Griffith clashes with Corbyn over Estonia action : Morning Star.

SHADOW defence secretary Nia Griffith has apparently clashed with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over plans for Britain to deploy troops to Estonia in a “warning” to Russia.

A source close to Nia Griffith said yesterday she was “absolutely furious” after Mr Corbyn said the Nato mission would only “escalate tensions.” She had said deployments would be “very sensible and fruitful” in sending a “defensive” message to Russia.

Her support for Nato is a “red line” but she was not considering her position in the shadow cabinet, the source is reported to have said. RAF Typhoon fighter jets have already been involved in the interception of Russian warplanes.

Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said: “What we don’t want to see is a ratcheting up of tensions between Russia and the West, as has been taking place.

“We want to see an engagement with Russia — on a critical and serious basis.”

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5 thoughts on “Griffith clashes with Corbyn over Estonia action : Morning Star.

  1. Nia Griffith, like Theresa May, is Obviously an American Lover. The American Intelligence (That word is a joke) Agencies have Lied constantly about Russia. Which reminds me, why has the Head of the SIS (MI6) not Publically Announced what the Americans said about GCHQ was a Pack of Lies. Why has he not Stated that the ‘so called’ Report that was given to American Intelligence by a member of MI6 was a Fabrication.

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