Call for Resignation of Iain Duncan Smith Vote of no confidence


Every day  brings yet another story about the  government’s prejudiced attitudes and practices towards the sick and disabled. The Right ‘Honourable’ Iain Duncan Smith, MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has shown time and time again his contempt for the sick and disabled. His policies have seen benefits such as Disability Living Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance being denied to the people who are in most need of it. I have read in the last year our terminally ill cancer patients and disabled people in need of 24 hour care be deemed fit to work. Add to that, people have also DIED owing to the stress of having much needed benefits cut.This shows a misguided and ultimately prejudiced view. It’s as if to be disabled or ill in the UK today is a crime. It isn’t. The attitudes and actions of Iain Duncan Smith are scandalous and it’s time he was removed or resigned from his post. Don’t give The Quiet Man a Quiet Life until he gets his act together! Sign this petition.

Letter to
westminster government
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron MP
Call for Resignation of Iain Duncan Smith Vote of no confidence

301 thoughts on “PETITIONS

  1. Anonymous

    At the moment – April 2015 – political petitions are not allowed – so I’m told – because it’s the campaign season (well that’s what they call it, con-pain season more like.) but after May 2015 it’s open season on our right un-honourable – untrustworthy – members of parliament.

    We will demand they do what they say they were going to do, and we will hold them to account.


  2. Zoro

    We’re fed up with big supermarkets using underhand tactics to get us to part with our money. Here’s just one example:

    We found a major supermarket selling bags of rice for £1 a pack. Then, they increased the price to £1.58 and put it on a 2 for £3 multi-buy offer. As soon as the multi-buy offer ended, the price returned to £1.

    It’s the kind of sales trick you would expect from ‘Del Boy’, not from a major supermarket. We’re entitled to expect better.

    We’re not putting up with this and other similar tactics any more. Enough is enough.


  3. Linda

    Trafford Council has terminated the contract with Citizens Advice Bureau’s (CAB) from the 30th June 2015. The staff and volunteers have been advised of their termination of contract.

    All advice and well being services are being put out to tender and have been split into 3 lots:

    §       Lot 1                Advocacy

    §       Lot 2               Information and Advice

    §       Lot 3               Prevention & Well Being

    Please sign to stop Trafford Council privatising my local CAB


  4. stilloaks

    Hi all,

    I’m sure you’ll all be disappointed that the Conservatives now have more power to continue their pre-paid benefits cards plans. You may have seen that another series of ‘Benefit Street’ also started on TV last night – no doubt this will help reinforce the Conservative rhetoric about benefits claimants.

    On a lighter note, the petition continues to gather momentum, with nearly 64,000 signatures now 🙂

    I have been spreading it around – I have contacted various organisations, including Gingerbread, Child Poverty Action Group and Church Action on Poverty, plus a number of MPs, including Priti Patel and my own Labour and Green MPs. I also messaged the Real Benefits Street Facebook page about it. I am waiting to hear from them all.


    Llewelyn LaVista


  5. stilloaks

    George Osborne: No more kids in poverty. Please don’t cut child tax credit
    Children in poverty are the next victims of George Osborne’s Budget. He wants to cut child tax credits – the essential support for families who aren’t getting paid enough to live on.

    All children deserve to start life on an equal footing. But low wages can put barriers in the way of a happy and healthy childhood. That’s why some of the poorest families get help to pay for essentials, like healthy food and school uniforms.

    This support means thousands of children don’t have to experience poverty at the start of their lives.

    The Budget is only a couple of weeks away, and the government is still arguing about what to announce. Let’s make sure these cuts are off the table.


  6. Linda

    A public enquiry into the county courts , and the police

    Eviction Fraud Of The bank

    The County Court and the Police are complicit in evicting people from their homes it is vital that this behavior must STOP… It is not only unlawful but illegal…

    The County Courts are not following proper court procedure  (cpr rules)  and the police are aiding and abetting in civil disputes and ignoring their oath of office under Common Law. 

    It is vital to stop their unlawful evictions,the misery/ death and distress it causes because banks are on a land grab at this very moment; they use crooked solicitors to achieve their goal with the aid of crooked judges who employ the aid of lawless police officers.

    Please sign the petition and save someones home and family.


  7. Linda

    Investigate the Manslaughter of Benefit claimants

    David Cameron and and Duncan Smith may be guilty of either corporate or negligent manslaughter. In light of the fact that figures with held by the government regarding benefit deaths may not be published or lost/covered up we should move forward with already well documented cases. The weight of this petition will make the next stage of a bonafide police investigation more likely. 

    This petition is targeted at Ian Duncan Smith’s constituency Police stations of Woodford Green and Chingford.

    Sign This petition if you believe politicians are not above the law.

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    1. stilloaks

      Well I finally ventured into the prize cupboard, I was however prepared.
      Serenity tipped me off and told me that Zoro had put Eric Pickles in there, 3 weeks ago and that he had not been fed.
      So I opened the door and threw in three Big Macs, with fries and a super sized Diet Coke, as well as four KFC family buckets and a pair of Duncan Snifff’s old underwear.
      I waited 30-40 seconds and when I opened the door a second time, all I could hear was snoring.
      Anyhoo, despite the enormous hardship, expense and trepidation, I managed to find this…
      Utterly Exclusive (unless you watch you tube) video.
      May not seem like much, but it is utterly beautiful and the music and words make me feel good as well. Actually this is the first prize that I have felt sad about giving away.
      I don’t suppose you would consider swapping it for a luxury six berth motor home?

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      1. Linda

        Thankyou, that was the best prize ever. My little grandson watched it with me and was fascinated! We are taking him swimming at weekend, hope he isn’t expecting that display at the local leisure centre…lol

        Hope you are able to evict Eric Pickles soon, he will cost you a fortune on your weekly grocery bill!

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            1. stilloaks

              Sorry Linda, I may have mislead you there.
              I was actually referring not to our old luxury six berth, but to our new Luxury six Berth.
              We made so much from EBait selling the Jeremy Corbyn disguises, we were able to move upmarket.
              You and Serenity might like to have a reconsider…


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  8. 145,343 have signed the above Steve Lewis petition so far.
    Anyone who hasn’t signed please do and pass it on.

    The Tories are on the run, this is a petition that will really hit them for six, they will hate it with a passion, let’s keep them on the run.
    Let there be no let up, let’s give them no respite, no rest, no favours.


    1. Linda

      Even though I said I would never use FB again, I have posted this on to get a few more signatures and hopefully it will be shared. I don’t do twitter, but if anyone on here does, perhaps you could tweet it as well. I have also just posted the link on The Void.


  9. Absolute lunacy.

    Belgium : Stop the next Chernobyl.

    Nuclear experts are scared: Belgium has just restarted two ancient and cracked nuclear power plants that threaten to unleash another Chernobyl disaster right in the heart of Europe!

    One of the aging reactors suffered a fire and explosion weeks ago and Belgium’s own nuclear safety chief called for checks after discovering 16,000 cracks! Neighbouring countries are raising the safety alarm and German Environment Minister, Barbara Hendricks, is ready to take our concerns into a meeting with Belgium on Monday. If enough of us back her in the next 48 hours, she can push Belgium to bring the plants to a halt until a thorough impact assessment is completed. Let’s stop this madness!

    A radioactive nightmare in such an overpopulated area affects us all across Europe. Let’s urgently deliver 500,000 signatures to Minister Hendricks and key neighbouring countries before her meeting, and make it clear that EU citizens will not allow Belgium to put us at risk of another Chernobyl. Sign and share on Facebook, Twitter, email… everywhere before it is too late:


      1. Most people don’t look at a map.
        If they did they would see that Belgium is just a few miles away from us, as the crow flies.

        If one of these dodgy reactors goes rogue, the radiation will arrive – everywhere – here in well under an hour.


  10. Three Haringey day centres for adults with dementia have recently been earmarked for closure. When Councillor Gideon Bull dared to speak out against the cuts at a council meeting, he was punished with a three month suspension. Please sign this petition to ask that Councillor Liz McShane and Haringey council reconsider their decision.

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  11. Another one to sign.
    Nearly 70 thousands so far.

    Shop for food or have a shower? That’s the choice Iain Duncan Smith, the minister in charge of welfare, wants to force on elderly people living with disabilities. He wants to cut ‘Attendance Allowance’ – support given to help people stay living at home, rather than be forced into residential care. It’s a lifeline for many of us, our friends and family.

    This cut is controversial, and Iain Duncan Smith knows it. He’ll be hoping that he can slip this cut through unnoticed – after all, he’s already had some of his other nasty plans beaten back. From Tax Credits to Employment Support Allowance, 38 Degrees members have forced him to back down on cuts by causing a huge wave of public opposition.


  12. Here’s a good one.

    Apply today for a Chief Executives job at Here at Osborne’s HMRC…Her Majesty’s revenue and customs.

    See below at the very bottom for link.

    Hey you never know, you might get the interview and the

    The job of chief executive at HMRC is up for grabs. After letting the bank HSBC get away scott-free with helping hundreds of wealthy customers evade tax, HMRC’s top boss is stepping down.

    Chancellor George Osborne is starting his search for a new HMRC boss now — behind closed doors. Osborne will be hoping to hire yet another corporate-friendly head of HMRC, but we’ve got a plan to gatecrash this cosy recruitment process.

    Let’s flood his inbox with spoof applications for the role of HMRC’s ‘Head of corporate tax reduction.’ We’ve set up a website that means thousands of us can ‘apply’ directly to George Osborne for the role. After all, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can do a worse job collecting taxes from big business than the current boss of HMRC.

    Want a new job as head of HMRC? Apply today. Tell George Osborne why you could do a better job of getting corporations to pay their fair share.

    We might be turning the satire up to 11 with this one, but it comes with a serious message. Corporate tax avoidance is no joke. Google has been let off with a tax rate of just 2.5% — that’s about an eighth of what should have been paid. How many of us would get a deal like that?

    It’s left to us as ordinary taxpayers to foot the bill and pick up the slack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Filling George’s inbox will thousands of ‘applications’ from thousands of British taxpayers will really drive the message home — we’ve had enough of cosy tax deals for Britain’s biggest corporations.

    Our community has been right at the forefront of forcing HMRC to rethink how it handles corporate tax dodging. We’ve forced it to look long and hard at files that showed HSBC was complicit in advising clients to evade tax. Now, we need to keep our foot on the accelerator and flood George Osborne and HMRC with messages that make it clear that the days of dodgy corporate tax avoidance should be well and truly over.

    Apply here to show George Osborne that you’ve got what it takes to help Britain’s wealthiest individuals and biggest businesses dodge their taxes.

    Go on, you know you want too.

    To ensure you get an interview please answer YES to all questions.


  13. We want to live in the world of reality, not the world of chopping of heads if they think their gods are better than your god.

    If you agree..sign the petition.

    In November 2015 the High Court ruled that The Education Secretary made “an error of law” when she sidelined “non–religious world views” in the new RS GCSE. Justice Warby ruled there had been a “breach of the duty to take care that information or knowledge included in the curriculum is conveyed in a pluralistic manner”.

    Despite this ruling, new guidance from The Department for Education states that schools are not required to teach pupils about humanism or atheism in religious studies GCSEs. Jay says that, “this creates a bias that should not be taught to our children, and contravenes the High Court ruling”.


    1. stilloaks

      Signed, the more I dig into this guys background the less I like and I have barely scratched the surface, his register of interests has some really strange patterns in the donations made over 4 years and familiar names including Andrew Mitchell.


  14. stilloaks

    Make it a requirement to have toilets available for claimants in Jobcentres.

    I have read several instances of people attending meetings in Job Centres being refused permission to use toilets and then soiling themselves. Some disabilities mean that people need use of toilets urgently, one example is Crohn’s Disease, but there are many others.



    My petition:

    Scrap PIP Personal Independence Payment &restore DLA Disability Living Allowance

    PIP assessments are not fit for purpose. They are especially unfit where non-physical disability predominates. The result is that people who used to qualify under DLA whose condition may actually have deteriorated, are suddenly found not to fit the PIP ‘criteria.’

    During the Channel 4 programme shown 11.4 2016, various experts agreed with the premise that PIP assessments are not fit for purpose. The assessments are covert, superficial and unfair especially where mental health is the presenting issue. For certain physical disabilities the assessment room is heated to such a high temperature that in itself is an attempt to confound the true picture.


    1. Linda

      I don’t understand the apathy either. I signed a local petition recently, to stop our local council using Roundup to spray local parks and childrens play areas. Only 876 people could be arsed to sign it. I despair, I really do.

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  16. Another petition worth signing.

    South African Mother, Mother in-law & Grandmother of 73 years old is fighting to remain in the UK with her 6 children and 8 grandchildren. She is frail and needs life supporting dialysis three times per week, which she will not get under the South African government policy due to her age & Heart, diagnosed with severe kidney failure she needs life saving treatment, as well as her families support.
    Based on Emigration Law she has no right to remain in the UK. As a mother of UK Citizens we are pleading for the Home Office to show Compassion and see their Social Responsibilities to Keep families together. Let our 73 year mother remain in the UK so we can take care of her in her time of need. We have a social responsibility to take care of our mother & ask the Home Office to grant us this

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      1. I signed it too, we can’t have this nonsense dragged out by the Tories with excuse after excuse for years on end.

        Sooner we get out the better, then we can have that General election (UKIP will dilute the Tory support) as soon as possible, with Jeremy Corbyn winning with a land slide.

        Well…that’s the plan..!!

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    Make all calls to the Department for Work and Pensions free.

    Why is this important?

    Because charging struggling families up to 45p a minute to claim vital benefit payments by phone is extortionate.

    When Iain Duncan Smith introduces Universal Credit, families will be forced to call an 0345 number, incurring charges of up to 45p a minute to claim their benefits.

    It’s difficult enough as it is living on disability benefits without being charged 45p/ minute to call the DWP.

    More often than not it’s their mistake you’re rectifying when you call, I don’t see why anyone should be charged such an extortionate fee for simply making a phone call.


  18. Linda

    Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has a secret plan to force changes to local NHS services, to cut costs. The changes – called “sustainability and transformation plans” – are being kept secret. But they could mean cuts to hospital beds, local walk-in centres or family planning services near you.

    The best way to stop these cuts is to get them out in the open and demand the public has a say. So please can you sign the petition now, demanding that Jeremy Hunt publishes his plans for local NHS cuts?

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  19. Scrap the sale of our medical records.
    The government is about to resurrect the privatisation of our medical records, but this time without even telling us.

    The government review into the scheme was published earlier this month and it recommended the scheme we fought so hard against be scrapped. This sounds like a victory, but buried in the report is a new worrying scheme to sell our medical records to big corporations.

    The government’s review proposes to allow our medical records from your family doctor, (possibly including our NHS Numbers, diagnoses, referrals, prescriptions along with our post codes and date of birth) to be uploaded to a giant national database — but this time without telling us or asking for our consent!

    Can you sign this petition to Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May demanding they scrap this new attempt to sell our medical records?



  20. Linda

    Expel Michael Foster from the Laour Party.

    Why is this important?

    The Labour Party NEC has already stated that it will expel any member who uses insults or threats to other members during the course of the Leadership election. This article in the Daily Mail is incredibly insulting and distressing by comparing those who support Jeremy Corbyn as Nazi Stormtroopers.

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  21. Shadow

    I’d never say you were wrong SO. I pondered to think that they could be doing some blocking and removing of some ISP locations outside the UK. Other then that. Well! You never know with these scum.

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    1. Sorry if that came across the wrong way Shadow. I didn’t think you meant I was wrong, I just wondered if this is some new stunt being pulled on us? As you say you never know with these scum. 😀


  22. End the contracts with Atos, Capita and maximus as they are not fit for purpose.

    I and many other vulnerable people are getting wrongly assessed by Atos, Capita and Maximus they dont listen to what you have to say also they can be intimidating and contradict what doctors and hospital consultants say also they dont take complaint seriously, there putting lives at risk with lies.
    Sign here…


  23. McDonald’s is pumping antibiotics into the meats used to make its famous burgers. The World Health Organization has warned that this practice could push us into a ‘post antibiotic era,’ in which the drugs we rely on for routine medical treatments no longer work. Investors have spoken out about these concerns. But McDonald’s isn’t listening.

    Will you tell McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook to stop the excessive use of antibiotics? Use the form below to email him.

    Please sign.

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  24. Shadow

    Looking back there have been only a few that have commented on these petitions Zoro. I’m not so sure if it is a waste of time. People come and go, I don’t sign everyone myself at times, but even one signature is as good as many. Over 4000 signatures as of now from the sign page. Maybe it is just that people do not have enough confidence in signing. I don’t know. Don’t be disheartened by the result. Your work is invaluable. 😉


  25. Linda

    Thanks Z, signed and shared on FB. Let’s hope it goes viral!

    It makes economic sense to pay all pensioners a decent amount, the boost to the economy would be immediate. With more spending power we could be keeping people in jobs and enjoying our retirement instead of dreading it.


  26. Linda

    Force the government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report

    As a result of being investigated by a United Nations committee for not fulfilling the terms of the UNCRPD, the government have been found guilty of grave & systematic violations of the rights of disabled people as a direct result of austerity policies introduced into welfare & social care.

    I can’t believe this has only got 4,800 signatures. Please sign and share!


      1. Linda

        According to the official stats, there are 6.9 million disabled people in the UK. If each of them took 5 minutes to sign the petition, then maybe we would get somewhere. It beggars belief that they can’t be bothered, by not doing so, they are giving this government their consent to carry on treating us like sh*t!


        1. They are their very own worst enemies Linda, 99% just sit around doing nothing, expecting people like me and you to save their ficken arses, I’ve been saying that for nearly eight years.
          In fact I’m beginning to want to just give up and just start looking after myself.


  27. Linda

    Repeal the new Surveillance laws (Investigatory Powers Act)

    A bill allowing UK intelligence agencies and police unprecedented levels of power regarding the surveillance of UK citizens has recently passed and is awaiting royal assent, making it law.

    This means it’s not too late!
    This is an absolute disgrace to both privacy and freedom and needs to stop!


  28. Linda

    I just went to sign this petition, but there is a statement to say it’s been cancelled due to being unable to verify that the mass cull of foxes is taking place.

    Hopefully, they’ve decided on a mass cull of politicians


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