Britain relationship with Russia ‘AS BAD AS IT CAN GET’ amid WWIII fears, Tory MP warns : Express.

BRITAIN’S relationship with Vladimir Putin has become “as bad as it could get during peaceful times” amid fears of escalating tensions between Britain and Moscow, a senior MP has warned.

May vs Putin look stern

May and Putin’s relationship could take a turn for the worst, Russia’s embassy turns on Britain
Crispin Blunt, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee expressed his fears for the future of Britain’s political influence shortly after Russia’s Embassy in London posted a chilling statement on twitter, branding British spies as double agents who never actually stop spying.

Shortly after Christopher Steele was revealed as the alleged mastermind behind Trump’s damaging dossier, the UK Russian Embassy tweeted: “Christopher Steele story: MI6 officers are never ex: briefing both ways – against Russia and US President”.

Mr Blunt, a former army officer who is currently conducting an inquiry into Russia could not help but reflect on the current crisis, he said: “For a peace time political relationship, it is about as bad as it could get.

“The mutually official shouting match between UK and Russia isn’t helping either country or wider international relations.”

Since the New Year, Britain’s relationship with Russia has been publicly deteriorating, as the Russian embassy has been posting a series of accusatory tweets against Britain, one of which condemned Boris Johnson for preparing a “witch-hunt” against Moscow officials.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the Russian Embassy said they had no intent to try and salvage their breaking relationship. A spokesman said: “We have obvious questions. We don’t raise them with HM Government given the frozen state of our official relationship. The tweet reflects the mood in Russia and speaks for itself.”

British Spy Christopher Steele, who is a father of three, is now said to be in hiding because he fears Russians may retaliate against him.

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3 thoughts on “Britain relationship with Russia ‘AS BAD AS IT CAN GET’ amid WWIII fears, Tory MP warns : Express.

  1. I said it a very long time ago. Obama and his NWO wants a Nuclear War with Russia to wipe out the Majority of the American People so there will not be enough of them left to stop his New World Order from ‘Officially’ taking over. You will know EVERY GOVERNMENT that are Traitors to their own Country and People when they Order their Military to join the American Military in their Instigation of World War 3.

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