Tony Blair calls for campaign against ‘Brexit at any cost’ : i NEWS.

Tony Blair will call on Friday for a nationwide campaign by European Union supporters against a “Brexit at any cost”, claiming that Theresa May’s agenda is being dictated by hardline Eurosceptics.
He will argue that the public has the right to to change its mind over leaving the EU if it becomes clear that Mrs May plans to drive Britain “over the cliff’s edge”.
The former Labour Prime Minister will attack the Government for hardening its stance over Brexit in recent months by ruling out continued membership of the single market and the customs union.
“This is a Government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit.
It is a mono-purpose political entity,” Mr Blair will say in a speech organised by the campaign group Open Britain.
“The policy is now Brexit at any cost”
Tony Blair “Those driving this always wanted a hard Brexit.
Indeed even the term ‘hard Brexit’ requires amendment. The policy is now Brexit at any cost.”

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9 thoughts on “Tony Blair calls for campaign against ‘Brexit at any cost’ : i NEWS.

    1. Hopefully this will give him a hint…

      “‘We don’t trust you’: Tony Blair’s ‘rise up’ Brexit speech leaves many on social media unimpressed
      Tony Blair’s words about Brexit on Friday morning failed to cut through, according to many on social media.

      Leave voters and many Remainers were turned off by his speech, asking Remain voters to “expose relentlessly” the Government’s drive for Brexit, which will cause “real damage” to Britain and the embitterment of future generations.

      Many were unimpressed when he urged Britain to “rise up” against Brexit, and critics pointed to the Iraq war protests which took place during the time he was Prime Minister.

      Not everyone was unimpressed; former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said: “I agreed with every single word of that.”
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  1. Loccie

    Tony Blair will call on Friday for a nationwide campaign by European Union supporters against a “Brexit at any cost”

    What exactly is he asking for? Is he inciting violence or mass disruption? The position has been set out pretty clearly in my opinion. Is he not guilty of a very serious crime in this time of all enveloping legislation? I guess it depends who you are and if the powers that be decide to use their legislation.

    Although it could be seen another way, everyone hates Tony Blair so his whining is only going to hurry us on our way towards brexit.

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  2. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Tony Blair begging the UK to rise up against Brexit, as he say people who voted were not aware of the facts and are therefore entitled to change their minds.

    So by the line of thought does this apply to General elections, for her we only have the promises made in each parties manifestos and do they deliver.

    So if they do not can we then vote again and so may be reverse the election result. Would there not be anarchy.

    What is he advocating, is taking to the street as they did on his decision to commence war with Iraq and what did he do, he ignored it and look what occurred.

    It would appear the public, according to Blair, only know what they are doing when they agree with Blair other wise it is Fake News or alternative facts.

    Where have we come across this before, well would you believe the US Presidential election and America got President Donald Trump. We got rid of Blair lets not let him back in, treat him with the contempt he deserves.

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