Cash spent on privatising NHS ‘doubled’ : Morning Star.

Corbyn lays into costly drive to destroy service

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed yesterday the huge amount of cash spent on privatising parts of the NHS has more than doubled under the Tories.

Mr Corbyn said that the Conservative-led government is sneakily privatising the NHS even though there have been major crises after companies have taken over services and hospitals — such as the failed running of Hinchingbrooke Hospital by Circle Health — in a bid to make profits.

Private provision of healthcare in England has shot up in absolute terms from £4.1 billion to £8.7bn since 2010.

Mr Corbyn said: “The Conservatives are privatising our NHS by stealth despite the repeated failures and costs of private provision.

“It saddles us with an expensive and unnecessary internal market. It puts tax avoidance, not patient care, at the heart of its management. It also promotes excessive boardroom pay and grotesque inequality.

“Health privateers are earning huge sums at taxpayers’ expense, while health workers have faced a pay freeze.

“When health services are privatised, the brakes come off the pay of the executives in charge.”

Health Emergency campaign director John Lister told the Star that it was “bizarre” that local clinical commissioning groups choose to divert cash into private companies when investment needs to stay within the NHS.

He added: “Companies only want to pick up profitable services such as elective care and are not interested in taking the load off under-pressure departments such as A&Es.

“Despite the financial freeze, none of these firms are making much money because the margins are small. It’s pointless fracturing of the NHS. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 was brought in by the Tories to facilitate this.”

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3 thoughts on “Cash spent on privatising NHS ‘doubled’ : Morning Star.

  1. jeffrey davies

    didnt atos try with one but give it back oh dear they donr read the inrernet news on the dodgy ness of these companies running these hospitals frau fraud fraud they cause always asking for more oh dear

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