This page is intended for readers to post links to news stories they read on the internet, that show changes for the better can and do happen. Uplifting stories showing the often unsung and quiet changes that happen for the better around the world. We are literally drowning in a sea of bad news and horrific events,  it is very easy for us to start think that nothing can be changed, that there is no hope, lets try and use this page to throw others a lifeline of good news and show them there is hope for the future.
(Post your links in the reply box, it is helpful if you post the title of the article and the link underneath that. Thanks in advance)

And on this note I would like to suggest that more & more are working at positive moves to free the world of scumbags.
So keep you chin up & keep posting positive indications of change on sites all around the world.

17 thoughts on “POSITIVE EVENTS

  1. judynz

    I believe the first link is a new site to protect video’s from being blocked by Youtube & google/
    The BeforeItsNews partnership network and gives you the ability to promote your videos without all the hassle and censorship YouTube has been giving its creators lately.
    The site is found at http://www.video.beforeitsnews.com .

    This one is about the waking up of the people & how this is upsetting THE POWERS THAT WERE.
    Empire of Lies and a House of Cards.

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    1. The Biggest threat to the PTB’s Empire of Lies is right here now knocking at our door, it’s time to make some serious noise about it.

      The biggest threat to the PTB’s “King’s New Clothes” system of Big Lies, False-narratives and propaganda right now is the Sandy Hook Hoax, a two Day FEMA/Capstone Drill in a school closed down in 2008 for asbestos contamination.

      And the biggest mistake by the PTB (AKA New world order) is not immediately taking control of the internet, they obviously didn’t envisage how big and influential it would really get.


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      1. Don’t forget to download your free book folks, Sandy hook hoax…actually banned by Amazon.


        Click link and scroll down for free PDF.

        In the last week about ten million have downloaded a book banned by Amazon which was just made available as a free download titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”.

        This book is filled with very revealing articles by six PhDs and seven other researchers that thoroughly exposes Sandy Hook for the Hoax that it is. This book is entitled, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” This book was being sold through Amazon and the sales were brisk but Amazon abruptly banned the book even after it vetted it as okay before even beginning to sell it.

        Thanks to Judy for the links.

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  2. judynz

    I still haven’t found a page where I can go to post a new story, so I have had to come here again & I feel I am undermining what this page is supposed to be.

    Putin’s recollection of his family during WWII: “Life is such a simple, yet cruel thing”
    Vladimir Putin
    Russian Insider

    This article originally appeared at Russian Pioneer Translated by Kristina Aleshnikova

    Eighty years ago Edgar Cayce predicted Putin’s role in stopping WW3
    Buck Rogers
    Waking Times

    Russia is improving its nuclear arsenal to deter NATO’s nuclear insanity


    Russia’s role in the emerging world order – Putin

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    1. As events in Syria and Iraq have become more convoluted and devastating for people in the region, the Islamic State (ISIS) has been on a campaign of shock and awe, reigning bloody terror on Christians, Syrians, Kurds, moderate Muslims, Shia Muslims, and anyone in between. ISIS, as everyone apparently knows, is funded and supplied weaponry by the US and Israel as a means of indirectly toppling the Assad regime in Syria.

      As the US and its allies pretend like they are not responsible for ISIS and act like they are powerless to stop ISIS, Putin has calmly told the world in no uncertain terms the truth about the West’s support for ISIS and the other mercenary factions which have completely destroyed Syria, already killed hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, and forcing the engineered refugee crisis on Europe, expanding the crisis now into Macedonia.

      Thanks to the internet, the power of our own independent thought, and the alternative media… we are being educated.

      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Cameron.

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  3. judynz

    I have watched WHAT IS playing out over many years now, with many ups & downs over the validity of the claims of some involved.

    However despite that, I have always held an overall belief that behind the scenes there have been quite a number of people who have risked everything as they quietly worked toward ending the insidious power the TPTWere (the powers that were) has held over the world.

    These brave people knew they had to be very careful who they allowed near them & about what they could say & do. A great many have died along the way.
    Never have they had the backing of the masses who have prefered to stay ignorant & see only what they have been forced to face & whinged & whined about that.
    If that sounds harsh, I will add that 4 of my own five children have failed to grasp the REALITY of it all….but my study & preaching, lol, of natural law (of over 40yrs) has protected them from being mentally & physically affected by political abuses that affect most.

    All around us we are hearing how despite good news we are still facing many years of abuse before everything will be cleared up.

    This can be changed.
    Every single person on this planet is an essential part of the WHOLE.
    Everything we think say & do affects everything else, EVERYTHING.

    Those running our world know this, so this is why our Countries & laws were set up to create fear & insecurity to constantly undermine us…. & they know everything grows.
    Among other reasons, they needed us to have us believe we are essentially nothings, to set us against each other against each other and other countries.

    They know that the more miserable people are, the more they will drink in & believe in, NEGATIVITY.
    Create mindsets of self prophesyzing our own gloom & doom & thats how our lives remain.

    A more positive attitude would realize that if EVERY single person worked at cleaning up their own thoughts, actions & reactions to our conditions, this would add up to NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT for anyone. The atmosphere around us would be fantastic, we would feel fantastic & life would be fantastic. Real healing.

    There is only one person we can fully control, without experiencing a karmic lash back….& that is ourself & OUR life.

    Each of us alive today has every reason to give ourself CREDIT for being alive. Aside from the emotional pressure so many are surviving, there have been tremendous ammounts of poisons deliberately placed in our food, water, medicines & in the air to unbalance us & even kill us, yet we survive.

    Never forget that your body is hearing & feeling your ever word, intent, emotion, every minute of the day & night and these are accepted by your body as commands given from you.

    This post I am including I cannot tell you It is a 100% I have never met the people involved. I do know that `Keenan’ would like to be the big boy in town but the fact is whatever he achieves it will still be on the shoulders of many we will never know, who have come before him & those who are still working for our freedom.

    There have been times KEENAN hasn’t impressed me one bit, nor has the fact that he has been photo shopped into this story with JFK and President Soekarno of Indonesia.
    This author doesn’t stand out as someone I know either.
    What I do know is, WE must get to know the neighbours & get ready to STAND UP TOGETHER.

    I believe the Russians have been waiting for a long time to wipe out this system that has been literally killing us.

    The Alliance That Is Taking Down The New World Order

    Quite a bold title to an article, huh? Maybe you clicked on this because you were interested and hopeful that there is indeed a positive alliance systematically taking down the banking cabal, or NWO, as some like to call them. Maybe you already know of this alliance or maybe you do not. One thing is certain though, whether you believe it or not, this alliance is very real… and is winning.

    Neil Keenan

    After publishing a recent article titled, “The Connection Between 9/11, JFK and the Global Collateral Accounts,” I had many requests come in to investigate things even deeper and write about what I find.

    The most fascinating part in that article to many people was the notion of the global collateral accounts soon to be opened by Neil Keenan, which are to be used for several humanitarian projects to truly help transform our world for the better.
    Neil will also be refiling a previous lawsuit (implicates the U.N. and several other prominent figures) that shows how these global collateral accounts have been illegally used by The Federal Reserve, the E.U. and many well known and wealthy families throughout our world.
    This is the same Neil Keenan who filed a Cease and Desist order in February 2014 to Queen Elizabeth II, Evelyn and Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Hilary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George Soros, The House and Senate of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, among others.

    See more at: http://thespiritscience.net/2015/12/19/the-alliance-that-is-taking-down-the-new-world-order/

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  4. judynz

    Thankyou for the lovely Christmas message. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.
    Has anyone looked into sites like this?

    Seasons Greetings from Getoutofdebtfree!
    Wishing you all the best, whether you celebrate the Solstice, Christmas or simply celebrating the completion of another revolution of the sun.

    The Full Moon on Christmas day may be a good time to set intentions, here’s one for starters: May 2016 bring all the Happiness, Abundance and Love that you desire. May we move forward into a new era of Peace, Abundance and Freedom for all beings on this Beautiful Planet.

    Don’t pay this Christmas

    Spread the Word- Sharing is caring
    We have just created a Spread the Word page, with GOODF banners, footer images, avatars, viral images and flyers.

    Ideal for ‘Waking Up’ more people to the corruption in the Banking and Debt Collection System and freeing them from the fear, as you can the images on your social media and blogs.

    Getoutofdebtfree is in the process of updating and expanding all the information on the site including the documents and this is the first of many more pages, coming online very soon.

    Empower the People!

    Beat the banks and get ‘Debt Free’ now

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