made me/us put bullets in the head of all those poor folk at Katyn woods ”

    My point is, if you are asked to carry out immoral behaviour, and you do carry it out, then you Sir/Madam are responsible for your own actions, and in my opinion, should carry the can as well.

    So the DWP should be thouroughly investigated from top to fucken bottom.


  129. David

    Hello anonymous.

    Yes i concur, it’s very interesting, there’s even a threat in there to make the test even harder i noticed, only had a quick look though, and thanks for pointing it out for the readers.

    I wonder who the author is though, it must have taken about 2 fucken weeks to write it out. HA HA.


  130. David

    Hi stan.

    The problem with the GMC is they operate a buddy a love you, you love me system doctors can do no wrong etc, they tell you to go through this channel, that channel, jump through this and that hoop, then when you exaust all the protocols, send us your complaint, and you will get a reply like : We have noted your complaint, and we can ensure you we are working robustly etc………..And your complaint gets thrown in the nearest skip.

    You get the picture..!!


  131. David

    Oaky Doak Kelvin, no probs, dont do it again though or dee dub will send you down to your nearest ATOS centre for a fresh assesment.

    HA HA HA.


  132. David


    And took me around three hours last night, trawling through every sentence every page, quoting case law on one of them, should be more than enough points there to keep them satisfied, but since the reCONsideration is a CON i do expect to go to appeal tribunal, and in view of this crackpot duncan-smith ( As soon as you se a double barreled name, be on your guard ) and his even harsher hoops to jump through, it might just suit me to wait six months or so ( Cant go for assesment, if your appealing, well thats the law for now ) and hopfully things just might be resolved, with a large amount of luck DUUUU. HA HA.


  133. David

    Hi all’

    Just having a read at the daily mail online, our new benefits secretary, the double barelled one, he’s the man what’s going to sort it all out, and supply 4 or 5 million jobs for the great unwashed, since we dont have any manufacturing industry, virtually no shipbuilding, or coalmining, almost everything we buy says ” Made in china ” I decided to sit back and take a good long hard look at the situation, and i regret to inform, the situation is indeed…beyond hopeless.

    Last one to leave this fucken madhouse, switch of the lights, thats if there will be any left to switch off.


  134. sharon

    Hi Guys
    I went to see a lovely woman yesterday from MIND they help people with deppression etc anyway I told her I had been for the medical she said ‘Don’t take it personally but you will get zero points, I took a man for the medical who had just gone through a lung transplant- he was later told he was fit for work’ Can’t believe it, just saw a woman on the news who is suffering from depression and she said the pressure people are put under could push them over the edge. I have to agree and how much money is all this costing the goverment? It is a crazy way to go on.


    1. dwpexamination

      Crazy is the word, on the news last night it was confirmed that the proposed changes to the benefits system will cost a further 600 million quid? The mind boggles….


  135. David

    Hi Sharon.

    You could contact CLAIR WEST by e-mail, she’s a representitive and activist officer for a mental health organisation called RETHINK, who have just obtained ten thousand signatures, and they want as many online votes as possible to present to the new government just in time for George Osbourne’s budget speech.

    This petition apparently has been succesful, and they have Vince Cable on board already, this is an excellent opportunity, and can make the difference to you at any future assesments or appeals, i personaly just signed the petition an hour ago at : claire.west@rethink.org

    Every vote counts..!!


  136. David

    Well folks things are moving, this recent election has at least started the fireworks, and i hope it’s not a damp giant squib.

    Because complaints regarding ATOS are starting to flood in to the internet, especially with the showing of the BBC SCOTLAND programme, as soon as this programme trickles in to England, and the rest of the UK, ATOS will be no more , there will be no stopping it, a possible giant tsunami is on the horizon.

    The ATOS bastards deserve everything thats coming their way, and i for one, dont give a RAT’S ARSE what happens to them..!!



  137. David

    Hi all.

    Since the anti-ATOS television programme was shown in scotland, iv’e been scouring the daily mail online every morning since, and not a word so far as i can see about ATOS corrupt practice, in fact not a word about ATOS at all, probably hoping the bad news, well bad news for the rupert murdochs of the world, will grind to a halt on its own, or out of sheer apathy.
    This is what were up against folks, they would rather have a discuscion about non-entitys like simon cowell and sheryl cole, than any kind of decent social conditions.

    Hey dee dub, the mind boggles…HA HA.


  138. David

    And i’m still looking, and still they say nothing, even although they’re well aware, thought about writing to them to ask why, until i remembered ‘Emma Goldman’ and to paraphrase, if writing to these people changed anything, they would ban it..!!


  139. David

    Well folks, i believe my predictions may just be starting to come true, since the ATOS ESA assesment resembles a decayed and festering building, it will only take one or two kicks on its door for the whole rotten structure to cave in.
    And that first kick may have happened recently, with the ESA assesment ”unfit for purpose” citizens advice report motioned and put forward for discussion by the liberal democrat SMP Hugh O’Donnell.
    Since the scottish parliament dont have legislative powers regarding ESA in westminster, but have moral power, watch out for the second and final kick coming soon.


  140. David

    And still the daily mail online say nothing regarding ATOS corruption, and instead a report concerning a benefit scrounging rugby player was presenented instead, but when the grossly unfair ATOS assesment nonsense kicks of, watch them try and worm there way out.

    Of course we at the daily mail believe in fair play, and meaningful help to get folk back in to work, and of course we at the daily mail have always believed in fairplay, and we had no idea ESA was a sham and so on ( The bastards would sell their grannys ) and how its all a disgrace.

    But we have always maintained the 0.3 percent sickness benefit scroungers which in recent years we have continually been at pains to point out and expose to our readers, should be addressed as a matter of urgency.
    Watch out folks..!!


  141. David

    Hi Folks.

    The mail has arrived and in among there is YES… the brown one, and my captain cash has been cut to £64.45 a week.

    It states: You have appealed against the decision that you do not have limited capability for work. We will pay you at the assesment rate, until your appeal is heard. You will need to supply us with medical certificates while appealing. You may also be required to participate in work focused interviews.

    So then… iv’e filled in the GL 24 and appealed, and they are trying to make out that is my appeal, rather than just a consideration, a reconsider i did not ask for incidentally.

    Why dont they cut the nonsense and pretence and just send me the appeal papers, instead of trying to create the impression that informing me they are cutting my money i have no hope, how sadisdict is that ?.


  142. Beth

    I have read many of the rantings on this site and I’m totally appalled at the bias. DWP have a difficult job to do.. and lets face it if it wasn’t for the liars and cheats fiddling the system, genuinly disabled people would get the benefits their entitled to.


    1. dwpexamination

      Which is why this site exists, the purpose of this blog is to give the disabled and ill and people like you the opportunity to air their views without censorship. As you seem to say, the plight of those who are genuinely disabled and are mistreated by the DWP and ATOS needs to be brought to public attention. The unfair “tarring with the same brush” methods used by the Government and their enforcement arm ATOS needs to be changed. The legal system needs to be given the power to jail those who are convicted of fraud and to size their assets to pay back what they have stolen. What you are reading here are the opinions of people who have suffered at the hands of the Government and ATOS because of those who are illegally claiming. Your comment also suggests that this site is “biased” take a look at the comments, take a look at the system and the way disabled people are being treated before commenting! The DWP, ATOS and the Government are guilty of fraud, abuse of human rights and cruelty and this is goin to be brought to the attention of the general public whether you or your “biased” kind like it or not.


  143. Kelvin

    According to the D.W.P.’s own statistics, only 0.6% of claimants are, “liars and cheats fiddling the system”. While the latter cost the government/tax payer £800 millions/year, the cost of the 8,000 E.S.A. appeals per month – of which, according to the C.A.B. between 70% and 90% are successful – and for which, according to the contract between the D.W.P. and Atos, the latter should pay but does not, was, only last year, £1.5 billions and is doubling year on year. It may also be worth noting that according to a government memo, Atos H.C.P.s receive £4,000 for every claimant they ‘fail’.
    I think it telling that Professor Paul Gregg, the designer of the ‘back-to-work’ component of E.S.A., the C.A.B. and 18 other organisations say that it is not working; that several law firms are involved in class action lawsuits against the D.W.P. and Atos on the grounds that the D.W.P. does not abide by the E.S.A. Regulations 2008, the Welfare Reform Act 2007, that its assessment tool contravenes parts of the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005, that the Atos H.C.P.s neither abide by the aforementioned contract nor their statutory training, suggests this site and its posters are not so much biased but rather, informed and, in light of our predicament, quite balanced.


  144. David

    This is an equal oportunitys site, where free speech from the heart is respected, positive or negative, just so happens 99.9 is negative, but thanks for your contribution..!!

    And if you have a story positive or negative, i’m sure we would all like to hear it.


  145. David

    Hi kelvin.

    You have hit the nail right on the head, if on the one hand you have, the daily telegraph, the guardian, both have written adverse story’s, citizens advice, actually ask every/any citizens advice worker in the UK, and any welfare rights officer in the UK; ask Hugh O’Donnell liberal SMP, Danny Alexander liberal MP, bill kidd SMP, benefits and work web site, ukbix web site, ouch disability web site, whywaitforever web site, and the thousands who have added their voice to the sound of the crowd, and after wading through all that lot.

    To paraphrase the words of OLIVER CROMWELL ( I beseech thee, from the bowels of Christ, is it possible that ATOS/DWP could be wrong ? )


  146. David

    Hi all.

    BEWARE, if any of us lose a leg, get a prosthesis fitted, battle through the pain, muster up all your determination, and exercise morning noon and night to increase your mobility, and do not report said increased mobility to your nearest GESTAPO office, you can be charged with fraud and find yourself supping porage with the likes of Ian Brady and the huntly slasher.

    That can’t happen in a modern Britain can it right ? WRONG… it’s already happened.

    ” BENEFIT AMPUTEE JAILED AFTER TAKING PART IN BBC ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY” So reports the daily mail, apparently he received money from his wife after a property deal, which is the real reason he was jailed, but you wouldn’t think that at first if you see the headline.



  147. Kelvin

    Dear All,

    Having derived a great deal of comfort and indeed support from this excellent site, I thought some might like to know that there is hope: I received, this very morning, a letter from Jobcentre Plus informing me that I have been placed in the Employment and Support Allowance’s ‘Support Group’ and that the ‘extra money because of the Disability Income Guarantee’ (£13.40) and ‘extra money because [I am] in the Support Group’ (£30.85) is to be back-dated to the 1st of January 2010 and this without having to appeal.

    I should like, therefore, to give credit where credit is due: it would seem that the Atos HCP who visited my house – those who have read the D.W.P./Atos contract will be aware that those with certain conditions are exempted from attending a Medical Examination Centre so require a ‘domiciliary visit – was genuine, for example, having read the 191 page document which I submitted with my ESA50, he went to see a film about Asperger syndrome in order to be better informed about my condition.

    That said, I am not sure how successful might have been my claim had I not the support of my family, support-worker, psychiatrist, G.P., the Asperger syndrome specialist who assessed me, http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatos.html, this site and http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk


  148. David

    Hi Kelvin.

    Thats fantastic news, and its great you got some captain cash back, with the correct result, especially when it’s someone like yourself who is obviously genuine.

    Imagine you had none of the above support though, they ( ATOS/DWP ) would just throw you to the wolves, and as you know kelvin that is happening to a lot of people right now, it’s exceptional this particular HCP has a conscience, but dont forget Kelvin, the next decision maker a few months down the line decides in his/her infinite wisdom your condition has improved and sends you down to visit another ATOS HCP whoe’s on a mission.

    Someone said ATOS/DWP dont do sympathy..!!

    The constant pressure ATOS are experiencing right at this very moment, and in the past, what with all the complaints coming in from all directions is obviously starting to have an effect, and we must keep it up, no let up till they change their whole system.


    And the best of luck bud.



  149. David

    HI ALL.

    URGENT….Your Country needs you.

    Have you been done over, humiliated, harassed by the DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS, or do you know a DWP bully, now is your chance for revenge, Google in [ EQUALITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, commission call in evidence on disability-related harassment in Britain]
    All Government bodies are being investigated for any wrong doing against disabled people, and that’s including the DWP, All evidence is received in confidence, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers are available,

    (PS) dont worry if you cant afford the call they will call you right back.


  150. stan

    As you all know i have been looking for alternative ways to bring down Atos Healthcare.My latest research looking into the LiMA programme.It seems this program is made up of 1000 rules which in turn form 250 protocols which drive the programme and steer the Atos HCP through the WCA.It is my belief that the rules and protocols can be pre set to fail 80% of claimants regardless of their condition.I further believe the programme can be altered as and when the DWP and Atos wish.If you think of the computer programme being the same as a pub machine, which we all no can be set to pay out 75%(its usually written on the machine) the same Idea is used in LiMA.Have we any computer buffs who could take this idea further,I believe it’s true but I don’t know how to proceed.
    Keep the Faith Stan……………..David,Mick am I on to something?


  151. stan

    by the way congratulations Kelvin,I also had a result this week they put me in the WRAG and paid my back pay to October 2009 it’s just a bitch I’ve had to fight since August 2009 to get a result.My Atos Doctor was like yours polite professional and honest but I think David has a point the massive amount of complaints is hitting home.They can’t defend the undefendable forever.
    Notice the comments David Cameron uses “welfare scroungers,Benefit scroungers” this man is the Prime Minister and uses words like these without one iota of evidence of widespread fiddling.The millionaires in government are the true criminals.Stan


    1. dwpexamination

      Theres nothing odd about it, the condem party and the fools at its head have listened and ;earned from thier own psychological warfare team to use terms like this. We must get the message across to the public, the term benefit means every benefit from family allowance to peansions and all in between. The Government prefer to give the impression that all disablaed claimants are scroungers, they do not want it known how difficult it is to get disability benefits, the hoops we have to jump through and the barriers we meet along the way. They are giving the public the impression that the disabled are fleecing the country, lets try to change that. Maybe we should make our own programme and ask one fo the main tv comanies to air it?


  152. David

    Hi Stan.

    As you know the world and his dog have been trying to get details of the full lima programme from the DWP, and so far to no avail, but sooner or later it will be outed, and when it does, every person that knows anything about programming who has a grudge against ATOS/DWP will be going through it with a fine tooth comb.
    And believe me, there’s plenty in the queue, willing and able and ready to go.

    I think your right it’s pre-set and can be customized, wouldn’t make sense if it couldn’t be adjusted.

    Anyway it’s great to see you got some captain cash back, thats five weeks for me now and had no replies, no answers, and no money.

    Hey stan old boy, i dont suppose you have a spare fiver you could lend me, al pay ya back in 2 or 3 years when the DWP have stopped taking umbrage with me….HEY just kidding mate. HA HA.

    cheers from Joe Blogs.


  153. David

    Hi all.

    And an example is right there in the daily rag online this morning, man claiming disability, and works as a window cleaner, he’s supposed to have agrophobia and cant go out.

    Unleashed just in time for Georgie boys budget anouncement later today.

    Thanks daily mail, please dont mention the thousands upon thousands of genuine claimants, Hey George might even start getting ideas, and recommend that ATOS gives the disabled a fairer assessment test.

    Wont be long now George before your out on your eton/tory ass, judging by the responses on the comments page.


  154. peter

    New medical assesmnets to be applied to all DLA claimants from 2013. Ie, We will assess you and deny you benefit in order to save us money. Another classic example of “moving the goalposts” to suit themselves. I smell ATOS will be involved as usual. This needs stopping NOW before they even start.
    I,m British and ashamed of it. I hate this country.
    All very similar to 1940’s Germany and the Nazi’s.


  155. Kelvin

    I find it interesting that the very people – the government – who say that a single person requires only £64.30/week on which to live – some characteristics of Asperger syndrome, e.g. insensitivity to cold (I required no heating lasr winter), requiring a Sainsbury’s Basics tin of Chilli Con Carne every other day (I am rarely hungry but do not lose weight and am never ill), enable me to live comfortably on £64.30/week but I am aware that I am quite unique – seem to require a great deal more:

    so I am wondering, might anyone know why 1) no-one calls MPs ‘expenses scroungers’ and 2) despite ‘fraudulent claims’ in orders of magnitude above those of which benefit claimants are accused, MPs are neither brought nor held to account?


  156. David

    Hi All’

    I think you will find it started much earlier than the 1940s peter, almost immediately after attaining power in 1933, the media propoganda started in great earnest, their version of the daily mail was the volkisher beobachter, and another revolting paper called the newes volk, which had a poster with an ATOS type doctor wih his arms round a mentally ill man in a friendly pose.

    It said this man costs the country 60,000 RM, and in order to justify giving this poor unfortunate guy a little jag in the paw, The caption was something like ”60,000 REICHS MARKS VOLKSGENOFFE DAS IFT AUCH DEIM GELD” loosely translated ”PEOPLE, THAT IS YOUR 60,000 RM TOO”

    Some will try and tell you that will never happen here, my answer to these naive idiots is dont fucken kid yourselves, it’s already started, the nazis got the idea from Britain and the US in the first place, to the embarrasment of Churchill, I personally dont have mental problems, but that doesn’t mean i can stand by with folded arms and watch them get their rights ripped off by a corrupt shower of Bastards like ATOS.

    And if ATOS have a problem with that, then they know what to do ”FUCKEN SUE ME”


  157. peter

    A great site.
    It never ceases to amaze me how naive the Britsh are. All the propaganda and villification of the “welfare scrounger” over the past few years is really having effect.
    The only SCROUNGERS in this country are the MP SCROUNGERS.
    They are the real parasites. VILE.
    I cannot understand why the European court is not doing anything about the disgusting way our government treat us.
    Surely all these abusive, derogatory terms being used to describe the sick is “Incitement” It wouldn’t be tolerated against a particular race.
    The government are actively provoking hatred amongst the population against the sick and disabled.


  158. David


    Before anyone with a complaint regarding human rights can actually address the complaint to the (EHRC) then one must visit the street of a thousand hoops.

    For instance, suppose you have a complaint about a certain ATOS doctors conduct, then you complain in writing to ATOS and you receive a reply like, we have noted your complaint, and we can assure you etc. and nothing happens.

    So you send another letter of complaint, and you receive a reply like, we have investigated doctor Blank and we have found no evidence of malpractice etc, and nothing happens.

    So you send another letter of complaint and you receive a letter of reply like, We have noted your complaint, and as of our letter on the etc.

    So you send another letter of complaint, and you receive a reply like, Could you please take it up with the GMC if you are not happy with our internal complaints procedure, and by this time six months or more has passed.

    So you send the GMC a letter of complaint, and you receive a reply like, We are very sorry to hear of your negative experience at your assessment, we are currently working robustly to improve our standards etc.

    So you send another letter of complaint, and you receive a reply like, We can assure you that standards have improved since your etc.

    So you send a letter of complaint to your MP and you receive a reply like, I have investigated your recent negative experience at ATOS healthcare and the doctor concerned has expressed his deep regret that your assessment wasn’t of the highest standards etc.

    So you send a letter of complaint to the health secretary and again, the same old rigmarole.

    And by that time, assuming you can be bothered sending another letter that is…your an old man.

    You dont actually think Blair and co, are going to sign the Human rights act if it was easy to make a complaint do you..!!


  159. David

    Hi All.

    No wonder the MPs wages and expenses bill is astronomical, there’s far to many of them, did you see them all packed in to the house like sardines, some of them had to clog up the stairs, couldn’t get a flippen seat to park their fat arses..!!


  160. peter

    “No wonder the MPs wages and expenses bill is astronomical, there’s far to many of them, did you see them all packed in to the house like sardines, some of them had to clog up the stairs, couldn’t get a flippen seat to park their fat arses..!!”
    It wants bulldozing into the Thames full of MP’s and all. PARASITES


  161. stan

    The N.I Scheme has, by this coalition Budget, been proved to be a fraudulent Scheme,For those of us in this generation who have paid into the Scheme for over 40 years it is clear now the contributions have been taken under false pretences.It has been proved the vast majority of people only get out what they have paid in,not many make a profit as it were.The N.I Fund is currently £50 billion in surplus,that’s after the labour government creamed off £15 billion to fund other schemes(illegally as it happens).The truth is the N.I Scheme is subsidising the Government not the other way round.The UK system pays much lower welfare benefits than most other EU countries.However we have obviously caused the £800billion deficit,so we have to pay it back,unfortunately I have misplaced my share which must be something like £5 million,where the hell have i put it? my memory isn’t what it was.It will turn up i suppose!!!!!!!!!!!Unless i put it in the bank and it has disappeared into a black hole?


  162. stan

    You could plainly see how much Danny Alexander was concerned about the treatment of the Welfare Claimants on TV last night.A hypocrite of the highest order,this is a must if you want to be a British MP. Liars whatever colour liars.


    1. dwpexamination

      As I said to Joe Blogs, he’s been turned, bribed with a new job to keep his mouth shut. Its pretty clever though when you think about it, he has single handedly manipulated tweedle dee and tweedle dumb into giving him a new job and more money and they fell for it. What a shower, just shows how corrupt they actually are.


  163. David

    Yes their all the same, and nobody can say they wern’t warned, i sent a letter regarding ATOS malpractice to George Galloway well over a year ago, with an invitation to look at my own personal ESA 85, not that i’m special, i understand there’s far worse than me, but it’s not just about me is it, anyway i had enough proof that the report was a fabrication.

    Did i get a reply, nope, was i going to get a reply, nope, because he already knew/knows about it and doesn’t give a flying fuck, but just thought i would give him a chance.

    So i stopped listening to anything he said, from then on, he has an agenda, and it doesn’t have a place in there for us.

    Cheers From Joe Blogs.


  164. David

    Morning Peter.

    The usual Daily mail stuff, they get fed storys from the DWP head honchos, just to let the public know were not being cruel to the disabled and ill, and we really are trying to help them, you will notice there’s no mention of DWP and ATOS corruption, tells us all we need to know about the Daily Mail.

    Peter sign in to the new forum, details above on comment 259, there’s a couple of petitions in there.


  165. Bill Williamson

    Im a 32 year old man, that now recieves benefits. I recently had to apply for benefits because of serious back problems that prevent me from working. I went to my local assessment center. I cant believe what you people talk about! The clinic was perfect, it had disabled parking, it was easy to get to and the people were all very friendly. I found them very helpful, and I now recieve a benefits that I believe are very reasonable. All of the staff were very kind to me and the center was very nice as well. If your reading this and wondering how so many other people can have negative views on atos, certain centers may have different to others, but I dont know. My experience was a positive one.

    Bill W.


    1. dwpexamination

      Thanks for that Bill, well it just goes to show that there are occasionally satisfied customers out there. I must say its refreshing to hear from someone who has had a positive outcome, though You didnt say which centre you were assessed at or the nature/severity of your disability or the level of benefits you recieve. Just interested to have a little more detail.


  166. David

    Aye sure Bill, what are you the tea boy at the local ATOS centre ( Thats how you spell centre Bill) and how come on all the sites regarding ATOS malpractice, you are the only one, yes Bill go through all the sites on the inter-net and you will notice you are the only person with anything positive to say about ATOS, except for a couple of obvious jokers, quite frankly i dont believe you are sincere Bill, just another retard that reads the Daily Mail and believes everything you read.

    By the way where’s your local ATOS clinic as you call it, and i will get some folks round there to see if it’s as perfect as you claim, my local ATOS centre is in Cadogan Street Glasgow, and i can assure you it’s a fucking dump.


    1. dwpexamination

      Mine too, but he’s entitled to his say. Its interesting to note there is not too much detail in his comment so I have hinted at a little more info. Lets see what happens.


  167. Dean

    I have been to 2 ATOS centres and while I wouldn’t call them dumps they are no more than either BORROWED DWP buildings or converted office space. But one thing is certain in twenty years time the buildings will still have the same fucking paintwork the only updates will be the spy-ware and ATOS going under another name. I cannot wait for 2012 to see if or what those fucking lying ATOS bastards change their company name to to try and draw claimants off the scent that they are still the fucking lying, cheating corrupt bastards they have been from the start.

    The 2 ATOS interrogation centres were in York, hidden behind another government building, not a JC+ office, I think it may have been a tax office, the second one in Pontefract, the sign blended in with the wall it was stuck on but was also a DWP JC+ office with no one going in to sign on and not one fucking job point advertising fake non available jobs, there was a nightclub over the road on the corner and a post with what looked like it housed spy cameras in a glass dome but IMO was no way a light, This was perfectly placed to see both the GESTAPO DWP JC+ HQ and both car parks they had mentioned in the letter.


    1. dwpexamination

      Like I said before, lets moderate our language here, I wont do it as I have no wish to stifle free speech but I am worried about younger readers picking up on what’s said here. Lets stay focused on our objectives. This Blog and sites like Black triangle are very popular internet sites, so popular that even the DWP and ATOS are avid readers, hell they are probably learning a trick or two from us right now. The one thing that worries them is when people start getting together, when people become organised as we are and start fighting back as we are doing, or start educating ther disabled people as we are now. That’s what this is about, its an educational Blog and forum designed to help others by telling our individual stories, so lets keep at it and soon the whole country will be aware of our presence, hey, maybe the DWP and ATOS will try to close the site down, who knows.


  168. David

    What disabled parking, you actually noticed there was disabled parking Bill ?, oh wait a minute, you mean you drove there then, dont you know driving to an ATOS centre is zero points Bill ?.
    What do you take us for, IDIOTS.

    let me tell you this PAL we are on to you..!!


  169. stan

    That’s it for me people I refuse to be censored because of some numb nuts comments,I have been fighting for a year against these people.I passed the so called wca test and carried on fighting for other people.I refuse to accept comments which are clearly from trolls.I know what I know and input from people like BW is not welcome in my fight.Goodbye and Goodluck all.Stan


  170. Alan

    Iam sorry to hear all your problems with atos!

    I have been lucky then…in two and half year I only had one assesment ( the first ) then I filled a questionnarie in two occasions…but they dint call me for assesment again…only recieved a letter from dhs stating they continue to pay me £ 92. 40 per week.
    Also told me they put me in related work scheme, but because I am 63, I dint have to take part if I not wanted too.

    Reading all your posts, make me feel I been in luck because I only see one doctor and she was very polite.


  171. Robert Cooper

    It is worth googling the words ENRON – UNIM – KPMG and ATOS together, they are all linked and corrupt together. ATOS was formed along the same model as UNIM and when ENRON bosses were being jailed in the US KPMG shed some of its work to ATOS IT in the UK. Atos in the UK is virtually the same as UNIM in the US, a disability denial company. If our goverment do not stop this corruption they are conspiring with these companies.


  172. David

    Hi Robert.

    As you can see im up early, need to get myself ready for the new work for welfare the Government have planned for all those years ago.
    It’s an irony that it’s the tories who sent their representatives to the United States to have a look at welfare reforms in winsconsin, later implemented in the city of New York, but it was New Labour who started the ball rolling in Britain (Blair is a tory, for the dummies who still havent caught on yet) so it didn’t matter who won the election, the same welfare reforms were going to be brought in to operation, because it’s all pre-planned.
    Yes Robert that was good work, and is good to see someone like yourself that doe’s his own thinkiing and research.
    And yes as you have found out ENRON-UNIM-ATOS are all corrupt (i personally have never heard of KPMG, but what’s in a name) and yes the Government ARE conspiring with these companies, not only the Government but the whole establishment including the MEDIA, there’s not enough people like you and i Robert, and to many Daily Mail readers who haven’t a clue what’s happening, haven’t a clue that welfare reforms are not in their best interest.

    It was amazing to listen to Talk Radio the other evening, the host had managed to convince thousands of his brainwashed followers that working for a pound an hour is a great thing.
    What these retards just cant understand is that this is just the begining, first it’s the workshy, then it’s people that can’t genuinly get honest work (because there isn’t going to be any) then it’s the sick and crippled, then it’s no welfare at all, all done slowly but surely, and all pre-planned years ago.

    They phoned in to talk radio, screaming it was the greatest thing they had ever heard in their lives, not realising that the Government are going to kick them all of their minimum wage job, as time goes by, and have them working cleaning toilets for a pound an hour.
    And the £15 and hour lot are going to be demoted to the minimum wage (after all you are lucky to have a job OLD BOY ) i turned the radio off, because i just couldn’t bear to listen to them any longer.

    It’s probably to late now to stop it Robert, but at least you and i will have the satisfaction of knowing the reason/s why.
    History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, no lessons have been learned from the past, 1933 to 1945 may as well never have happened.

    For an example of what we are up against have a look at comments from 27 to 41 on ” OUESTIONS YOU MAY BE ASKED ? ” on another page from this blog, it’s available on the top right hand side of this page..!!


  173. phill

    iv just been called in and this time im going in to die i am going to set myself on fire …. i have been throw to many of them ..takes me mouths to get myself back together so this time they can if i severve and if i die i die but this i have said the on the form i had to send in so now thay will have to take resperbliy for my death if it happens sorry for the spelling im not good at it


    1. dwpexamination

      Hi Phil, welcome to our rapidly growing community. I am alarmed at reading of your intentions and hope you will reconsider taking such drastic action, after all you haven’t even had your examination yet. I know you are frustrated, but remember, you are not alone. There are many other people here who have had similar experiences. I ask you to carefully think before you do anything drastic, there are likely to be other people, just like you who will be harmed if you go ahead. Please take your time and tell us your story, we want to hear what you have to say, I am sure, you will find nothing but support and useful information here. ATOS need to be challenged by using their own rules against them, their “Healthcare Professionals” need to be outed for the charlatans they are, their methods need to be seen and understood by people who have been fed misinformation by the press. So you see how important you are, you will do more harm to ATOS by challenging their decisions if you are passed fit for work. It costs them dearly to respond to your challenge, to provide F.O.I. requests, to answer appeals etc. This reduces the profit they make from us. Tell us you story, it might just help you to vent your frustration.


  174. ESA veteran

    Phil please rethink what you are planning ,you are worth more than them,you will get by despite the DWP and Atos Healthcare.One day the truth will come out and Atos Healthcare will go.
    Please tell us your story so we can help.


  175. phill

    sorry i did not make self clear im am go to do it at or inside the examination itself
    will post all my medic recouds here a few hours b4 the examination itself so my full history is kown and the time date and place will be kown to all to
    WILL NOT hart anyone why sould i
    i do what i do for all the ture disabled people out there who are being called liyabouts scruoger and such
    im at peace kowning that somone at ASTO will be seeing first hand what there high handness costed people like us


    1. dwpexamination

      Phil, please don’t harm yourself, life is too precious, please seek help from your friends and family. Go to your GP, tell him how you feel, but please do not go ahead with your plan. People like the readers here are in a similar situation and know how you feel, taking this kind of action will not stop the ATOS, Please do not harm yourself.


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  177. Having established that the Atos Healthcare medical examination is going to be recorded regardless of whether they like it or not it is now time to go to the next stage which is to cover my back in case of every eventuality that may occur during the examination.

    To do this I have compiled a few basic questions and a legal statement, which I believe, will do the job nicely.

    You can find the template to use in your examination by going to:



    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Stephan.

      They don’t want you to record anything, so they look for any excuse to stop you openly recording, better to do it covertly then and just don’t tell them it’s not against the law to do this.

      I have put your logo and link to your site on the ‘usefel links page’ on our forum. Some of our members should have a look, perhaps even comment, because they have ran in to the same problems as yourself. Stephan you will notice in the Daily mail etc that mad dog Cameron is giving away 11 Billion in aid to foreign countries, but at the same time they are telling us there is no money left.

      Stephan check out ‘Lords of the blog’ and one Lord Blagger who claims there’s no money left http://lordsoftheblog.net/2011/09/24/do-you-want-to-comment-on-the-welfare-reform-bill/ obviously this Lord Blagger didn’t ask Cameron or Osbourne if there was any money left.


  178. Kenn

    OK a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away There I was newly made redundant as was my partner at the time. Both of us had worked with our dissabilities for most of our lifes. Then redundancy forced us into abject poverty. We found ouselfs struggling to survive. Some of you may remember my case about 18 months ago. I have Epilepsy, Short Term Memory Loss, Ataxia (brought on by long term use of anti vonvulsant medication) and Artritis (also brought on by the long term use of Anti epileptic drugs and many falls damaging my knees and wrists) My partner then and now my wife Suffers from a a rare genetic defect Cerabella Ataxia. This causes pain in her limbs and a poor motor movement along with speach problems. This is by way of a tale to give hope to those who are struggling to either get the right benifits or to fight ATOS/DWP.
    So as I have previously stated we found ourselfs without work and virtualy unemployable. We lost our house (fortunately it was sold to a Housing association in the Mortgage Rescue Sceme) we had negative equity so had a shortfall of £12,000 (the mortgage company tried to make us pay with Buttons presumably) but it has now been written off. I applied for DLA and was granted it at the Lower rate Mobility and The Middle Rate care. I was told that I was fit for work so I kept applying )as did my wife) But not many folks will take on epileptics/Ataxian/Arthritic 56 year old men. I was advised (funny enough by the Jobs Centre) This I duely did (my wife still claiming Job Seekers) I attended my Atos Medical and Guess what? They managed to Cure me of all my conditions evem my epilepsy of 30+ years) and I scored an amazing ZERO Points!. I have regular falls and Grand Mal Siezures and 5 – 10 away Siezures in a day. I looked on the internet and found this site talking about ATOS Health Care (there is an oximoron if ever there was one). I got loads of great advice from here and followed up on it. I contacted the CAB, My local MP, My GP, and a charity called Help. They sent out a Lawyer to interview me and helped me fill in forms. These were sent off to the DWP they said the DM had made a correct assesment going on the ATOS HCP report. I then asked my MP to investigate. With just ONE letter from him the DWP overturned the DM’s rulling and awarded me the minimum requirement to recieve Maximum benifit for ESA 15 points (because i have reqular periods of unconciousness) so I got my DLA my ESA. The story does not end there my wife who was earning Just £93 a week applied for carers allowence for me. Not a problem or so you would thing this took her earnings over £100 that lost us our council tax benifit and HALF of our Housing benifit!!!! which ment that we got the £53 but lost £97 a week. Do not dispair there is still a good outcome to this protracted tale. She applied for working tax credi as I was getting DLA and she is over 50, so she was entitled to the 50+ element she got £63 WTC this off set the loss of Housing Benift. So all was good (for 1 year as that is the length of time you can get the 50+ wtc. That was in may this year. So reluctantly she decided that she would finaly apply for DLA under her own right. Apart from a small stint on the dole when we were both made redundant, she has never made a claim for benifits. Her condition is lifelong and is Progressive and degenerative. So we went and saw our Doctor and he refered us to the Most Senior specialist in the country. He saw my wife and her son at the same time and gave the official Diagnosis (which the DWP require) we then went to the CAB they helped us again, by giving us help to fill in the form to request DLA.
    This we did in August this year (then we went away in the middle of october on holiday (I sold two of my Guitars from my collection and my wife sold her jewelry that she had from her mom This paid for our holiday) we came back and found a letter stating that she had finaly got her Physiotherapy appointment and also there was a letter from the DWP (I expected it to say no and then to have to fight for her claim) The letter however stated that her claim had been approved (the CAB had estimated Low care and Low Mobility) she was award the Highest rate on both. This now means that we can use our Mobility to get a car that will not let us down taking us to our various Hospital appointments and will be good for my wife who has problems walking due to her ballance. It also means that she now qualifies for a Blue Badge (no approved) Here comes anothe good news part to give all you folks hope . Due to now getting DLA the working tax credit folks have now awarded her WTC of £112pw and Now because she gets working tax credits we now qualify for more help with Council tax. Our income is I suppose to some amazing but we both have high medical dependancy (and that costs I am partialy deaf and a decent digital hearing aid will set me back £4,000 per ear and I require two. This is not a gloating story it is one to show that with the correct support from your Doctors/MP’s/CAB and other support groups you can get the help that not only you require but is your legal entitlement. Our medical conditions will never improve they will only get worse. AND WE NEED ALL the things that we are entitled too and that we have paid in to for almost 40 years. Finally a word about this newsgroup THANK YOU without all you guys on here I would have still been struggling and although we lost our house due to the ecconomic climate we kept our home. We are stronger because of our journey and because of all the advice shared here. DO NOT LET ATOS Cheat you out of what is rightfuly yours DO NOT LET The DWP walk all over you
    DO Share your expieriance and tips with others here STRIKE BACK AGAINT THE EMPIRE 🙂


    1. dwpexamination

      Hi Kenn.

      Yes I remember you from over a year ago, and it’s good to see you have had some luck for a change, the point is Kenn you shouldn’t have to go through this, you shouldn’t be made to jump through a thousand hoops just to get what’s rightfully yours in the first place, if your MP hadn’t intervened they would have left you to rot and wouldn’t have thought twice about it.
      And that’s the reason they have conceded and not because you are genuinely ill, it’s a disgrace and we must stop this nonsense before people really start to harm themselves, we get e-mails every day from people threatening to commit suicide because of these idiots and that’s why we are doing all we can here to try and stop this abuse.


  179. Mark J. Howard / The Legendary Shark

    I was invited to attend a medical examination some way away. I wrote back immediately informing them that my mental condition ruled this out but invited them to come to my home for the purposes of this assessment. Atos declined to reply, but then I got a letter from the DWP asking why I hadn’t turned up for the appointment.

    I wrote back to the DWP and, having received no response a month later I wrote back to the DWP explaining that if I did not receive their response within seven working days of the reciept of the second letter I would regard the matter as having been resolved in my favour. No reply came, and so I sent a third letter confirming my position and declaring the matter closed.

    Atos have now sent me another invitation to another assessment but have completely ignored everythig I’ve said so far. Tomorrow, I’m going to post the following letter (by Recorded Delivery, of course) and see how it goes:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for your letter (dated 11th November 2011). Unfortunately I have to decline your invitation.

    I have been engaged in communications with DWP directly (see attached copies). Due to tacit consent from DWP, the matter of my medical assessment has been resolved in my favour and therefore no medical assessment is required.

    At no point have I authorized the Department of Work and Pensions to share my private and medical data with (for-profit) third parties. The mere fact that you are inviting me indicates that the Data Protection Act 1998 has been violated. I will disregard this on condition that you reply in writing promptly, confirming that any medical assessment of mine will not be handled by Atos but will be referred back to DWP.

    If you wish to further communicate with me on this issue, please do so only in writing with the understanding that I will be billing Atos Healthcare £25 per item of correspondence I am invited to deal with on this matter.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Yours sincerely,

    etc., etc.


  180. Anonymous

    Mark Hi! It will be interesting to see how they reply to this letter, I must ask did you ever fill in a ESA 50 form because actually signing this form gives the DWP the right to give your details to Atos.
    If you didn’t I can see your point, I hope you are successful in your fight.
    stan – reborn


  181. Mark J. Howard / The Legendary Shark

    Good point, Stan. I try to make it a point to cross out certain things on these offers (because technically that’s just what they are – offers – they can’t order you to do anything) that come from government before signing them. If I had not done so, though, I’d probably slip in a paragraph something like the following:

    “Furthermore, it has become apparent to me that Atos Healthcare has failed to adequately examine the original ESA50 form I completed and signed and is therefore unfit to be trusted with my personal or medical details. Because of this, I hereby REVOKE permission for Atos Healthcare and all its subsidiaries and connected entities to be in possession of or have access to my personal and medical details. Any future medical assessment of mine will not be handled by Atos but will be referred back to DWP. Failure to comply with this order will constitute a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Access to Health Records Act 1990.”

    Or something.


  182. Mark J. Howard / The Legendary Shark

    Here’s something that might be of use; Mental Capacity Act: http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/protecting-the-vulnerable/mental-capacity-act/index.htm

    “The five key principles in the Act are:

    1: Every adult has the right to make his or her own decisions and must be assumed to have capacity to make them unless it is proved otherwise.

    2: A person must be given all practicable help before anyone treats them as not being able to make their own decisions.

    3: Just because an individual makes what might be seen as an unwise decision, they should not be treated as lacking capacity to make that decision.

    4: Anything done or any decision made on behalf of a person who lacks capacity must be done in their best interests.

    5: Anything done for or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity should be the least restrictive of their basic rights and freedoms.

    4 & 5 especially must surely apply to the DWP and Atos?


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Mark.

      Yes 4 and 5 do apply to the DWP and ATOS and they should respect that, but they don’t respect claimants rights because they know they can abuse it and get away with it, they know there will be no transparency, no accountability no questions asked.
      Absolutely shocking isn’t it ? we all want to do something about it, and we need all the help we can get.


  183. Joe

    i read a comment that if you are diabetic make sure you have a hypo’ that is madness’ from what I gather you can be in that centre for hours and it would be hard not to have a hypo, but to let one happen would be crazy
    Diabetes is a serious condition and I have just been told I have hypertension, and I blame this bloody form.

    i will try to be the fittest I can for this medical as its the only way I will manage to get through the day, but please don’t try and cause a hypo as you can cause real damage and all problems related to diabetes is non reversal


    1. dwpexamination

      Where does it say you should make sure you have a hypo ? and what form are you talking about ?.

      The Government advise everyone to be at their best at their medical, good luck to anyone going for this assessment, when you need to appeal, just go and see your local welfare rights office, they give excellent advice and may even represent you at the appeal..!!


  184. Diamond

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help a person i know is attending a tribunal very soon and is in very need of any help that can be given. If only i found this blog sooner. What the main thing is we need to know is how the tribunal is set out and what they expect on the day as this is very troublesome for for them, They have has sent in more medical evidence than i can write on here. But what is confusing is that since the medical assessment they been put on disability and is still facing this tribunal it does not make sense They have not got anyone to represent them on the day but with all that is wrong ( meaning illness) with this person i do not think its is necessarily. this person attended one of the joke shops centers that hence why the tribunal I will check e-mail tomorrow if anyone can help Many thanks in anticipation


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Diamond.

      Below is a good explanation on what happens at the appeal, it’s from the Redcar and Cleveland council.

      It’s been available on the net for a few years, and is still relevant today.
      One thing I have to say, the tribunal are mainly interested in the descriptors and how they pertain to a persons ability to work, rather than the persons illness itself.

      What happens after you have appealed?

      The DWP prepare the appeal papers for your case and will send copies to yourself, your representative if you have one, and to the Appeals Service in Newcastle. Enclosed with the Appeal papers will be a TAS1 form which you must complete and return to the Appeals Service. The form asks questions concerning:

      Whether you still wish to continue with the appeal
      Whether you have a representative
      If you will be coming to the hearing
      Whether you have any special needs which need to be catered for, such as an interpreter

      The form will also ask whether you wish your appeal to be a paper or an oral hearing. It is important that you answer the question correctly. A paper hearing would mean that the Tribunal would hear the case in your absence and based upon all of the written information about your case. If you want to attend in person to put your case, you must respond indicating that you wish to have an oral hearing.

      It is worth remembering that statistics indicate that you have a better chance of success with an oral hearing than with a paper hearing. Whatever you decide, the information that follows is equally relevant to an oral or a paper hearing.

      You must return this form within 14 days, otherwise the Appeal Service may cancel your appeal.

      How can I prepare for the Tribunal?

      When the appeal papers arrive remember that these have been put together by the DWP and will present their argument that you are fit for work. You must think about collecting your own evidence and we suggest the following steps that you can take:

      Look at our information guide Completing the IB50 Form. This contains guidance on how the descriptors should be assessed.
      Have you filled in the IB50 correctly and given the DWP all of the information on how your condition restricts you?
      Have you adequately covered how much time it takes you, the amount of pain and discomfort you feel?
      Have you answered that you are able to do an activity but have not mentioned that repeating that activity would not be possible for you over the period of a day.

      Look at each activity in turn in the guide; pick the ones which most describe your ability and note the score from the leaflet IB214.

      List those descriptors where you feel you should have been given a higher score by the DM. Ask your GP whether he/she is willing to confirm in a letter that you satisfy the score you believe should have been awarded. Generally, medical evidence serves only to confirm your illness. This will not be enough to fight your case. Remember that the PCA is not about your illness as such, it is about what activities you can perform with that illness. If your GP cannot do this, is there anyone else who could do if for you, e.g. Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Community Psychiatric Nurse.
      Read the information guide covering the medical – What happens at the Medical Examination. Note what it says about the day of the examination and the way the examination was conducted.
      Can you remember how long it took?
      Did the Doctor come to the waiting room for you? If she/he did then it is likely you were assessed from the moment you stood up and followed the Doctor to the examination room.
      Did she/he observe you dressing, bending over to tie your shoe laces? All of this is important because the findings of the examination on that day, have provided the evidence for the DM to stop your benefit.

      Are there any inaccurancies in the Doctors account? Did he/she misunderstand anything you said?

      Think back, remember and note down as much as you can. Compare what you remember about the examination with what the Doctor has recorded. Is it a fair account?

      Assess yourself over the course of an average day. Keep a diary and note how long it takes you to do the things the DWP say you don’t have any problems with.
      Keep a note of any physical assistance you need. Do you feel tired after walking up and down stairs, do you have to stop halfway and are you tired afterwards?

      Be clear in your mind how your condition affects you because these are the type of questions the Tribunal will ask you. Please note it is your condition at the time the DM made the decision that the Tribunal will ask you about, not your condition on the day of the Appeal.

      Is there anyone else who can provide support to your case? Is there someone you rely on for help – that person may be a neighbour, friend or another member of the family. If there is, ask that person to go to the appeal with you as a witness or write a letter for you detailing how they help you and with which activities.

      All of the above will help you in your case for Appeal. It is best if you can present this in written form to the Tribunal. Typically, Appeals last only 30 to 40 minutes and if you rely on giving your evidence verbally on the day you may fail to remember to mention something relevant to your case.

      If you can put your evidence in writing do so, but don’t send this to the Appeal Service until you’ve received and seen the Appeal papers. They may contain other evidence on which you may need to comment. Keep a copy of everything you send.

      What are the Appeal Papers?

      The appeal papers contain all the written decisions and written evidence
      about your claim.

      What will the Papers Contain?

      The Schedule of Evidence: This is a list in date order of all the evidence in the papers.
      The Decision Makers Decision: This is a copy of the letter sent to you showing the number of points that you scored.
      Summary of Facts: A history of your claim for Incapacity Benefit.
      Decision Makers Submission: This shows the law used by the DM and includes any caselaw. It should also include the reasons why the DM reached his/her decision (but see checklist).
      The IB50 Questionnaire you completed before being asked to attend a medical.
      The IB85 Medical Report completed by the Doctor at your examination.
      Any other evidence, including your own, e.g. GP’s letter.

      Check List

      Don’t be put off by the bulk of the papers. Most of the information should already be familiar if you requested information from the DWP at an earlier stage, such as the questionnaire and medical report.
      Check any evidence that you have provided is included in the Appeal papers. Look at the Schedule of Evidence, are the dates correct and is it a complete record?
      Read the DM’s Submission, concentrating on the reasons why they have turned you down. Unless you have some training in Welfare Rights, it is advisable not to spend too much time on the law.
      Any caselaw included in the Appeal papers is not about you. These are examples of other cases which the DWP feel are relevant to the way the Tribunal should look at your case.
      Read through and check the summary of facts (see 3 above). Are the facts and dates on your case correct?

      The Appeal Hearing – Who Takes Part?

      The Tribunal can have 1 to 3 members but the Chair must be legally qualified.
      It is usual in Incapacity Benefit cases for a Chairperson and Doctor to be present. The Doctor is not allowed to examine you.

      A DWP Representative is sometimes present but is not the person who has made the decision on your case. He/she must enter and leave the Tribunal Room at the same time as you.

      What happens at the Appeal?

      It is better to arrive early to give the Tribunal Clerk an opportunity to pay expenses and take any further information you may have for the Tribunal. The Clerk will also ask if anyone else going into the appeal with you, such as a friend/witness.
      When the Tribunal are ready, the Clerk will show you and the DWP representative into the Tribunal Room. You must all enter and leave the Tribunal Room together. The Clerk is not part of the Appeal and is only there to assist in the administration of the Appeal.
      Remember that the Appeal Hearing is not a Court. It is a Tribunal Hearing and there is a great difference between the two. A Tribunal is much more informal. However, the Tribunal has to follow a lawful procedure which allows you and the DWP representative equal opportunity to be heard.
      When seated, the Chairperson will introduce him/herself, any other members and the DWP representative. It is usual for the DWP to then give an outline of the case and then for you to respond. Sometimes the Tribunal may begin by directly asking you questions. Give as much information about how your condition affects you. Try to avoid simple yes/no answers. Ensure that before you leave the Tribunal room, that you have given all the evidence and information you wish the Tribunal to take into account.

      Once both parties have given their evidence, you will be asked to sit in the waiting room while the Tribunal makes its decision. You will usually be told its decision on the day although the Tribunal may sometimes prefer to notify you in writing. When you are called back for the decision you should be given a form showing the total points you have been awarded by the Tribunal. You cannot make any arguments at this point because the decision has been made.

      What if I choose to have a Paper Hearing?

      The advice in this guide is aimed at those who wish to appeal before a Tribunal, which is called an oral hearing. Apart from the sections concerning the Appeal Hearing itself, the advice contained in this guide is just as applicable to the preparation for a paper hearing. Because you will be given no notice about when the paper hearing is to take place, it is strongly recommended that you make any written representations on the appeal papers as quickly as possible.

      What if the decision goes against me?

      You have the right to request the Chairperson to provide full reasons for the tribunal decision. You can do this at the Tribunal or in the 21 days after the Hearing. Once you receive those full reasons you may apply to the Social Security Commissioner for leave to appeal. This procedure differs from any other Appeal in that you have to show special reasons why you think the Tribunal made the wrong decision. Seek advice on how to proceed.


  185. Diamond

    I wish to thank you very much for your swift response to my inquiries as we hav not much time to look into the case studies i will let you know how it went and if after i can be of any help to others then i will pass it on yours Diamond


  186. willaim

    Hello i would like to know if you can help me in any way i am feeling rather mistreated and upset after a medical examination i went to 2 week ago

    i have been getting employment support allowance for the past few year with a long term illness ie: drop foot claw toes nerve damage in left leg after a bad break and left knee is done for only prolonging the time before they replace it as i m told they dont want to replace till they have to been only 40 years old ESA DWP sent me for a medical exam at a atos healthcare center i must say this is the 4th time i havebeen there for such a exam they gave me 0 points the first time said i was fit for work when clearly to anyone i was not i went to a tribunal and i recieved 15 points and they also told me to claim DLA witch i now recieve also at the high rate i also went for a examination at the same place 4 month ago scoring 15 points as i have not had any opperations since last year on my foot or my knee i am at a loss as i am worse than 4 month ago i am now in a wheel chair 70% of the time and on MST tablets morphine now for the pain
    the question is if 4 month ago i scored 15 points and i was a little better than i am now how can they give me 6 points for this examination i find it utterly wrong a waste of tax payers money and a lack of care of duty from atos to treat people like a number and a statistic and not as a person it seems there is too many inept people who work for atos if 4 month have passed and i am worse how can a medical person say i am better and say in his report that i have a slight walking problem when i am in a wheel chair
    with me winning the last tribunal and nothing in the way of opperations happend since then isnt it rather stupid and a waste of money to resend me again wasting tax payers money and shouldn’t this be sorted out by a mp or the medical examination board there shouldn’t e not one inept person judging peoples illnesses one day due to there inept actions someone is going to do something about this i find it crazy that what i have explained above 3 exam,examinations 3 diffrent scores within 15 month each time me a little worse and on stronger pain killers how they come to what is correct for the score of 15 points if i am worse off now than i was 1 year ago how dose that turn out to be a drop of 9 points is beyond me i hope you may be able to help in this matter

    PS: i am sorry for going on so much i just find it so hard to swallow a loss of my benefit due to the lack of care of a health examination person i am left once again feeling neglected and harrassed by the dwp and atos something needs to be done about this and it needs doing asap thank you

    Yours sincerely,

    Willaim Smith


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Willaim.

      I don’t know how to tell you this, for the last three years I have been explaining this to ATOS victims and its amazing the amount of people who just can’t grasp what’s going on.

      Sometimes a metaphorical story can explain.

      Once upon a time there was a great big giant spiders nest, the head spider in there didn’t like all those flies out there lazing around doing nothing and getting fed, so he decided to put an end to it and get fattened up himself.
      So he sent out invitations to visit his nest but made it crystal clear he was a nice spider and totally benevolent, of course the flies never spoke to each other, didn’t communicate with each other because they thought only of their own well being, they even convinced themselves that this spider was a nice spider really, might hurt other flies but totally harmless to me, and so headed towards the spiders web with great enthusiasm.
      Once in the web they found that the spider was totally ruthless and had absolutely no concern for the flies well being whatsoever and so was at liberty to suck the life blood from each fly, of course the fly was always released but that suited the spider because the fly was to be used again some other time. And so as each fly one by one as they were released tried to communicate with the other flies and explain what was going on, the others said the spider ? he wouldn’t do that, your talking nonsense. And so the spider was living happily ever after with a good diet of flies blood to get fat on.
      But not all flies were so gullible, some even got themselves organised here at http://www.dwpexamination.wordpress.co.uk and started to communicate with each other, the spider didn’t like that because the flies were catching on to what the spider was up too and it meant less and less blood for him when the flies started to realise what was going on, the spider would prefer it if the flies just shut up and said nothing as they used to do.

      We have a way to go, but it won’t be too long before the rest of the flies catch on, band together and destroy the spider and its nest..!!


  187. Jason Pullen

    Hi everyone – I am mentally warped due to injuries caused by the UK government, and was taken abroad by my mother as I needed care and she had made prior arrangements to retire to sunny Spain…but she hence died early due to the additional stresses caused by my dizzy head due to aforesaid injuries caused by the uK government – UK government murderers?!, and without her financial help I was forced to see a cheaper place to live – I cannot work as my head does not work well(apart from my wanting to rip off David Camerons face!(that seems correct!)…so I went to Bulgaria where I met another disabled person and we ‘clicked’ and married… My pension was cut as I am abroad – due to the UK government causing my injuries and due to the UK medical service certifying me as unfit for work for life, even though the previous conservative office agreed that as I am abroad due to this they would never cut my pension, which fat gordon ‘Twathead’ Brown changed, ..and my decision-making and memory difficulties stop me knowing what to do and I cannot afford to go to a lawyer and I want to sue the UK government for theft of my Entitled pension and theft of the opportunities I have lost because of them… How many Rollovers could I have won on the Euromillions? I want to claim £999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 but obviously considering the possibility of this – anything is possible according to the net…a few hundred ‘9’s’ need to be added there, but considering the victimization and discrimination and corruption we know see regularly within the corrupt ranks of the people ruining – not running! – the once GREAT Britain, which is now considered an international Zoo…there is no chance there. Riot! David Cameron needs to be removed from office and the public can arrange to rule with publicly voted answers – deal with what the public want – not themorons we have doing what THEY want to earn what THEY can and steal what THEY can. The Queen does nothing now – seems as though she has abandoned the UK to wither away as it is now doing.
    I am now asking lawyers from the other countries to offer me a pro-bono(payment taken from the £trillions claimed – David Cameron will bankrupt the UK…but I will step in and ask the public to rule for themselves – everything will be done by a vote – England will become what YOU want!


  188. Mark Wouters

    Theyrea t it again my money was stopped before christmas they had my appel then they sent me a p45 on the day they recieved my medical appeal ,now the tossers at Leeds city council have stopped my housing benefits,im not working and have not been working,ive written to H.Benn MP and Linda McAven MEP,the DWP and leeds city council and GPs along With the Dept of Health are all FASCIST WANKERS,oh and the Royals are included.


    1. dwpexamination

      Mark they are trying to con you by saying your appeal has been considered and you are still fit for work, that’s why they send you the P 45 and tell the housing department you no longer claim benefits.
      They did the same to me and seems to be a common tactic by the DWP, they may also say you are not eligible for contributory ESA and so since you haven’t signed on then you apparently want/need your P 45 this is another common tactic (what a bunch of scumbags), it’s amazing how many people don’t know their rights and think they have to sign on to get money, but if you have little money in your account (below £16,000) and if you have a partner with a wage of less than £149 per week then you can claim income related ESA, check it out with your local welfare rights office, and see if you are eligible for income related Employment support allowance while you wait for your appeal to be heard.
      By the way when you win your appeal then all money they owe you is backdated less the assessment rate they pay you to live on.


  189. Mark Wouters

    Ive Just been into Town Hall at Morley, west yorkshire and they Have told me that my Housing Benefit has stopped and will not be Paid until The Madical appeal decision comes through,which could be 10 or More months,so they want me to get into more debt ,theyre all fascists


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Mark.

      I have to assume you do not qualify for the assessment rate ?, if this is true then you have only two choices which are sign on for Job seekers allowance obviously this is some thing you don’t need because of your health or feel up to doing, alternatively pay the rent yourself until you win your appeal.
      If you choose to pay the rent yourself and you win at appeal then all money they owe you is backdated to the date you were told by the DWP that you were fit for work.


  190. Mark wouters.

    The Fascists at the DWP have stopped my benefits before christmas 2011, they then sent me my p45 ,then theyve started my benefit Appeal rate ,and now because ive gone to the Citizens advice Bureau and threatened to go to a solicitor the leeds city council have now stopped my housing benefit and council tax,theyre all fascists criminals fucking us up the best way they know ,as Adolf Hitler did in the early 30s and 40s,there is no differendce between them except the tories are much thicker and far more incompetent.once these righwingers hate us they hate us for Life in this country.Civil servant WHO FUCKING NEEDS THEM ??????????????


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Mark.

      Since they are giving you the assessment rate then you should contact your housing association and explain you are still on benefits, also chip in you don’t understand why the DWP said you no longer receive benefits etc.
      You will find all your rebates reinstated very quickly.


  191. hi,
    I ve had a very serious neuro disease, Guillian-Barre syndrome. I’ve slowly been recovering but still have many problems, even down to holding a pen. I’m typing using a touch sensitive keypad. This illness is very rare and the strain i have (axonal) even more so, about 1 per 800000. Today i recieved a form from Atos healthcare, the Capability for work related activity questionaire (esa50a). What can i do, every dr i’ve spoken too regarding my illness has never heard of it, yet these people expect t understand my condition from this form, its laughable. My question is what happens after i fill it out, is the next step a medical and if so what does it consist of?? Keep up the good work


    1. Kenn

      OK You must surely have a specialist Get them yo write you a covering letter to send to the DWP and ATOS HCP’s
      My wife and son both have a genetic form of cerebral spinal ataxia most Dr’s have not got a clue about that either But with the covering letter from the most senior consultant in Europe gave all the proof that was required in fact we expected lowerer rate esa and DLA but got the higest on both scores so Keep your chin up friend its a fight but YOU can win and get what you are entitled too


    1. dwpexamination

      From the Socialist Worker, and linked below.
      Be afraid of ATOS healthcare, be very afraid, well at least you know..!!

      The ruthless Tory drive to remove thousands of seriously ill and disabled people from benefits was exposed this week as a nurse employed to assess them spoke out to Socialist Worker.

      Jean, a former employee of Atos Healthcare in Scotland, exposed a process she described as a “sham”. Atos is a multinational firm contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions to screen patients.

      “I worked for Atos as a ‘disability analyst’ thinking I would be helping vulnerable people to access their benefits,” she said.

      “I soon discovered that nothing could be further from the truth. The rules laid down by the bosses are designed to catch people out.”

      Jean says that anyone deemed capable of looking after themselves or a child, however difficult they find it, is judged to be capable of work and taken off benefits.

      “If you turn up to your claimant interview in nice clothes, you’ve failed,” she says.

      “If you turn up washed and with your hair neat, you’ve failed.

      “And, if you turn up with your kids, you’ve failed.”

      She described the way that claimants with serious lung ­diseases were regularly assessed as capable of work because they could sit in front of a computer and type.

      “We’re not supposed to ask about how they would get to a workplace, or whether they have special medical equipment that would make daily travel difficult.”

      Bosses are so keen to process claimants quickly that staff are given just 45 minutes to assess people and write up a report about them, says Jean.


      “While training, we worked with actors who pretended to have just one serious illness. We then had to assess and report on them.

      “But in real life, people often have multiple health problems.

      “How are you supposed to assess all of them, and the impact they have on a person, and then write up a full report in just 45 minutes? You can’t.

      “And, because it is not done properly, thousands of people are losing the benefits they are entitled to.”

      After more than 20 years in the NHS caring for patients, Jean says she could not carry on working for Atos and left shortly after she started.

      “The job was making me sick,” she said. “It’s against my principles to treat people with long term illnesses in such a disgusting way, so I had to give it up.

      “People go into those interviews and talk openly to you because you are a nurse and they trust you.

      “Then your skills are used against them, to take away their benefits and destroy their lives.

      “I can’t be a part of that.”


  192. Anonymous

    I have a medical exmiination for the first time tomorrow. I have been disable since an anurysm in 2002. I have never bee3 out of work until redundancy last march. Ihave been updating my skills and working through agencies at times. What is this ATOL medical all about and what way will it affect me even if i am indefinately disabled. I can work in an office as i have the last 20 years, but there is no work at this time. Will I lose my Motorbility as i need this to get around everyday due to a leg that doesnt work. Please advise today if poss.


    1. Kenn

      Hi friend IF you tell them you CAN WORK in an office the chances are they WILOL stop some if not all of your benifit. My honest advice to you Is BE HONEST but do NOT be forthcoming withh all the information. If you wish to work that is Great I also do some work “Theraputic Earnings” Is this a DLA Medical or is it an ESA Medical If you have DLA indefinatly, then unless your condition has improved they will not alter your DLA. However if it is for ESA that is a different beast altogether That is more about your ability to work. To qualify for ESA you must NOT be able to work under normal conditions and you do not have to look for the jobs that are not there. This medical they will try and deam you fit for work and they will LIE about the seriousness of your condition They will TWIST your replies just so they can earn their Bonus’s remeber you require to score 15 points to get ESA about a year ago I posted a SCORE CHART here on the DWP Examination site perhaps someone can post a link to it as I have lost my original document. You will soon find out from it if you are likely to qualify for ESA.
      I hop this helps


  193. Kev

    A follow up to my previous comments.

    I have now been to court, (felt like a criminal), for a second tribunal hearing which was again adjourned and held over for a third hearing. I have now been awaiting an appeal for almost two years and due to the incompetence of the DWP the wait goes on.

    I informed you last time that I complained to Atos about the utter lies used in the medical report that was ordered by the judge at the last tribunal hearing. It was agreed by the Atos chief doctor that the report was flawed and the contents could not be relied up on.

    I was expecting another medical examination, my representative was expecting another examination but the incompetent DWP had no idea of what was going on and now I am awaiting another medical by the Atos Liars and another, (third) visit to court.

    I wonder if I was not an Englishman would I still be treated like an liar, fraudster, cheat, a criminal and a scrounging layabout?

    (I have worked all my life in the UK, paid UK taxes all my life, never been in trouble with the law and served my country in the army and yet when I am in real need I am treated worse than a dog. You have to love this country don’t you?


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Kev.

      One would think they would find in your favour, after all ATOS have admitted the report was flawed so what’s there problem ?, because I’m not seeing it ?. I’m sure your going to win in the end, remember Kev, the quicker you win the quicker you are back in for another interrogation from ATOS don’t care..!!


  194. Anonymous

    atos healthcare make things up, the lady i saw in my last 3 medicals was a proper genuine and gave an honest opinoin, this other lady was over an hour late and put i stood on my toes……………what am i a ballerina………………………bloody lieing women, i suffer a prolapsed disc and disgusted om my last medical, for every illness they should have proper professionals who understand every disabled person condition……………….the system is dam and utter rubbish, im sorry but i cant stand on my rught leg for long and they dont have a bloody clue on people ……………ATOS GET IT RIGHT !!!!! STOP LIEING AND MAKING UP STORIES …HEY HO IM A BALLERINA NOT !!!!! STUPID B………………..DS


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Anonymous.

      ATOS healthcare have been making things up for over three years, thousands upon thousands of fabricated medical reports have emanated from ATOS and this Government have done nothing, because it was the Government who gave them the go ahead to make up what you like because we have a mission which is to remove one million benefit recipients from their right to sickness benefits, we don’t care if it’s morally wrong or right we don’t even care if it’s criminal we just want you (ATOS) to carry out your contract.


  195. Anonymous

    thankyou very much for agreeing on this at least somebody tells the truth about atos healthcare………….i have let my dr know about all the mistakes made up on my medical report…..ie,………….fracture foot when they put finger ……………?????


  196. Anon

    I have been off work since January because I have a very painful knee and can walk and drive but not for long because the pain is awful and the doctor said I wasn’t to go back to work until they find out what is wrong. I went to a consultant yesterday who told me I had to have an arthroscopy to find out what is wrong. I got a phone call this morning when I got a phone call from ATOS telling me to go to a medical. Reading these messages I am worried about going and wondered if it would be worth asking my doctor for a letter to give them.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Anon.

      It would be worth asking your Dr for a report on your health rather than a letter but not to show ATOS or the DWP because they will not take a blind bit of notice, the Drs report will be for the appeal hearing after you have been informed that the DWP decision maker has found you fit for work based on the festival of lies the ATOS HCP will say about you on the ESA 85 functional assessment report.

      But I’m not asking you to take my word for it Anon you will find out for yourself sooner or later, so the situation is this, you must attend if you wish to keep on ESA, remember when they say your benefits MAY be affected if you do not attend your examination well that’s not quite true, it should read your benefits WILL be affected, and that means stop completely usually the next day.
      So you must attend and play their game, accept the DWPs letter of doom and then appeal with our help (And the welfare rights or the CAB) and use the Drs report as evidence.


  197. Anon

    Thanks for the reply and I told Mum and she is coming with me for moral support and was told by someone I know they make you feel small so I am prepared. I only applied for ESA because I can’t get SSP from work because I didn’t work enough hours in January before my knee started playing up. I thought it was through the DWP and was shocked when I got the letter from ATOS asking about my condition but it is only because I don’t get sick pay from work that I applied for ESA. I will be back at work when I have an arthroscopy and my knee is sorted out, which will hopefully be in the next few weeks and won’t be off work longer than I have to but I need money while I am off work. I work with children and driving an hour to and from work and working an 11 hour day with children is impossible with my knee at the moment. I know someone who is on ESA long term and knew he went to see people about it but I didn’t think I would have to since I haven’t been on it long and don’t intend to be on it long term.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Anon.

      It’s good to have a witness with you as well so taking your mum is a smart idea, the HCP will ask you some questions about your functional ability and how it stops you from working, questions like how did you arrive there, in fact that’s their first question usually, then can you raise your arm, have you any hobbies, what do you do to pass the time etc, usually takes around half an hour, and within a week or two depending on how busy the DWP are you will get the brown one, remember now you may think you are better by that time, so you need plenty of rest to aid your recovery so don’t let them bully you in to going back to work until you are definitely fit.
      Take care.


  198. P B

    I have been in DLA middle rate for over 5 years and I have just received a letter from the DWP with the heading THE BENEFIT YOU RECEIVE IS CHANGING.

    The letter says that I will receive a phone call from the DWP within the next two weeks. It says that if you do not hear from us, please call us on the above number. They have my correct telephone number.

    Should I call the DWP if I do not hear from them within two weeks? If I fail to call them what happens?


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello PB.

      Since you are going to find out if it’s bad news or good news anyway, why not write them a letter and ask them ” could you please explain Why the benefit you receive will be changing” if it’s bad news then you will have to face it sometime, on the other hand who knows it might be good news, mind you the only letters I get from the DWP are almost always bad news.


  199. P B

    In the letter the DWP also stated that they will send me a Limited Capability for Work questionnaire once they have called me.

    Should I get a medical report now and send it with the questionnaire or wait till a decision is made by the DWP (based on my completed Limited Capability for Work questionnaire).


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello PB.

      I can only give you my opinion, which is this, when you get your ESA 50 Questionnaire from ATOS (White envelope) if you send them any medical evidence along with it they will not pay a blind bit of notice to it, and they will not send it to the DWP either.
      But if and when ATOS find you fit for work then the DWP will send you a letter saying you are now fit for work, then you appeal, then they send you another letter saying they will re-consider your appeal if you send them any new evidence.
      That is the time to send it if you want to, but only a copy, but it’s been my experience that the biggest majority of people get a return letter saying they have considered your appeal and they have decided that you are still fit for work, please sign on.
      Do not fall for this trick (I know you wont) just inform them that you are in receipt of their letter but would still like to carry on with the appeal.
      By the way, getting a GPs report is a good idea..!!


  200. P B

    I can get my consultant to write a medical report for me, he has done it in the past without any fuss. Thank you for your advice.


  201. P B

    I received Form ESA50 for completion.

    Can I complete the form on my computer on a PDF file and print it? This saves me filling it out again in future if I am reviewed.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello PB.

      It doesn’t say anything on the ESA 50 that it must be completed in ink does it ? since all the want to know is information then I can’t see any reason why you can’t complete the form on your computer, as long as you sign it and date it.
      Bear in mind if you do complete the form on your computer then be aware that alone can find you fit for work..!!


  202. P B

    I am getting the help from a charity, they helped me before. They completed the form for me. They will declare that they completed it.


  203. P B

    I have been advised to request for my medical assessment to be recorded. What are the benefits of this? Would I be treated more fairly? Maybe it makes it more difficult for them to refuse my claim. I think the health worker will have to identify himself by name for the recording and cannot remain anonymous.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello PB.

      It’s difficult for the ATOS HCP to tell lies on your ESA 85 report if you ask for it to be recorded, so yes logic says you will be treated more fairly, you see they don’t want to treat you fairly, they want to get you off benefits and get their bonus the only way they can do that is to lie.
      But since Chris Grayling has conceded and allowed anyone being assessed to ask for ATOS to record the assessment then they have to toe the line and at least make it look as if they are being fair.
      Of course they still try their little tricks like speaking in a low voice, so if you get your assessment recorded then insist that they speak up because you are a little bit deaf.


  204. P B

    If I request for my medical to be recorded and I also send a doctor’s letter which clearly states that I can’t work. They may just put me on the support group without a medical.


  205. Alison

    Please can you help. I have had problems with my knees for a while and have been off work since January. I went for a medical in May and then got a letter back today saying I get 0 points because I can move around and could use a wheelchair and crutches. I am going for an arthroscopy on 23rd July to see what is wrong and will be off work for longer and obviously need money to live on. I work in a day nursery and because my knee gives way occasionaly and due to where I work having lots of stairs I feel I am a liability and certainly couldn’t drive an hour there and back and do an 11 hour day without suffering severe pain. I want to appeal against the decision but have no idea how to go about it. When I rang she said to put as much info as I could but I don’t know what to put.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Alison.

      Yes you can appeal, and the process is no great mystery. The first thing to do, is send the DWP a letter saying you would like to appeal against their decision to find you fit for work, on the letter request a GL 24 form and also request your ESA 85 assessment report (That’s the report that ATOS send to the DWP) get a sicknote from your GP and attache it to the letter as well, also ask them to pay you the assessment rate while you wait for the appeal to be heard.


  206. Kev

    Boiling Blood

    Having posted a few comment and spent twenty two months fighting this corrupt system I was wandering what the general consensus is, with regard the cheats who are making the system so unfair for people with genuine difficulties.

    My Blood is still simmering after what I went through having worked all my life, served in her majesty’s forces and paid taxes all my life.

    I sit in the car opposite the disabled parking spaces, unable to get a space myself and unable to go with my wife or family member as walking is so pain-full and I am disgusted at the number of Blue Badge holders who exit their vehicles seemingly with no difficulty, venture in to the supermarket to do a family shop, then load the car and drive off. I also see neighbours who have mobility vehicles who never venture out during day time hours but are able to walk a thousand meters or so to the pub, have a night out and then back again without a problem.

    Do you think it is morally right for people to inform on these benefit cheats or is it the responsibility of the DWP to catch the people who are abusing the system rather than hound genuine cases of illness and disability?

    People say to me you cannot judge peoples problems just by watching them but I was made to believe during my nightmare ordeal, that to get mobility that you have to have limited to no mobility to be entitled to help.


  207. Mark wouters

    Im due to go to a HM Tribunal, im seeking Legal aid from the citizens advice Bureau and taking along a Solicitor and if time allows an fully qualified doctor,i advise all other claimants to do the same.


  208. Anonymous

    I have had a breakdown all thanks to the DHSS messing up my housing benifits, when i phone to try find out why i keep getting called a lier as they say i dont give my croect name or address when i should know what my name is and where i live, again today i got told i give wrong security answer and hung up on me, i just walked home and felt like giveing up on life


  209. wolfeeboy

    first off, I’m so glad this site exists. I’ve been fairly sure my brothers case could not be isolated, and that the unbelievable treatment he’s received from these Benefit Claimant Assassins is probably part of a wider agenda. This site at least gives us hope. Basically, my brother has Crones, Ankylosin Spondylitis, Hepatitis B, he also suffers from debilitating muscular spasms every time he coughs or sneezes, which is a few times every day. He has broken bones throughout his life, but now with bone density issues he has become frail bodily too, and the old injuries come back with a vengeance, only last year he slipped in the bath and cracked his thigh bone, sleeping overnight on it rather than bother anyone with a phone call, god alone knows what pain he must have been in. He is no moaner, and hates that he has to claim, but he has no choice, and anyone that knows him, knows that too. Since this Government led witch hunt against welfare claimants, these people have made his life a misery, completely ignoring countless different Doctors notes telling them he is not fit to work. He nearly gave up before his tribunal, as the effect of the worry was making his Crones play up, and his health in general deteriorated. The first Atos Dr he saw was a rude ignorant old man that didn’t even allow my brother to speak and explain himself, holding his hand up to my brother and saying, “just answer yes or no”. Later, as the tribunal came closer, he received phone calls from a woman representative of Atos, telling him he shouldn’t bother, and that they would appeal the decision if it went his way.

    He went to the tribunal, sceptical as to how impartial they would be, but was surprised to find that they were indeed neutral. There was a male Doctor, and a female lawyer, both of whom put him at ease and asked to hear what he had to say, he was just glad to be listened to for a change, and the look on the Doctors face told him they weren’t impressed with the treatment he had received at the hands of these people. They found in his favour, but as he left, told him this probably wasn’t over. As you can imagine, this tribunal system, being impartial, they must be seeing some eye watering injustices before them.

    Sure enough, when my brother phoned up to find out when his benefits would be restored, he was told they would be appealing the decision. It really is beyond belief, he has seen so many Doctors in the NHS, none of whom have the slightest doubt that he is a genuine case, yet still this outfit of assassins continue to fight his claim. I’ve since read that the General Medical Council have been investigating Doctors employed by ATOS, with a view to charging them with not putting the care of the patients first, I would have to say, by the evidence of my brothers case, there can be no doubt at all that the ATOS Doctors he has seen are guilty of that at the very least.

    If there is anything that can be done to help, not just my brother, I will do what I can.


    1. dwpexamination

      Hello Wolfeeboy.

      Would it surprise you to know that your brothers treatment is normal for ATOS and the DWP ? It’s incredible I know but true, it’s entirely normal, the general public would be shocked if they really knew what was going on.

      So what can you do ? I can suggest you just keep doing what your doing, and fight them, fight them all the way, just keep going and don’t give up, be a pain their collective ass.

      Dispute everything, demand ESA85 assessment reports, demand SARs (Subject access requests) demand explanations, write letters to your MP and complain, write letters to ATOS and complain, write e-mails and letters to the Guardian newspaper, the Daily Mirror, the Scottish daily record, all these papers are trying to report the evilness of ATOS and their paymasters the DWP.

      By the way, do you really want your e-mail address exposed to the public, can be a target for scammers, if you can handle that then fine, but if you want then I can delete your e-mail address, just let me know.


      1. wolfeeboy

        Thanks for your swift reply, it’s nice to know I can tell my brother he’s not on his own, though obviously he always has us, his family, but that’s beside the point. I’ve written to our MP Tim Loughton a number of times, with no reply other than the e mail informing me he’s received mine, but I shall ramp it up now I’ve found your site, as well as send more letters to the papers, there was one only yesterday regarding a Carl Lewis, who has terminal cancer, being assessed by ATOS as fit for work, it was that article that made me aware of ATOS, my brother hadn’t mentioned that to me, but as soon as I mentioned the name after reading the article, he told me their name was at the top of all the letters he’s had.

        Regarding the e mail, it was in case you may want to contact me about this, but if you don’t need to, then by all means delete that bit. I would just like to say thank you once again, this has been the most helpful thing I’ve found since my brothers nightmare began. He’s not really the sort to make a song and dance about his problems, but I am, which is why I’m the one on here now.

        Kind regards,


        1. dwpexamination

          Cheers Andy…Will delete your e-mail just in case the spammers get a hold of it.
          As for this Blog ? you will get lots of help and support on here, ATOS are on the warpath and far to many people are unaware of how bad they really are, so we must try and do something about that, we must all unite and eventually we will crush them.


  210. Linda

    I put an appeal (GL24) in October and wrote what you suggested i.e. I will make a full appeal once I receive a ESA85. I had to phone at the end of December to find out why I had not recieved a ESA85 yet. They said they would send out a copy. I then got report ESA88 just before xmas. Unfortunately, I had a family bereavement before xmas and the funneral was last week. I contacted the DWP on 3/1/2013 and explained that I had just received a ESA85 and due to the circumstances have not been able to send a full appeal. The guy I spoke to said not to worry, it normally takes about 4-6 months before my appeal will be heard. I have today received my p45 and a letter saying that my appeal has been heard by the tribunal service and has been unsuccessful. I contacted the decision maker at the dwp and he said they the appeal was incomplete and the appeal has been closed and suggested I contact the Tribunal service. I have, on several occassions and been waiting each time between 10-20 mins on the phone for an operator. What do I do now. I am confused that they have submited my appeal even thought I stated I will make my full appeal once I receive the report ESA85. Can you suggest what course of action I need to take now, I feel like i am in limbo. Many thanks


    1. David

      They are talking rubbish, they can’t do that, you have gave notice you have appealed and after their reconsideration they should have advised you if they have or they have not reconsidered your appeal, if not then they must forward your appeal to the appeal service.

      What a bunch of chancers, if I were you I would get help as quickly as possible from the local welfare rights.

      I can tell you that I gave notice to appeal and would send the rest of my appeal when I received the ESA85, they didn’t rush to send me the assessment report and I didn’t even bother sending in a full appeal and not only did I attend an appeal but I won the appeal without even writing an appeal.

      Get help with this as soon as possible.


    2. Davids correct..if you gave the DWP notice that you have appealed and they have accepted your sicknote then they must reconsider their decision, if not then they must forward your appeal TO THE APPEAL SERVICE by law.

      God knows how they can justify this nonsense, they can’t even say that your appeal notice was late, because you gave then notice of appeal inside of the monthly deadline.

      As the previous commenter said, you must get help (Welfare rights or the CAB) because they respect you more, going on your own with these bullies gives them an excuse to mess us around.


  211. Linda

    I thought it seemed unusual.. I spoke to a guy name David at Birkenhead office asking him what i do now. He suggested I contact the Tribunal service and find out why they have sent the appeal back. i thought they would have notified the DWP why and recorded it on their system and then contacte me for more information at least but for some reason they decdided to issue me with a p45. I find it bizarre. Im going through a lot of stress at the moment and feel sooooo low with losing my sister b4 xmas. I dont think I thank. David and DWP person. x


  212. Linda

    text missing
    I dont think I can cope with this but I know I have to. I will contact the CAB on Monday and try and get an appoint. ASAP. Is there anything i can do in the meantime. Many thanks for your comments and support – David and DWP person. x


    1. It’s very strange Linda, and out of all the comments I’ve ever dealt with on this Blog this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this happening.
      As I said you need to explain this properly to someone in the CAB or welfare rights, because this might be a new clumsy attempt by the DWP to deny you a right to an appeal.

      In my latest appeal to the tribunal, the DWP failed to inform the panel that I had won my last appeal, they also failed to provide the paperwork to the tribunal, the reason why they would do a thing like that is obvious.

      But my eagle eyed welfare rights officer spotted it and challenged it with the tribunal panel, the result was the panel ordered the DWP to send them the relevant information, now the panel knew what they were up too, namely a clumsy attempt to deny me a fair hearing.

      So the moral is, never trust the DWP to do anything on your behalf that can help you, rather to expect the opposite, and I strongly suspect this is an inept attempt by the DWP to turn you over, so then you must get help as soon as possible and get to the bottom of this.


  213. wolfeeboy

    Hi, my brother went to his tribunal, they declared him unfit to work, expressing concern that it had even gone this far, but told him to hang on to all the paperwork as he would likely need it (for when the DWP fight their decision), and sure enough, when he phoned to ask when his benefits would be reinstated, they told him, in an aggressive tone, that there would be no change in his benefit situation as they would be appealing the tribunals decision. This has been going on for 18 months or so now, and the worry just makes him even more unwell, especially with the Chrones.

    My next step has to be to pin down our local MP, but he’s a Tory, (Tim Loughton), so I’m not over confident. I am however, glad to see this site getting stronger, can it be turned into an official voice for all its contributors?


    1. Hello wolfeeboy.

      This seems to be happening a lot now, the DWP are more proactive in appealing against decisions, a clue is that the actual panel dropped a hint the DWP would dispute it, how would the panel know that if they didn’t have previous experience.
      Since the new descriptors were meant to reduce the amount of people winning appeals and apparently this is not happening they way the DWP want it, mainly I suspect because people are wise to the new descriptors and learning what to say to the panel as opposed to just turning up and trusting in providence and fair play.

      The days of truth and justice are over now, playing with the DWP is a fight for survival, and people aren’t fooled with this ” WE WILL OBEY ALL THE RULES BUT THE DWP WILL BREAK ALL THE RULES TO WIN ” that’s over as I said, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice etc etc etc.

      People are fed up being fooled by the DWP and will not be fooled any longer, this means the appeal wins are going to get higher and higher, the DWP fear this, even though they try every trick in the book and have every advantage to win, they still can’t do it.

      Must be frustrating eh ? that’s good, who cares.


  214. Linda

    Hi again, I spoke to somebody at the dwp in birkenhead on monday. I explained my situation again and asked why my ap peal had been handled in this way. To be honest, the operator seemed confused but said she would look into it for me. She called me back later that day and explained that the office dealing with my appeal had closed it but didn’t really give me a full explanation as to why but said I can appeal again and will send me out a GL24 form, so Im still confused. In the meantime, I contacted the CAB and made an appointment for next week.
    Linda x


    1. Linda.

      The operator is confused because they are only allowed basic information about you, they can see on the screen, and it’s very limited.
      Plus of course the operator is more than likely on little more than minimum wage and couldn’t care a damn.

      When you appeal make sure you explain on a separate piece of paper why you have to go through this whole rigmarole again, because you may miss the monthly deadline, they don’t like that, so you need to get it across that it’s not your fault.

      So avoiding a future…show good cause for a late Appeal.


  215. Linda

    Thank. Im going to sit down today and do what you say i.e. explain what happened on a seperate piece of paper. I will also go through my ESA85 form and give a detailed account about wny i am appealing too. Thanks again for your encouragement and support. x


  216. Linda

    Hi again, Just working through my paper work. Received a letter from Tribunal service (TS) on 19th Dec stating that ‘they can only deal with my appeal because my letter (appeal) does not have all the information’. Contacted the TS, they said I need to contact the DWP. My next letter was from the DWP dated 12 Jan stating that ‘my appeal had been heard by an independent appeal tribunal and they have confirmed that the decision makers opinion that I do not have limited capability of work.’ Firstly, the DWP are lying, the tribunal service did not state this, it looks like they just need more information before they can make a decision. Where do the DWP stand on this? Surely, they should contact me for the additional information either before sending it off to the TS or ask me to provide additional information before they can make a decision and take me off ESA (appeal rate). Also,I if the DWP reconsidered my appeal but not in my favour (which they did not inform me in writing), I thought I was supposed to told when the tribunal date would be so I can attend and have the opportunity to provide more information. Im confused. x


    1. Hello Linda.

      They can only deal with your appeal because your letter does not have all the information ?.

      I’m not following you Linda.

      Anyway the DWP sent you a letter saying an your appeal has been heard by an independent appeal tribunal are you sure they used those words ? rather than Your appeal has been re-considered and in the decision makers opinion etc etc.

      We must get this right, because it’s important to established who said what, and whether they did say it.


  217. Linda

    Hi, The letter from the tribunal said;
    I received a letter 12/12/12 saying that you want to appeal. I can only deal with your appeal if the letter;
    -is signed by you; or
    -is signed by somebody you have authorised to help you with your appeal
    -tells me wich decision yhour are appealing against; and
    -gives the reasons why you think the decision is wrong.
    I cannot deal with your appeal because your letter does not have all of this information. this means I will take no further action. Your appeal is closed. ‘

    I did sign the Gl24. I have a copy of it.
    I did tell them I was appealing their decision to find me fit for work. I have a copy of it.
    I did not give them reasons to why I think their decision was wrong at this point. I said would give a full appeal once I was in receipt of the ESA85 Assessment form.

    DWP: extract from letter;
    We have looked at your claim again following a recent change.
    Your appeal has been heard by an independent appeal tribunal. The tribunal has confirmed the Decision Maker’s opinion that you do not have Limited Capability for work. As a result of this decision your ESA has ceased from 26/12/12………………..

    Hope this helps! xx


    1. Hello Linda.

      First of all the tribunal service are not saying they have heard your appeal, they are saying that there’s been some kind of maladministration. did you ask for a paper hearing or an oral hearing ?.

      In my opinion the DWP are trying to con you, I may be wrong but that’s what it looks like to me, it’s well known that the DWP are totally incompetent and you would struggle to find any of them who could pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

      This is totally unacceptable, but I must say I’ve never heard of this before, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

      So you need help with either the CAB or your local welfare rights as soon as possible, they will need to see all your paperwork to give you the best way forward.

      Meanwhile you can send the tribunal service a letter and explain the situation in as clear a manner as possible, also of course a letter to the DWP and explain the reality to them as well.


  218. Linda

    Hi, I think your right, I do feel like im being passed from one department to another. I too feel like they have processed my claim incorrectly. Surely if their was information missing from my appeal (which I dont think there was), they should seek to obtain it rather than dismiss it. That makes common sense. I dont believe I was given the choice for a paper or oral hearing. I wasn’t even informed that it had been sent to a tribunal!
    I have an appoint with the CAB next Wednesday. I do have all my paper together and in order and have started to write a letter but I dont know whether to wait until i speak to the CAB next week before I send it. What do you think?


    1. Hello Linda.

      On the GL24 form it actually gives a choice somewhere on whether you wish a paper hearing or oral hearing, this is not so much for our benefit by the way but for theirs, this is so they will know if you are actually physically and or mentally capable of attending a tribunal hearing.

      I presume you did fill in a GL24 form ? but even if you didn’t, a letter indicating you wish to appeal is enough, I know this because I’ve done it, I just stated that I wish to appeal against your decision to find me fit for work, and in order to comply with the law please find attached one sickline to be legally paid the assessment rate.

      I didn’t even mention I would like an oral hearing and I received a letter saying my appeal has been accepted and they will pay me the assessment rate from such and such a date, a month later I received another letter asking if I had any further evidence in order for them to re-consider, I ignored it because I already know they are going to re-consider nothing.

      Another letter arrived from the tribunal service saying they were contacted by the DWP with regards to my appeal hearing and will advise the date of the hearing sometime in the future etc.

      The DWP are trying some kind of clumsy attempt to stitch you up as far as I’m concerned, and since you only need to wait a week for expert advice on what to do next then it can do no harm at the moment to send the DWP a letter stating that you are seeking legal advice on such and such a date and will hear further from you regarding this matter two days after that date.
      Do not tell the DWP who the legal advice is from, just LEGAL ADVICE on such and such a date, you can also mention that (Not that they will probably care) you will be informing your MP about the whole way your appeal has been handled, I will also be asking my MP if this is normal procedure etc etc.

      Sometimes mentioning your MP is involved moves their arses, especially if your MP e-mails or letters them on your behalf, that really frightens them, because you see Linda, the DWP are the lowest type of coward imaginable, the type of people you wouldn’t want beside you in a war, the first site of the Taliban or the SS they would throw their guns away and hide behind you for protection.

      Don’t fear them, get in there and demand your rights, don’t give up, if in a weeks time you are not happy then demand a face to face meeting with their head honcho and so on.

      Regards Joe.


  219. Linda

    Hi, again, thanks for your continued comments, they are so helpful. I will let you know how I get on after my meeting with the CAB on Wednesday.
    Linda. x


  220. Linda

    HI, just an update. The birkenhead office have left a message on my phone about my query last Friday. Apparently, in their words, ‘the tribunal have rejected my appeal because there was not sufficient reasons given!. The DWP are bound by their decision and hence cannot proceed with the claim. I can make an appeal again giving full reasons for the delay and the tribunal service with consider my appeal’. As I have said before, when I originally sent in the GL24, I did stipulate on it that this was not my full appeal and once I recieve my the ESA85 I will make my full appeal. It just sounds like they have ignored this and sent my appeal to the tribunal service without giving me the oppoortunity to submit further information.


  221. Linda

    Went to the CAB yesterday. Spoke to a lovely lady who was so helpful and considerate. Explained my situation. She was quite amazed that my appeal had been rejected due to insufficient reasons and never heard of it before. However, she did understand why they may have done this, I did not make it clear on the GL24 ‘why’ I was appealing. I thought that stipulating that I was appealing their decision that I was fit for work was enough but apparently not. As a result, she has written to the tribunal service explaining my situation and have also completed a new GL24 with a covering letter. I now await a response.


    1. Hello Linda.

      Well I’ve never heard of it before, the jobsworth at the tribunal service – who thinks he’s (She ?) important by the way – has decided to split hairs.
      They know fine well why you are appealing, what a load of nonsense.

      On my last appeal I didn’t even fill in a GL24 form, all I sent was a letter to the DWP saying I wish to appeal against your decision to find me fit for work, therefore in order to do this could you please forward to me the following documents : A GL24 appeal form, and my ESA85 assessment report.
      At the moment and up until the appeal is heard I wish to be paid the assessment rate, in order to comply with the law please find one sicknote for thirteen weeks attached.

      I received a letter back saying my appeal was accepted and I will be paid the assessment rate, and if I had any new evidence then forward it to our office and we will reconsider your appeal.

      I already know they are going to reconsider nothing because it’s all a con, in fact I didn’t even bother to send them any evidence at all, zero, zilch nothing, so I ignored their letter, because the evidence I already had will be shown to the appeal panel and not to these nosy b******s, and a few weeks later I received a letter from the tribunal service that my appeal has been received etc.

      So you see, it’s all nonsense, this clerk at the tribunal service wants to convince himself he does an important job and has took it upon himself to send you this ridiculous letter.


  222. Linda

    I totally agree with you. It sounds like because there is such a long waiting list for your appeal to heard by the tribunal service (the CAB lady said 10 months to me) and it probably costs them a fortune, the only way I suppose to reduce the waiting list is to be very picky on the details you put on the GL24. If they stop your benefits and say your apploeal is not valid it might put some people off going through all the hassle again. On my original GL24, I put exactly what your said so maybe they are changing tack. Anyways , I’ll let you know in due course what response I get, hopefully a positive one. As I said, Ive been so stressed out recently, the fact the lady at the CAB took over for me was a god send (and this blogg too)!


  223. Paul

    DWP, mandated me to go on “back to work training” said I could loose my benefit if i did not go…. went to A4E tried work, failed on 4 attempts due to uncontrolled pain and post cancer treatment. a year later I got a letter to say I was over paid by 81 pounds during my attempts at work, they deducted the wrong amount, I appealed the decisions but I was to sick to carry on fighting with them and trying to make them accept they mandated me to go to work and i tried unsuccessfully to make them see reason, I was accused of benefit fraud and they wanted to interview me under caution, told them yes I was working and claiming you DWP sent me to work at A4E now your accusing me of working and claiming when you mandated me to go to this same work. . so I just let them take the over payment back cause when your ill you are not in a position to argue. There are days I can not lift my head of the pillow, went for “test” with ATOS passed all with flying colours. Now they want me to go again for more assessments. I suffer from a serious liver and kidney condition, I have just been diagnosed with stress and panic attacks, I am not coping at all. I have a long history of working and did 15 years in the NHS and 10 Years in probation, until I got cancer two years ago. My employer sacked me on ill health grounds and I was to sick to appeal. I defaulted on to sickness benefit and have been on it since. I can not cope with being on benefits and I am to sick to argue with them, they are just a faceless institution. If i did not have a family I would have topped myself. I am now passed caring, it’s only a few pound a week and it’s not worth all the stress, I told my G.P. what is going on but there is not a lot he can do as the system is shitty.

    They have all gone mad at the DWP and everyone is fraudulently claiming benefits, do they realise people get sick, it happens, not everyone is a fraud. My G.P. wrote to them on my behalf and they seem to ignore everything he has said because if they did not believe my G. P. why on earth would they believe me. Hello, Doctors (most doctors) do not lie. If my doctor told them I was ill why are they putting me through all this hassle. Apparently I told them I can walk more than 40 meters !!!!, Yes this is true, I can, but there is nothing wrong with my legs !!!!. Past caring, I have decided I will have to beg if I loose my amazing amount of benefit. I hope one day they people in the DWP get ill and have to apologise to officialdom for existing. How dare we be ill, how dare we cost the state money, how dare we have a voice. Thanks for putting up this website. I wish all fellow suffers out there well and hope you make it past all the crap. Why are they not listening to our G.P.’s who know us well. If I ever get well enough I will try and help fellow suffers like you web site host have done, thank you.


    1. Hello Paul.

      I agree with you, it’s an absolute disgrace, it’s madness whipping people back into work, it can only be counter-productive in the long run.
      You shouldn’t believe anything the DWP tell you though, you should make an attempt to contact your local welfare rights or the CAB and get advise on what to do before you make your health problems even worse, the DWP don’t care they will not do anything that favours you,and any advice they ever give people is usually rubbish.


  224. adrian henry williams

    hi have just received my letter from dwp after 4 months waiting.i have 2 types of cancer leukimia and polycythemia had a disc removal from my lower back 25 yrs ago which renderd me disabled ie unable to walk without pain.now they deceided i can go back to work and have put me in the work related activity group.the form was filled in for me by a mcmillan nurse stating my symtems obviously im lodging a appeal so its wait and see time


  225. Zubz

    Need advice please!!
    I failed my medical so I appealed etc!!
    My hearing is next week! (Oral hearing)
    My problem is …
    1, I couldn’t get anyone from Cab or elsewhere to come with me.
    2, family member can’t make it!
    Do I just ring up say go ahead without me?
    To be honest since this has began my panic attacks etc has gone worse with all the worrying!
    Don’t think I’ll be able to face them!!
    Also if it goes against me!!
    Will my ESA at the assessment rate stop from the date of hearing?
    I still have a timeline which doesn’t run out till end of this month!!
    Thank you for all your valuable advice!!
    By the way my doctor is fully supportive & can’t understand why they are doing this to me!!


    1. Hi Zubz.

      If you ring up and ask them to go ahead without you then that would reduce your appeal to a paper hearing, and the statistics say that appearing and explaining your health issues instead to the panel improve your chances greatly.
      So it’s down to you, it’s better to face them, and with your good Doctors report you’ll increase your chances to the maximum.
      Yes if it goes against you then you will find within a week you will receive a letter from the DWP informing you that your money has stopped, along with your rent and council tax rebate, if you ring them up and tell them that you still have a sickline, they will tell you to go and sign on for work if you need money.
      They don’t do compassion, they don’t do sympathy.


  226. Well i had to attend the medical house of corruption today, for my ATOSSERS medical assessment.
    It was worse than a cattle market, the place was packed, they were running over an hour late, some poor Guy was sitting with his crutches in agony, for nearly 1.5 hours, he had been waiting.
    I eventually got into the room,escorted by my sister, who took notes, with no problems, as i had informed them in writing over 8 weeks ago, that i would be taking notes, the Lady on reception was very nice and better than the miserable old Witch from last year.
    Half way through the assessment the Nurse, stated that she did know me personally,and that she had even worked with me, at one of the Hospitals, where i worked as a Nurse, until they terminated my contract last July, due to illness.
    I did reconise her, after she disclosed the information to me.
    I felt rather uncomfortable after she told me the information, and now i feel that the situation, will jeopardize my claim for esa.
    I thought that she would of had a duty to inform me about the former? at the start of the assessment, which would of given me the opportunity to decide whether i wanted to go ahead with the assessment.
    I called atos,within 5 minutes of getting out of the medical centre, and have put in a written first level complaint, because the Staff, should be impartial, DO YOU THINK I HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING GUYS? by making an issue out of the matter.
    This HCP, is not also showing up on the NMC, register, so i have asked ATOSSERS to clarify the situation as well.