Don’t blame the Liberals! Nick Clegg moans about anti-lefty feeling gripping Britain : Express.

LIBERALISM is totally blameless for mass migration and the economic disintegration of many European nations, according to former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Nick Clegg Brexit EU referendum left wing Lib Dem

Nick Clegg is moaning about anti left-wing feeling gripping Britain
The ex-Deputy Prime Minister has criticised the “anti-liberal bandwagon” and bemoaned right wingers who claimed to have seen the Brexit victory and the rise of Donald Trump coming from miles away.

The 50-year-old, who was derided for his U-turn on the cost of higher education, is attempting to pass the blame for the apparent political turmoil the European Union finds itself in, as well as the economic crash of 2008.

He said, in the Standard,: “So the anti-liberal bandwagon is on a mighty roll when Trump, McDonnell, the Kremlin and May all, rhetorically at least, agree with each other. Much though they differ on many things, on this they seem as one: liberalism is morally flabby, an elitist creed that reveres markets over people, globalisation over place.

“The ‘metropolitan liberal elite’ (MLE) doesn’t understand the common man and woman; liberals prefer to chinwag in Davos rather than look after those who have been left behind by the whirligig of change; MLEs created the 2008 banking mess, rolled out the red carpet to mass immigration without caring about society at large.

“It is time, in short, to roll back liberalism and reassert the state/the nation/the community (insert according to taste).”

But Mr Clegg remains adamant those critical of his party’s perceived failures are totally in the wrong.

He blasted: “It’s powerful, heady stuff. Except it’s utter, baleful drivel.”

The Westminster-educated politician is determined to defend liberalism in the face of an ever growing onslaught of derision as the global political landscape appears to be, en masse, shifting further right, especially when it comes to the European Union.

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