AT LONG LAST: Theresa May to pledge ECJ will have NO influence over UK after Brexit : Express.

PRIME Minister Theresa May will say that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will have no influence over Britain once the country has left the European Union in an upcoming major speech.

The address, that was previously announced to take place on Tuesday next week, will see Mrs May pledge that the UK will not come under the jurisdiction of the ECJ once it has left the European bloc, sources have indicated.

The move will be seen as a slap down to a number of EU leaders who had recently stated that Britain could still fall under the rule of the court for years after it had left.

The Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat, who currently holds the EU presidency, said this week that the ECJ would still be “dishing out” judgements to the UK’s part of any transitional deal with Brussels to allow UK businesses to access the single market in the years after Brexit.

However, sources have indicated that Mrs May will use her speech to underline that Britain will no longer abide by the court’s decisions.

The Prime Minister’s speech will also set out a detailed plan for a new immigration system after Brexit, it is understood.

The widely hyped speech is being seen by Downing Street insiders as being crucial to Mrs May’s leadership and is being viewed a possible make or break moment after she has come under intense pressure from critics who have said she has no plan for Brexit.

One source described it as a “game-changer”, to The Daily Telegraph, that will be her “most significant” intervention since walking into Downing Street last year.

Senior Tories who backed the Leave campaign are calling for Mrs May to use the speech to say that Britain will leave both the single market and the customs union.

A key figure in the Brexit campaign, the former Justice Secretary Michael Gove, wrote recently in a newspaper article warning Mrs May against a “fake Brexit” that would be rejected by voters.

He called on Mrs May to tell EU leaders we will quit the single market “because being in means accepting the unfettered free movement of people and the unchallenged supremacy of EU courts”.

Mr Gove said: “We need to deliver a full Brexit, not settle for fake Brexit.

“Once Article 50 is triggered, we should be very clear about our simple, straightforward, generous approach to leaving.

“We don’t want or need to be in the single market – outside we can control our own borders, laws and taxes. Inside we’re trapped.

“We don’t want to be bound by being members of the customs union. Outside we can negotiate new trade deals with emerging economies. Inside we’re trapped.

“And we don’t need to waste months talking about new tariffs. We don’t have any at the moment with Europe, we don’t want to impose any and attempts to over-complicate the issue are a trap.”

Link : Daily Express.


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